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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jun 13 '20
So if you are going to indulge the world of nomian political discourse here is your thread. 


Yes, while you are drinking a puppet kool-aid presidential elections can still matter. I personally find it hilarious "Making America Great" withstood the first 3 years but unravelled due to a strain of SARS, the subsequent economic shutdown, and now finished off by Colin Kappernick and Black Lives Matter. MAGA will now be gang raped by the ALCU and forced to watch Post millenium diversity awareness films while have their eye held open like clockwork Orange. 

If I was Kappernick tell all NFL owners to fuck themselves and go play for the Montreal Allouettes.  I wonder if he is still blackballed like someone on McCarthy's list? 

It's theater. Absolute theater. From, "It's disrespectful!" to "It's patriotic".  Fickle as ever. Goddell flipped a 180, NASCAR banned confederate flags (and a sizeable portion of their following), and this image still captures the demographic snapshot and paints an accurate picture. 

2020 US election = "White Men Without a College Degree"  vs. "Every other demographic group" - which is also the only demographic FOX News consistently wins on.. Conversely CNN (of late) is sculpting the other side, one uniquely focused on inclusivity.  

This election is every bit a race war.  One that collectively deems uneducated white men a minority. 

You had Fourth Reich Lite all over the World. France, Canada, UK, Australia, Denmark, Poland, ect ect.  Fails everywhere. Only Putin's Czar revival has succeeded without massive resistance.  Everywhere else takes America's lead and pushes until angry uneducated white men are beaten into submission. 

Another major take away of difference in 4 years are the women not being collectively iconoclastic this time.  Support for the incumbant is significantly less than what it was. 

Trump is beyond Tricky Dick 2.0 if he pulls off a reelection victory. 

The tone now is:  "Well this didn't fucking work. Let's do the next best thing to getting Obama back." 
And you know when the previous three (two) GOP nominations are marching with protesters, advocating the defunding of police (Romney), and openly endorsing Democratic frontrunner Biden (Romney & G.W. Bush) the nominee has a much more impossible hill to climb. 

Beyond all election-related whatnot this was like a Faustian Presidency. America's deal with the devil.  3 years of riding Obama's economic bull run snuffed out by SARS Cov2 and the damaging uprising the never happened with previous widely publicized incidences of good ol' boy cops in the cradle with the cat. 

The stance Trump represents is beyond toxic now. No more revitalized Mein Kampf ethos or fashionable appeal to nationalism. This for the same reason Derek Wonderbread doesn't stand a chance of leniency in any American court.

For all remaining (actual) white supremacist types this is your nightmare. 

This is 'Zion' winning. And no one can really do a goddamn thing to stop it. 

* Sans the places no one Western cares about like Kudistan and Cambodia.

 Across the globe reboots have failed. And it fails right into murals of Cesar Chavez, Malcolm X, and now joining the list, George Floyd. Martyrs against latent fascist oppression.  Anti-fascism Is the social current.  It's as fervent as any memeplex that takes a dominant position. 

And it's not even a bias to see that and say it.  It is what it is. 

Even my favorite (world) football team went from notoriously WASPY racist pensioners to owned by the richest citizen of Israel. You are now a hypocrite if you are a racist supporter.  (@ LFC, bad luck about Werner) 

Anyway, this was sort of a rambling rant, and now I am looking forward to weird scrimmage looking games with fake crowd noise and empty stadiums... 

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JoshuaVonNoctis Jun 14 '20
The belief in white pride, self-acceptance, and freedom has been destroyed by crazies because white people are 'bad'. Everywhere you go, you got people bowing down to the black race, trying to apologize for crimes they never commited. But because we're playing the collectivist game, all whites are guilty for whatever crime non-whites think up.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jun 14 '20
No, just the ruling elite for the majority of this countries (and Western) history has been white inbred nobility and then everyone else. The rest is white nationalist retardery. 

Consider what the major non-white ethnic groups bullet points for their Introduction to American History are: 

Blacks   - Traded for rum and sugar. Sold by own tribal chieftains for boomsticks. 


 • Chinese - Built railroads 

 • Japanese - Coy ponds. Given gift of baseball home runs in internment camp.

 • Vietnamese - Welcomed to work in Pho restaurants, salons, and massage parlors. 

Indians - Moved to Oklahoma/ethnically cleansed by religious mandate

Mexicans - Turned into cartoon stereotype, accused of destroying economy and draining system.

