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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Sep 17 '19

I don't fucking care if it is a massive trend, beyond princes, sheiks, polygamist Mormons, and kings with harems, "open" relationships, especially ones where the girl has a girlfriend, is a one way ticket to wanting to kill some bitches. It MUST need strict religious doctrine to work.

But more than bitching, this is a public service announcement to every dude that thinks he will live the dream of fucking two women 24/7. 

Fantasy has stark contrast with reality. 

In 3 person relationships (usually FFM) "M" is codename for scapegoat and bitch. You will never be sided with in fights, they will team up against you always, and even in calm seas you're still like a parent of a 18 year old. Snowed. You kind of get a shapshot of how it is but for the most part you will feel kept around so one of them's (or both) Father's won't disown the lesbian daughter. And intimacy will exist, it just wont include yourself.

It is also in your interest to NOT be a jealous type, as misery is proportional to that, in fact, you are better off paying escorts that will leave right after. 

And Peter Steele made it look so glamorous.

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Jh7977 Dec 6 '20
talisman Jan 19
What's wrong with escorts? 
Wolfie Jun 18
Even all-gay or all-lesbian arrangements seem doomed to failure.

However, the economic benefits can be duplicated by different strategies. For example, a gay couple and a lesbian couple could buy a house together. Put two master bedrooms in it and you're set.

talisman Jun 23
You really? Well, a lesbian couple doesn't feel gay to me too. I could nail them both.
Cornelius Coburn
He actually made some pretty good sense there, while ignoring whatever came before.
Wolfie Jun 24
Except the word "too" in talisman's second sentence is unintelligible.

Not to mention the delusionality of him thinking he could nail two lesbians.

Cornelius Coburn
Yeah, you'd have to be a highly motivated apex predator for that, but as far as I'm concerned the videos will suffice the majority of time.
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