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Dark Enlightenment
This one is a simple question... and has a story!  ...that I may have already told in another forgettable post.


I was once heavily pressured to admit faggot proclivities quite persistently by people in my life.

 Sure they were on to something, but I owed only one of them saying that. The rest could fuck themselves. After 4 months or so I had enough of people playing their stupid game and did what they wanted.

But people are sheep..

The very next day I experienced a 180 in their behavior towards me.  Everyone was all of a sudden so nice and all their little bullshit stopped. It was the most sickening feeling I have ever experienced. Fuck if its true, I thought. This is the furthest thing from what it was suppose to be.

The warmth and acceptance was a bitter Kool-aid of weak-willed bitchdom. Worse than selling out a friend to save your face, worse than that time I (and the other two) gave in to an SRO's pressure to give up the other friend that helped us jump some kid in 8th grade.

A sickening feeling of guilt, of disdain that your dishonorable actions lessened your own treatment at the cost of some internal integrity as innate as any instinct. It was the closest thing to a fall from grace I can think of.  To go with a crowd just to get better treatment? Never worth it. You prefer the harshest sentence at that point. 


Do you receive gratification from the reward associated with caving your will to anothers? To altering the person you are for favorable social treatment?

To make it fatuous, could you sell out your most firmly held ideal just to live out some fantasy, whether it be mansions and millions of dollars or that room full of lesbians in The Howard Stern movie?

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Anna Jan 4

I would avoid making firm declarations about hypothetical situations. Nobody can really know how they would behave under the pressure with the exception of all those situations they have already experienced. I can take seriously only the talk about what one has already gone through i.e., This and that happened. My reaction was... Saying I would never do something under any circumstances is not of much worth because not empirically proven.

Breaking under the pressure is a failure but I wouldn't describe it as a dishonor. I often wonder why so many Satanists prattle so often about honor. As if there should be  some stiff and unchangeable etiquette and a set of values one should obey throughout one's whole life. Ideals are actually mere opinions one holds dear and clings to desperately. Normally, they are subject to change and to modifications either due to experience or other people's influence. Experience is a better teacher and I believe other people's pressure can often mess up with the person's development.

Dark Enlightenment
Well, Anna, you are not really one to talk on honor, as you are Polish, which is like a Russian, and you say "woodka" instead of vodka because you talk like the villain in Rocky and Bullwinkle.
As I am now a Trump supporter I no longer like anything not a White Anglo Saxon Protestant. By rule I have to belittle you, not address anything you have said, and just attack the person you are. Still, I will win the argument by acting like a child. And will still broker pretty good trade deals with China.

Trump has established you no longer need argumentative integrity and can use epic strawmen whenever something is called out. And just use it until all your supporters just parrot you. 

America is great. In America, the Polish were last of the major European/Asian transplant groups. By that point the Irish, Germans, Italians, and assorted Chinamen (Orientals) had taken most of the insulting stereotypes, so Polish were just called stupid. 

For example: A Polish Sandwich is a bratwurst facing the wrong way in the bun! 

So... America!
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