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Evilishious Oct 14 '19
Once my account was approved and I logged in I noticed a welcoming automated message in my S.I.N. inbox. After reading it, I kind of get the impression it is intended for users who are waiting for approval. I though admin would like to know. 
Evilishious Oct 14 '19
Email verification confirmation was received right away for me.

 Although, I did have a little trouble registering. The two user names is kind of confusing. I tried to input the same user name into both field but the second user name rejects if it is the same as the first name. Not knowing which user name was going to show on the site I just had to guess. I guessed wrong. Evilishious is what I chose for the second user name not the first. 

Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Oct 14 '19
@Evil. Thanks for letting us know. I was unaware of the issue. 
Caducifer Apr 13
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