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Dark Enlightenment
True insanity is relating to a song that has no tangible context in your own life. Esoterica be damned. Who do you blame when you made it up to hurt yourself? Can you be bitter at a thoughtform for never materializing? Perhaps you avoid some nasty old "zonk" or the broken tractor behind the prize curtain. 

Still, Fuck you idea of love and all the fucking years it wasted.  

The lesson of course being: "Never have hope things will play out like you wanted"... because in the world of such fanciful delusion you will only hurt yourself.  Long after she moves off 30th street and became anonymity you may find yourself unable to let it go... because the bitch owes you.

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Dark Enlightenment
Yeah fuck you..  I would rather find some cunt named Tracy K. and slit her fucking NSA throat. I don't need a god damn thing but revenge against this country and it's fascist fucking dualist agenda. May a shooting kill americans every day, may the flag never leave half staff... and may all love fucking burn in a pit of lava... and Fuck you for your words of encouragement.  

ALL I GET ARE UGLY FUCKING ACNE BITCHES FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRIES (THAT STALK MY BLOG OVER 800 TIMES) OR SIN CANKLE BITCH JONES. A FUCKING OOMPA LOOMPA CUNT. And all those cunts wanted to do was piss me off and make jokes about how I could have gotten laid, knowing full well the games they are playing - like I am some little punk bitch O9A wannabe...


Not specifically at you, TV, You are not a cunt.

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Dark Enlightenment

 It was more a vitiolic statement intended beyond petty insult and/or asshurt.

Quite literally, you are in a habitat (internet satanism) coopted by domestic Intelligence interests and a systematic harassment of people who don't "serve the system" or just say something someone does not like. You better not have a view that doesn't serve their bullshit 'intrinsic' goals. It is a country policed by people who are up their divine manifest destiny asses and moral superiority.

They are elitist fascists that will use psychotronic harrassment and subliminal mindgames to accomplish whatever bullshit clandestine thing they are up to. Too many of these shootings are Manchurian shootings influenced by a government out of control that blurs the line between fantasy and reality to wage some fucking kind of war of submission. They probably will do it until assault rifles and unecessary weapons are taken away. 

For example: I swear domestic intelligence were in Nathan Gayle's head. There was a deliberate effort to drive him to kill Dimebag Darryl. See, Dime taught kids they could get fucked up all the time and just wanna have fun.  Too many metalheads got fucking hostile and stopped drinking the kool-aid, or dropped out of school.  Rebelled or just questioned authority.  So they took care of that with a guy who could allegedly "hear Dimebag laughing at him".  "Fuck You" (directed at someone else) crossed a line he had drawn in his head. No visual hullucinations, just psychtronic/subliminal bullshit and how it triggers the mind into a type of schizophrenia. 

And when people stop drinking the kool-aid you have a problem. People speak against the will of the state, you have a problem.

MLK - Shot in head

Malcolm X - Shot in  head

JFK - shot in the head for wanting to abolish The Federal Reserve.

RFK - shot for being as popular as his brother, and wanting the same thing. 

John Lennon - Shot in the back


Myself - Next to no interest - grew increasingly agitated, paranoid, and did myself in.

I could go on, but the short of it is simple:

If you don't support THEIR "greater good" and do what you are supposed to, you will be neutralized.  If you don't play the game, tell kids to stay in school, and bow to the fucking flag you need to be neutralized. If you support nihilism, or dont have a wholesome fucking fluffy goal to save the world, you will be neutralized.   

And if you don't get neutralized, you will be harassed by civil collection agencies or otherwise scared into obscurity somewhere in the Philippines.   

Now someone call me crazy, like a good little programmed bitch would.

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Anna Aug 4
Poor Canis banging his head against the wall, hoping it will break.
Dark Enlightenment

Last cycle, departed. 

Non-level playing field.

Authoritative handicap. 

Fuck you.

I saw, maybe not, four score, total kill. 

Nothing too severe, beat maybe.
Still gone. 

Hamster running in wheel, stationary.
Checked out, no more.
For what?
Who knows.
End of line, broken likely.
Major catastrophe, many harmed.
Simple solution, ineffective.
Ideas not answers.
Left with bullshit.
Hope not currency, belief not valid..
Tough luck, too bad.
Nothing belief can do for the trough.
Always to pull one towards bottom.
Swim parallel, no progress.
Escape for time being.
Submission, discomfort.
Collapse, major collapse.
Total breakdown, toys in attic.
Saved by nothing.  

Solitude likely.

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