Despite all Irish catholic, Italian catholic, and Polish catholic waves that followed the civil war this is still the country of "White Anglo Saxon Protestant" Americana, where white culture is concerned anyway. 

And when the country collectively decides it wants the Norman Rockwell white kid fishing America back you have every group not part of that history reading "we want segregation back". 

Now to your point.  Deal with it. 

Black Nationalism, even "White Devil" Nation of Islam kind is subject to collective guilt and broader acceptance. Afterall, your George Wallaces beget your Kareem Abdul Jabars. The problem is, of all the "prides" out there only "white pride" is colloquially connected to negative stereotypes.  And for obvious Hilter-worshipping reasons.  They are exempt from "underdog" classification. 

I can say that because your argument is copy/paste White Christian nationalist parroting.  To put it to an analogy it be like me saying "Death to America" means "Death to the old ways of America" and then getting angry when every one calls me a terrorist.  

And so what if every kid under 30 wants to show how done racism is by kissing black people's asses. That is what they do. That's is equivalent to every kid under 30 putting flowers in their hair and mobilizing in Selma. 

You can have nation specific pride, Like American, but then you have to include ALL tired huddled masses... There are also specific heritage groups to have pride in. Like all the Bavarian ones that do Oktoberfest celebrations. Can find a group of about any lineage. And nobody can criticize your German cultural pride stand at Oktoberfest during German Heritage Month. If that is not good enough you have identified the draw as color-centric. 

As far as "white pride", pride in being without melanin and/or from a white place, I am afraid it's only relics of past stupidity that still care. I have more 'WOP pride', than 'White Pride' myself.  And my descendents were quarantined for infectious disease upon arrival at Ellis Island. 

Could also be the clandestine seances where citizens were kidnapped and forced to fight to the death in the dead of night for the amusement of local elites. #Whiteamericanheritage. 

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Baphomets Jun 15 '20
VonNoctis, all humanity and all walks of life of all colors have faced some sort of oppression. Perhaps this is white oppression? Hehehe. But in all actuality, I couldn't agree more with what DE has said. I'd like to add from my own beautiful thought chamber, that after much oppression and racism alive and well with current non-educated white america (hence, the pistol carrying rednecks), it is our duty to try our best to just get along and stop whining when we are not on top. Even if that means trying to fix a historical mess with affirmative action and a lenience toward the historically oppressed in America. I have been a minority as a white person on a HBCU campus. I am not downplaying whatsoever, the fact that there are black racists too. WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? 
Baphomets Jun 15 '20
You can still be proud to be white. Blacks can be proud to be black. Brown people can be proud to be brown and yellow folks can be proud too. We can still love and embrace our heritage.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jun 15 '20

Proud of being white Is seriously as pointless as being proud of having Brown hair. It's Not your fucking heritage. It's the lack of skin or hair pigment which is a response to  the intensity of ultraviolet radiation. 

White people have the benefit of family history. I am Italian mostly, what part of my lineage is skintone related? Being part of the axis in WW2? Pride in being a nationality that came and opened many import/export businesses?  I can still trace my lineage on my Fathers side to Austria in the 1700's through Southern France/Northern Italy in the late 1800's ending up in New York by 1907.  But they are all fucking white. It is too broad descriptor to be a source of actual pride outside of Master race nobility or white power elitism.  

I have heard of Latino pride, as a general descriptor, but call a Cuban  Mexican and watch what they say. The only "Brown pride" I ever heard of was a naturalized Mexican gang in Arizona that was at war with the illegal Mexican gangs (for cheating) so clearly it wasn't color related. 

With black people it's fucking different because its EXTREMELY hard to trace their true heritage because they were fucking sold to America as literal livestock with only vague reference to point of origin and no names used. So you have "black" like a specific heritage through no fault of their own.  "Black pride" or "African Pride" may be their only connection to ancestry, unlike most whites who can trace their lineage beyond a cattle auction and general skin tone.

Have Italian pride. Have a more generalized Germanic Pride, but if you limit that to skin tone, hair color, 13 years of German history, and disregard the social ethos, beer stains and bratwurst what is the fucking point? 

  On that note, you can even have ARYAN PRIDE if you can trace your heritage to  a people speaking an Indo-European language who invaded northern India in the 2nd millennium BC, displacing the Dravidian and other aboriginal peoples.

