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Dark Enlightenment

Mix of orignal music. 

Know Your Drugs (original)

Know Your Drugs (Remix) 

You'll enjoy this one for being informative... and about drugs.



An Homage to Danny Carey of Tool. Syncopated 7:8, 7:16, 7:6,  time signatures. (Percussion and Rhythm Only)  (7:4 metronome used)

And I will keep promoting my shit even if no one listens.


A complete departure if you listened to the more musical things.

Experimental noise is what I'd call it.  Dont expect anything "musical". Mixed to be as disharmonic as possible.  Suggested volume level 80%.

But experimental noise has to have more than something hard to listen to, so it's political too.

American History 101

Tempos Used:

4/3 Feedback Loop. Octaves.
5/4 Percussion
10/8 Polar bells


A previously posted song "mastered" displaying the height of my musical and artistic ability.  Made using "Music Studio 2" (available on iTunes and Google Play) and "Scoompa Video Maker".

Digital Instruments Used: percussion, jazz kit, world kit, music box, saz, grand piano, acoustic bass, juno lead pad, violin solo, violins legato, glockenspiel.

Crazy Person Music

With extra harmony

Alternate (extra harmony)

If only I didn't make it to where nobody gives a fuck. Should have done before I became a total asshole. As long as I view it that's enough.

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T.Volt Jul 3

That shit, is the shit, the American History one. Keep at it.

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Dark Enlightenment

Don't care much for the Drugs "remix". Slowed it too much and I cant hide the rhythm errors of the alternate beat.  

The current song being worked on starts in 19:16.

I figured if I am doing EDM I am going to do some insane time signatures that can't be danced to.

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Dark Enlightenment
And I will just keep adding to this thread...

The new one is largely bass driven.  An attempt to turn simple drum and base hip/hop beat into something cruchier.... and it still always ends up sounding like a movie's opening credits. 

Warning: Mixed bass heavy. 

Maybe I should do that...

No Greater Message

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T.Volt Jul 15

More cool shit. I like the psychedelic angry bird chick with the purple tits and sideways vagina or whatever it was.

Any suggestions? I have some bass I want to record and make songs with. Lots of samples though, it's not just going to be bass, say I get time to actually do it.

Dark Enlightenment
Suggestions? For what specifically?

I can do line-in recording, because the programs on my phone. But i can do .wav files. So if you have some files...

Which is what the following is:


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T.Volt Jul 16
Well, I'm no mother. I'm going to be looking at getting a good audio card and some kind of mixing program for sound effects and other trippy shit, so I can make my own music. I have wanted to do it for a long time but haven't gotten around to it. Now that I have a lot of time to play I want to try it out. I can be very creative with imagery, photoshop and all that, but never did get around to music outside playing bass.

As for your songs, good work, keep doing whatever you want, at least someone here is posting original content that isn't total fucking generic shit like everyone else.
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Dark Enlightenment

This has decided to become a Symphony about Satan. It fell into place. Totally different than the previous "final arrangement". I am actually very proud of this. 

And now it's about Satan, so listen motherfuckers. Give me the same shit I give you if so inclined. 

This is the 3rd revision. This re-orders the parts, drops one, adds a new one and officially gains a tone. Not that I am doing this as I go.  It is also recorded quieter. 

In any case: 

Idle Playground America - Symphony in D Major

(Symphony for the Devil) 

First Part 

Run Time: (9:01) 

0:00 - Prologue 

1:29 - Land of Make Believe

3:19 - Morningstar Suite 

5:52 - Falling 

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Dark Enlightenment
And continuing on to the second part...

Second Part 

Run Time: (6:36)

0:00 - The Cycles of Servitude 

And the ongoing full version is below.

Total Run Time: (15:38) 

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Dark Enlightenment

Idle Playground America - Blacklight Sonata.

Reasons for name are immediately self evident. Taking a break from "part 3" and I am sick of D Major.

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Dark Enlightenment
  I will be Aquino and just keep pimping shit no one cares about. 


The final version is complete.  Some parts have been renamed.

The mix of all three parts can be listened too:  HERE

Symphony # 1 in D Major 

Total Run Time: 24:58

Part 1:  Myth (9:03)

0:00 - Prologue

1:30 - Land of Make Believe

3:18 - Morningstar Suite

5:51 - Falling 

Part 2:  Cycles of Servitude (6:40)   

0:00 - Indoctrination 

2:03 - Contribution

4:01 - Work 

Part 3: Endless Strife (8:52)

0:00 - Prelude To Conflict

0:34 - Baiting adversity

3:33 - Adversity

7:08 - Still Falling (reprise)

The theme of this emphasizes the idea that any positive thing you add to the world will not matter if your an asshole.  I'll concede its a dead end, unless this takes it somewhere.

