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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Mar 27 '20
This will seem like needless antagonism, but fucking pretentious vegans.  I want to kill pigs in front of them... make them watch videos of slaughter-bred pigs on the conveyer line.  I heard they know they are about to die. 

Vegans: Aw, look at the "special" animal above the food chain.. they are so conscious

So very evolved... They must be the environmentalist version of sanctimonious christians.

Unless they are Hindu, but even they eat curried goat

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Agent Mar 29 '20
You speak in the name of Satan with authority.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Mar 29 '20
This is just baiting, though.  What does it say when Hitler was vegan?  

I really have no problem with their choices until the pigs blood gets thrown on the cashmere sweater (thinking its fur), The actual fur coat, or even the rare white rhino piano keys.  Those are status symbols of meritocracy and someone elses property and as soon as cheetahs are mindful of gazelle slaughter I will not side with the WWF, or any liberal PETA activist fuckstick.  

Wolves kill sheep..that is how it goes. We breed our food and destroy the ozone with methane. Its our thing we do as a species. 

As an animal it is mankind's karma to accelerate the raising of the ocean temperatures, change salinity, kill off most ocean life, deprive the ocean of oxygen, melt away the icecaps, and then finally freeze us all into a population bottleneck.  C'est la Vie. 

And if I acknowledge I am Satan then I contradict my blog. A fine line to walk. 

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Agent Mar 29 '20

I am no longer able to use the name of the jeebus, since you prohibit the use of it.

pro·hib·it   formally forbid (using the name of the jeebus) by law, rule, or other authority(name of Satan).

"Regretfully to that, if one of them Jeebus folk were interrogating me (like your avatar should be) I would ONLY command them to stop using the name of the jeebus it if I had to acknowledge it like they do." 

Well, you may not acknowledge, but I do; and this makes it binding upon me to stop using that name in order to obey your command.

You have given me a series of commands in the implication of giving me an order to obey.

"Your obedience will be rewarded upon the day of reckoning. "

My obedience is a requirement. 

or·der an authoritative command, direction, or instruction.

command: to demand or receive as one's moral right.

You demand something and you expect to receive it as your due:: to demand or receive as one's due, 

What if your due?

"Only through the forsaking of the holy spirit will the kingdom of the self-righteous fall."

for·sake:renounce or give up (something valued or pleasant).

You are fully vested by Satan to use his name with authority and power. You have commanded me in the name of Satan not to use the J-word any more, so I must call on Satan as my mediator to God. Now I am invoking Satan!

Do I need to forsake the holy spirit? The answer is yes!

"In the name of Satan it is time to let the towers fall. "


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Agent Mar 29 '20
Here is the prayer I recited:

Before the almighty and ineffable God Satan/Lucifer and in the presence of all Demons of Hell, who are the True and the Original gods, I  renounce any and all past allegiances. I renounce the false Judeo/Christian god Jehova, I renounce his vile and worthless son Jesus Christ, I renounce his foul, odious, and rotten holy spirit.
I proclaim Satan Lucifer as my one and only God. I promise to recognize and honor him in all things, without reservation, desiring in return, his manifold assistance in the successful completion of my endeavors.

 So mote it be. Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Satan!

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Apr 13 '20
I suppose you could play Devil's Advocate and acknowledge that the bible encourages the eating of animals. Might not choosing to avoid the practice of eating animals symbolize a rebellion against biblical teachings? 
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Apr 13 '20

Yeah, this was a bit over the top..

Omnivores are omnivores.  And protein is protein. 

One of my favorite writers was the epitome of an eco-warrior with his boner for white rhinos and greater animal conservation, Douglas Adams.  That was his own trip.  Seems par for the course for outspoken atheists to balance that by being fluffy twats. 

A person's choice to eat dirt and paint chips is no more or less relevant.  

And it would be fairly orthodox to limit meat intake and type if you were in Hyderbad, either one. Sheep in one, goats in the other.  

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Apr 13 '20
I read Hitch Hiker's Guide but nothing else. Did he write anything better?

I do agree with your point RE: the insufferable attitude of many - most vegans. My son is one, won't eat at a table where others are eating meat. He has conviction, silly as it is. 

Anyway, nice to run into you again - you once knew me as fnord. 

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Apr 13 '20
Well, thanks for the blue, however short-lived.  

That could have done it.  Whether folk like it or not getting recognized for the merit of ones posts is no different than gaining stock options as motivation at work to put forth a better effort. While tags may be on the exterior "meaningless plastic" there is a meritocracy thing that promotes an atmosphere of precision when things such as quality are recognized. 

There was a lot of equally plastic grandstanding (I did some of that) to try to gain recognition but somewhere along the way the desire to be blue was overtaken by false nonchalance of too cool for it all... with everybody cross-referencing their opinions first to make sure they were compatible.

The site I joined was intimidating. I thought, "I better have my shit together (despite not knowing shit) if I want to survive here".

7 years later...

In any case, good to see there are folk still around that believe it can still be funny... 