Once more: White Pride is racist where black pride isn't. Now change white to a specific heritage not related to melanin and I can't say shit. 

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JoshuaVonNoctis Jun 16 '20
Blacks sold themselves to each other then to Europe. Thought you would have mentioned that by now. Since you seem to hate yourself, that is your problem and I will not let it be mine. WPWW.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jun 16 '20

Whatever reason, including tribal chieftains selling their own tribe for shiny trinkets. It doesn't change what "black" means in countries with emancipated slaves.   As is usually the case when groups are released from several generations of slavery. For this reason, in these countries, blacks are privileged a generalized exemption all other groups do not have. 

 Black pride is valid by default. White Pride is not. 

 There was no Sierra Leone or Gambian heritage, there was only the heritage of "being an emancipated negro", many even keeping their former master's surname. There are a shit ton of black people name McClellan, Jackson, and Jefferson to this very day.. 

You can go way the fuck back in history for examples of this. 

After the Canaanites were smacked by Egypt they spent hundreds of years losing their lineage and identity as the pharaohs subjects.  So much so they just made up a history upon their release and called themselves Hebrews, despite some probably having Sumerian heritage. 

Consider the first Hebrews like the OG "buffalo soldiers". "Stolen from Canaan and kept in the same spot, but made to build stone monuments and shit"

And the reason I bring up Hebrews is if you want to talk about generalized "white races", some even consider semetic as a branch of Caucasian.  Just checking when you say white do you include Hindi, Bengali, Russians, and English correct?  Otherwise you are simply going by pigment levels to determine ethnicity and heritage, which is just sad. 

Pigments and UV protecting nappy hair are the absolute least important traits, except in preventing cancer/protecting from UV radiation.  

All people living are hybrids of Homo sapien, Neaderthal, denisovan, and whatever the new "ghost dna" discovered in West Africa is first, and their various color patterns are secondary.  

Cool shit. Especially if you get into hominid interbreeding and what really makes a "race".



Then forward again. 

What better way to follow lineage of a people then through language.. Even if you don't buy the following hypothesis you gotta consider all in each subgroup related..  

Indo-Semitic Languages

The Indo-Semitic hypothesis maintains that a genetic relationship exists between Indo-European and Semitic and that the Indo-European and the Semitic language families descend from a prehistoric language ancestral to them both.








South Arabian
















Redundant Addendum to Drive Point Home:

If you know your family were Dutch settlers in 1702, white is extraneous. If you had no idea what country your ancestors moved from and your only point of reference is you are both fair skinned, then white is a valid description. But only then.

A good example of this are post emancipation black people that move to The USA.  There are a shit-load of East Africans in the city I live. And wouldn't you know It they are more easily identified as the country they are from because it is way more likely to be the source of their pride. So many Ethiopian flag license plate frames. And they are more likely to identify themselves as that before "black". 

For this reason I don't follow the "Black Person Cab" in traffic, I follow "Eritrea Cab".  They (East Africans) even have a neighborhood right next to Little Saigon, who have Vietnamese Pride, not Yellow Pride. 

What is the pride in recessive traits anyway? It's not a culture, it's just a pigmentation trait common to groups until similar environmental and climate conditions.  And if those cultural and social heritage things mean less than the level of melenin you really have to admit it's completely superficial white power shit.  Even Nordic Pride is valid where white pride isn't, because it relates specifically to Nordic culture.  Idealized white culture is nothing that exists outside The Turner Diaries IMO. 

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Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus Jul 3 '20

Neo Nazi Fun Time!!

Oh My God, A Third Reich Flag!  (From Times of San Diego) 

Apart from the outrage, and social shaming of this person (Who probably doesn't give a fuck you share their license plate) this is textbook taboo transgression. Perfect timing. I can appreciate what this does and think white supremacist opinions are ignorant and hillbilly simultaneously.  In the spirit of where it occurred I admire their El Cajon(es). 

I realize the sight of it offends people, but why? It is necessary baiting until sensitive little PC bitches stop crying crocodile tears for everything that they think offends them. There are different ways to not like things besides whining, social shaming, or giving transgressive people exactly what they wanted anyway. Just mock them for their pride in recessive genetics or cousin fucking, why not? 

Fun Fact: There is a city out there sometimes known by the derisive name of "Klantee" brother city of "Sprung Valley" and Lakeside doesn't really have one.

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