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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Feb 15 '20
One of my favorite websites,, has bestowed this upon me 9 years ago:


Fairly old, but I feel It raises some good points.

First this one:

 Quote: According to the World Values Survey for 82 countries, adults attending religious services more than once per week averaged 2.5 children, those attending once per month averaged 2.01 children, and those never attending averaged 1.67 children.

Use of birth control probably. It is still an example of a behavior influenced by another's idea nonetheless.

And also this one:

 Quote: Having the religiosity allele does not make a person religious, but it makes a person more likely to have characteristics that make them religiously inclined; the converse is also true.

Using this article I will expand into MY OWN IDEA on how this particular verifiable gene can substantiate the LHP/RHP split. In fact that last quote is on point with that.

In any diverse ecosystem of living organisms, such as a human colony (civilization),  there is going to be a naturally arising mutation against stagnation or to battle some adverse condition.

As human society (the complex colonies we live in) is a default ecosystem. It is as mutagenic as a rainforest. Its mutations are memes. (See Dawkins) With predators mostly removed what leads to genetic mutation are the ideas our societies are influenced by. Human abstractions; like borders, governments, spirituality, cultures, and customs, etc.

With such mutations (VMAT2) you have people LITERALLY BORN (sound familiar?) without an allele that wires them AGAINST another's idea on things such as; borders, governments, spirituality, cultures, and customs. May as well be called an anti-conformity mutation. 

Anarchists, Antitheists, Antichrists, and Iconoclasts by birth.

An observable and demonstrable reason for a difference in this wiring. Sequenced in the human genome.

In short: Ideas are so prevalent in human life and environment they spawn genetic mutations.
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Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Feb 16 '20
I like learning these things, it's so interesting.  Thank you for sharing this.

Apr 3 '20

It easy to hypothesize that atheists, if they have a lack of a particular gene or difference in their DNA is a form of damage or deterioration being that in the study mentioned below, they are found to have a penchance/ co-relation with being autistic, which is deemed a disability and a damaged mental faculty...… I really do not get the atheistic Satanist other than atheism being a type of cover to eventually make them and Satanism more accepted in society. What do you think?

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