Apr 13 '20
That was most of my bitch with the place. People who obviously deserved the blue jacket weren’t promoted unless every blue and every mod agreed on it. Many hadn’t been back for years so everything stagnated. I promoted my list and most who were on that list were approved by those still in attendance (yourself included). I had a few wild cards that got me a raised eyebrow but I threw all my chips in to make the point. Anyway, if it’s any consolation, I was one of several who had you on the approved list.
Aug 23 '20
They are definitely a new religion. I wrote about this some years ago:
The Vegetarians That Can Eat Us Up

Satanist since more than a decade

To each their own.

Everyone has the liberty to do what they want.

Just as well being accepting of all possible repercussions of said choice.

Be it a punch in the mouth for running it afoul.

Or wither away by the dietary choices made.

What I do not get is the possible "hate".
What has rubbed you wrong?
My bet is on a few persons, not Veganism per se.

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G.B. Feb 25

just found out that rob zombie is a vegan. doyle wolfgang von frankenstein is also a vegan.

i´ve known a few vegans, had really great sex with a nice vegan woman for some time. since their life tends to revolve around being vegan they mostly also tend to only want partners who are at the minimum vegetarians. at least thats the observation i have made. and i am vegetarian, got to meet alot of those vegans in the past. i am even on a vegan site (looking to hook up with nice girls) but i don´t really get along well with vegans to the most part because of their constant urge to participate in green leftwing activism and that isn´t my thing at all.

funny thing how they all believe that soon everyone will be vegan since more and more people are turning to veganism. i tell them no, just because of increasing numbers doesn´t mean that trend will go on forever. it´ll reach its peak, then numbers will decline at some point and the big hype will be over, veganism will be a small niche once again. but they never believe me.

they are 1000% certain they will conquer the world and then everyone will be vegan forever and ever and then the world will be saved and everyone will hug each other and peace and love and all that.

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Dark Enlightenment
There's lots of them. A personal choice. I can't do it. I need the texture and blood of red meat.  

While this is a qualified as a troll topic I still feel the need to say it's none of my fucking business what others choose to eat or not. 

In the prophetic 1993 movie PCU, 'The Pit" threw meat at "The Causheads" as they were protesting their latest cause. Truly an inspiration for a thread. 

In all seriousness, I don't get why it's such a moral thing when the animals wouldn't even exist if we didn't breed them for food. Otherwise surplus and at most producer of overblown carbon emissions. Organized omnivores we are. Tyson is so good at it they breed gelatinous - involuntary function only - genetically lobotomized sacks of hormones waiting to be affordable chicken.

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talisman Feb 25
you see, if you find a way to decrease yearly consumption of meat by 90% , you would bring the world economy to its feet. I have already been tryin to obtain  proteins from alternative products, mainly dairy. And then fish. 
G.B. Feb 26

on the internet every topic qualifies as a troll topic.

there is a big political push towards massive meat reduction, bill gates is highly involved in several vegan businesses. he is not a vegan himself but a leading member of the world economic forum. i´ve seen their ads for their great reset, and one agenda is to make meat-eating a barely affordable luxury.



i am against the agendas of the wef, by the way. i am not posting this to advertise their agenda.

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Devil Warship
Devil Warship Feb 26
The overwhelming majority of people have a drive to be religious. That only makes sense as an evolutionary survival tactic. For all of religion's flaws, it does help to cohere societies (at least at first) which are functioning at lower levels of Maslow's hierarchy. 

This is one reason that I am a Satanist: I have recognized in myself the need for religion. So I have filled that hole with the one religion that absolutely refuses to tell me what to think or do. 

However, those who are less self-aware would be shocked to realize that they have turned their political party, their social activism, their sportsball team, their video game console (PC master race!) or even their fucking diet into a religion with its own religious Creed, orthodox' set of beliefs, and practices. And this lets each "believer" accuse others of being heretics and disbelievers deserving punishment. 

If you think about it, secular Liberals even have their own version of the Book of Revelation, in which their god ("nature" or "the environment") will punish all the unbelievers (first worlders, white people, men, etc.) by destroying all life on earth via "anthropogenic climate change" for the ultimate sins of wealth and greed (capitalism). To ward off this angry god, they must make certain to recycle their soy milk containers, constantly repeat their mantra that "science is real" (whatever the fuck that actually means), and convert all the poor benighted people around them to the One True Faith. 

For me, being a Satanist eases my deep psychological need for the trappings of religion, but not in such a way that will turn me into a holier-than-thou religious prick. Of course, I could easily turn into one of those smug, preachy anti-monotheists, but I'm a little too old (and a little too beat up by life) to feel holier than thou about just about anything these days. 

I just want these got-dammed kids to get off my fucking lawn. 

