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Redo this thread, more for OCD than any other reason...

Idle Playground - A reference to the saying, "Idle hands are the devil's playground", and also Futurama.  

This started as a challenge to write throwback music. To try to remove myself from modernity and write in a style of antiquity.  This week marks a year of doing it. 

Originally an excersize in mimicry, I have slipped into a distinguished style halfway between minimalism and the composers I initially tried to emulate. 

Now I want to do scores for either video games or other for higher work, this is an actual attempt to market this.  Genuine interest or troll you can contact me here or at 

This is the first year catalog in order of release. Popular ones (as determined by YouTube Analytics and "length of view") noted with an * 

Year One:

Op. 1: Symphony #1 in D.  (24:36) [July 2019]  *

Op. 3: Symphony #2 in G minor  (28:36) [Oct 2019]  

Op. 4: String Sextet in C flat Major (16:31) [Nov 2019] <- least popular

Op. 6: Piano Concerto in A Minor  (11:49) [Jan 2020] 

Op. 5: Symphony #3 in F Sharp minor (27:40) [Feb 2020] <- worst rated 

Op. 7: Symphony #4 in C. (31:48) [April 2020] *

Op. 2, No. 3: Winter Song (Für Die Integretät) (3:00) [April 2020] 

Op. 8: Symphony #5 in E Harmonic minor (25:48) [April 2020] * <- most clicked

Op. 9: Symphony #6 in B Minor  (16:25) [May 2020] ** <- most liked

Op. 10: The Wheel (Solo Piano Pieces)  (unfinished) 

Op. 11: Symphony #7 in D Minor (18:55) [May 2020] * 

Op. 12: Symphony #8 in F Minor  (15:35) [June 2020] *

Op. 13: Symphony #9 in A. (18:09) [June 2020] *

Op. 14: Clarinet Concerto in F Minor. (13:04) [July 2020] *

Or for condensed version: 

Artist Mix: All of the Above - Personal Favorite Mix

Enjoy or Not

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