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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Sep 11 '19
While Lemmy is still god he wasn't god until 1977.  

You have to backtrack all the way to 1970 to get the first taste of the dirty metal sound, and this only because Tony Iommi cut off his fingertips at the mill which he worked.  

Black Sabbath will arguably always be the "inventors" of Metal, albeit by cruel disfigurement. The band John Bonham used to make fun of for being so simplistic, in their shared practice facilities for being so simplistic. 

"Oh look, they learned how to do a fill." 

But there are others.  Others that were paramount to the genre as it is today. 

Go as far back as you want, or not and apart from the immortal Sabbath, what is another album or even song that sent hard rock its gain/feedback heavy direction.

Here is my selection for the most important heavy metal album not by Black Sabbath. 

Deep Purple - Machinehead

Favorite song: Space Truckin'

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