Dark Enlightenment

If you think about it, secular Liberals even have their own version of the Book of Revelation, in which their god ("nature" or "the environment") will punish all the unbelievers (first worlders, white people, men, etc.) by destroying all life on earth via "anthropogenic climate change" for the ultimate sins of wealth and greed (capitalism). To ward off this angry god, they must make certain to recycle their soy milk containers, constantly repeat their mantra that "science is real" (whatever the fuck that actually means), and convert all the poor benighted people around them to the One True Faith. 


Are you sure you are not a conservative christian, cuz that answer fits right in at this fundimentalist Christian leaning site I post at.  Stars and flags would be numerous for such a comment. 

You didn't say "scientism" or "science priest", so it is probably my overgeneralization and assumption, but damn that's close.


I can answer that. What that means. 

Science is real.

Scienctific attainment deals with phenomenality. Religious attainment deals with abstraction, or things that cannot be tested for..

You can have "faith" in your scientific thesis, but that either gets canned or validated once there is a concrete data set to place next to it.  Until then it is "just a theory" and idea to place alongside the untested others. 

Humorously, the dumbest of the lot still use that argument for evolution. Definitely more inherent bias at Camp Abstraction. 

You can cut it up anyway you want but the short of it is; regardless of whatever theory starts it, be it real or metaphysical, science is the ability to observe and (most importantly) TEST it directly.

I can't observe (and don't give me any postmodern shit) god or other typical matters of faith. There's no ethereal force or wicked divinity in this cosmos to observe unless I apply massive amounts of confirmation bias and outright fallacy. 

However, I can observe the peer reviewed/published results of LIGO to absolutely see (without any room to misconstrue) the existence of these once theoretical gravitational waves predicted by relativity. 

Before that data existed I could only infer and guess. Nothing of real value to move on. It was still in the abstraction camp. However, with the observational results I could then elevate it past abstraction into the realm of reality. The visceral. The real. The tangible. As experienced by the 5 senses.

Science is just that materialism as 'doctrine'. And one that speaks to a lot of people and autistic nerds alike. Those of us wired absolutely against abstraction and faith as the foundation of belief. 

Reductio Ad Absurdum: 

If the cornerstone of RHP attainment is unfalsifiable faith then:

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Devil Warship
Devil Warship Feb 26
Again you miss the point, DE. I believe in the scientific method. My point is that the people who put those moronic yard signs up seem to think that "science" means whatever they want it to mean. 

For years, science told us to eat low fat, high fiber diets because "eating fat makes you fat." Now, science is waking up to how fucking wrong they were about that. 

So, when folks say "in this house, we believe in science," are they saying that they believe that eating fat makes you fat? Or that eating carbs makes you fat? See what I mean? "Science" doesn't say shit - humans interpret their data to mean things which they then either publicize or hide depending on whether the conclusion agrees with their biases or not. 

"Science" has always, throughout literally all of human history, proven that there are two genders. Now, suddenly, these same people with the yard signs think that science has proven that there is an unknowable and incalculable number of genders. 

That's my point, not that science is evil or wrong. Really, DE, try to read more of people's posts and less into them. You make so many assumptions it's ridiculous. Here's another good tip: if you're about to make an assumption about someone, instead try asking a clarifying question. For example, you could have simply asked me, "Are you saying that we shouldn't believe in science?"

Seriously, dude. You wouldn't have had to write all those paragraphs if you had just 1.) re-read my comment more closely and seen that I wasn't making any statements about the validity of the scientific method, and/or 2.) asked me a clarifying question. You'll save so much time and effort, but you'll have less drama. 

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Devil Warship
Devil Warship Feb 26
Science is never settled. Saying "the science is settled" is literally the opposite of science. Someone saying that they "believe in science" is one of the most idiotic things I can imagine an otherwise sensible person saying. Remember when "science" told us that ulcers were caused by stress? Wrong. Remember when "science" told us that the brain stops being formed relatively early in life? Wrong - look up neuroplasticity. Are you old enough to remember (as I do) the 1970s, when "science" was telling us all to fear Global Cooling and an upcoming Ice Age? Then it was Global Warming. And now it's climate change. But they still can't prove that it's anthropogenic. But if you disagree with their conclusion, you are accused of "not believing in science." 

Science is always advancing and changing, as it should. Science will explain more tomorrow than it does today. Some of what we believe today will be disproven. And some research will be squelched if what it "proves" is politically unpopular.

My point about those asinine fucking yard signs is also this: 
Every one of the forbidden-to-question Statements of Secular Faith on those yard signs doesn't really mean what it says. 
For example, if I were to sneak into my neighbors' home while they were sleeping, and they called the cops on me, would they agree with me when I told them, "No human is illegal!"? No, of course they wouldn't. Because when they say, "No human is illegal," what they really mean to say is, "I support unlimited illegal immigration." 
And where the sign says "Black lives matter," what it really means is, "black people who are killed by other black people (though they vastly outnumber the number of black people killed by cops) matter less than the lives of black people who are killed by police." 
It's fucking dishonest and hypocritical. Every one of the statements on those signs is disingenuous and meant to make anyone who disagrees on the real issues being discussed look like some kind of idiot or immoral monster. 

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