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Baphomets Sep 7
Wait, assholes are positive? I do still enjoy this though.
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Dark Enlightenment
Well, all it takes is for one to enjoy it.  I will learn to enjoy the inability for retribution, and be zen about it now.

Know anyone at Paramount or Universal? I feel I could do movie scores. The only problem being this is unsolicited, if I remember Airheads correctly. 

After doing some research I have learned they are legally my artistic property, presented in a tangible medium, and thereby copyrighted as of 2019.  Registration with the ASCAP is in process.

New Line Cinema may have a gripe since i used their audio clip in a Liberal Art video. I think i used legally though, because its used to emphasize a political view. And i added an extra note to Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, so that uses the "Vanilla Ice Loophole".

Those can be found on the EDM Sucks EP.

And here is a 65 second preview of the next thing that will be released. (Around Nov 1st) 

Piano Concerto #1 in A Minor  


Artists Note*

People throughout their time here try to establish a trademark or brand themselves somewhat. And my Ideas are bias and many times borderline retarded. 

But it has been an experience. While you have all the batshit filling the digital vallhalla with accusations and derangement (I will now have to stand by), I would like my time here until now summed up as succinctly and pretentiously as possible.

The symphony is broken down into 11 sub-parts which I would sum up like this:

Part 1 (Image)

• Fluffy Animal in field (Prologue)
• Ignorance  (Land of Make Believe)
• Delusion (Morningstar Suite)
• Called Out (Falling)

Part 2 (psychology)

• Deflection and Excuses (Indoctrination)
• Trying to control opinion (Contribution)
• Stubbornness/futility (work)

Part 3 (breakdown) 

** attempt at Major dischord (dis)harmony, easier to do on guitar. 

• Still fighting self (prelude to conflict)
• Bitter instigation (baiting adversity)
• Where that leads (adversity)
• Still called out (Still falling)

So I turned that all into a general song with an alternate narcissistic meaning about myself.  It will be the not mean, plausibly deniable callous, or sad thing I leave for all those years. But still come off as a non-specific work.

********** ADVERTISEMENT ***********

I have also come to realize music composing is drawing patterns with notes!

This app is a blast.  [Part 3 (tracks 3-7 of 16)]

Individual tracks can be written note by note (down to 32nd), so there is no need for tiny fingers.

I used this persons software exclusively, so I can advertise it for him.

Music Studio 2 (Google Play)


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Dark Enlightenment

I think I need to make an outrageous claim and comparison one might laugh at. So here it is:

This was originally "Piano Concerto in A Minor"  until I liked the pianos so much on their own I kept it as a song.  Though not in 3/4, I feel it was enough of a ripoff to need be name after Beethoven yet again. I am by virtue of song naming comparing myself to an immortal.

Winter Song (Für Die Integrität)

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T.Volt Sep 13
You use a google app to make this? And here I have been trying to figure out Audacity and my bass guitar.
Dark Enlightenment
To do this I use 

"Music Studio 2", which is a smart phone app.

A program called Scoompa Movie Maker (2.99/month).

A Wav - MP3 converter

Google drive. 

It actually is a multi step process of getting the Audio into a format the video maker can read and uploading that to YouTube.

All done on a smartphone.

To put a live guitar/bass track in with any quality I'd need more equipment and "line-in" ability, unless I want to record it 80's/90's style. Put the amp by the mic. 

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T.Volt Sep 13

I've got a little adapter that you plug the guitar cable into and then the adapter into the line in port. Trouble is, when I am playing and it plays back, there is a delay that can throw me off sometimes. I am working on trying to get rid of it.

Thanks for the program knowledge, I might have to give that a shot but I am still developing my songwriting skills. I only have bass guitar and a mini keyboard.

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T.Volt Sep 14
Thank you I am still working on it. I should be able to play a lot through my computer if I can fix it. Can't use an amp atm.
PlasmoticJezebel NUTZ
You're welcome. This, btw, is more for recording. If you're just looking at the lag between when you play something and when you hear it live, then contrary to what this article suggests, you will want to tinker with making the buffer length a smaller value but not so small that your CPU utilization peaks and you hear all sorts of unpleasantness. 

Alternatively, spring for a sound card like a Soundblaster or something - nothing extravagant (verify it's compatible with your architecture, of course). That'll take some of the load of the CPU and give you a more responsive experience. 

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