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In my co-opted  opinion the basics of Buddhism revolves around ways to cope with bad shit happening.. Abrahamic variants revolve around ways to cope with bad shit happening.

Too often you will see folk slip into fallacy.  Because it does something similar, it is the same thing. 

Personally, I see a way of thinking more compatible with Satanism than anything else. 

Three Universal Truths Vs. God


Buddhism - Impermanence. Nothing lasts forever even cold november rain. Everything is changing in flux and has an inevitable death. 

God - Everything is because of god. An occams razor of simple thinking. It changes because god makes it. And not even in a deist kind of way.


Buddhism - Suffering. Life is suffering (read as adversity) and in the next segment you'll learn how to dissolve your attachments and wants! Joy! To be ever zenful in taking life like a fucking mescaline induced vision quest and going where it wants to go.  Veruva Salt "wanting it now" only leads to greater attachment and suffering.

God - I shall not want. The God is My Sheppard, something about animals and grazing and also a motif in Pulp Fiction.

For fun* Scientology - Caused by body thetans.


Buddhism - You - The nature of the self.  Even Buddhism can't agree with itself. If the nature of the universe is impermanent than no higher self or soul can exist, according to some tradition. I am using what Buddha initially argued. Like everything else, the self is in constant flux.

After this you learn 4 Nobel Truths, which is where all perceived commonality with most religions is in play.  As hit upon they are mainly supposed to lead to the cessation of suffering, which has a corresponding sanskrit word.

Here is the divergence that leads me to say (like many others with variants of this idea): Satanism really is found in Buddhism.

Christianity -  Iwannabespeacialism. Believing all that happens is part of some intricate Consumer Recreation Services type game and you are Richard Gere being lead through an obstacle course especially for you, because your his special little creature. Your higher self is totally real and judged by the subliminal court of arbitration and settled upon after a death, which totally isn't the end. And onward to the most trite apologetic arguments. Fallacy will ensue.


In fact 2 seems to be the only slight commonality, which itself has a GLARING difference.

In Christianity and its varients you are taught that putting faith in an abstract idea will lead you out of suffering and into a sublime peace where everything is in fluffy harmony.

In the school of Buddhism I am highlighting it is through the self. The cessation of sufferring dealt with by working on "character faults" that lead to the attachments which lead to pain.  Identifying the nature of the self that could flux on to more refined approaches if one so desires. 

Another major difference is how it views the self. As an insignificant speck of nothing, destined to lose the ability to perform work, just like everything else in the universe.

Where is Satanism? Well, pretty much the only valid form of Satanism surrounds how one approaches #2.  And the pun is intended, because it really is the "shit happens" clause. The Murphy's law, the reminder that maybe god didn't have a plan to have the jealous stalker shoot the good christian girl returning from bible study in the back...  If true, God must have also planned for him to brag the next day at school and have no one believe him. 
What will satiate the self? Perhaps droning on in a mantra about mother and father while learning how to lucid dream in meditation is the response. Or maybe you go and light yourself on fire. Or maybe you refuse to let it drag you down. The end of it is, it is something a person does without deferrence to a divine creation beyond,  The universe is hostile and impersonal and you do for you. 

Or maybe you need to pray for god to bless your mother and father and may he convert all the non-believers and make everything right simply because you do something some person wrote in red at some point.

This is why behind all the bullshit I see certain aspects of that Buddhism as the only "belief system" to remain compatible and relevant with even the very cutting edge of scientific discovery. It precludes nothing and is precluded by nothing. 

And all because a Prince raised in the bullshit of the Vedic Upanishads decided to deny Atman. 

Smells familiar only if you are capable of dislodging your head from a dogmatic hole in the sand.

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