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Brother Shamus

This was initially a response posted on a different forum, figured it could be a good topic, and one you might not expect from me. 

Can God Exist? 

I am going to start with the idea of Father Georges Lemaître (Big Bang Therory). 

From there the existence of god becomes an unnecessary abstraction. Even those wonderful synchronous things that are considered miraculous are actually guaranteed to happen given the number of possible outcomes, and to an equal degree the opposite of a miracle happens. 

Even the run of events that occur fall around a statistical median, a middle ground. If you ascribe positive and negative value to said events it will likely cancel itself out over the longrun like red and black on a roulette wheel, through subjective lensing. 

The apparent design of the universe exists in part because an excess of energy at the big bang caused an imbalance in matter and antimatter giving objects mass through the higgs-boson. 

With mass you have relativity and a coherent explanation for all the structure of the universe, save dark matter and energy, which could still be an aberration. Objects adhere to thermodynamic law and seek the most energy efficient structure possible. (See stars, trees, and cells) 

In my opinion nothing after inflation needs a god to exist. However, these are the leading guesses for what caused the big bang inflation:

M-theory brane collision, in a cosmic bulk that is infinite and needs no creation. 

A random Vacuum fluctuation is zero point field of potential energy that always existed, spawns an infinite number of universes, and needs no creation 

A bubble off a preexisting universe.

Intelligent creation of a god that always existed.

Unfortunately apologetics wins, as there is no way to observe before inflation, all those options are equivocal to one another, and are inherent abstractions, even if some of them have associated proofs. A preuniverse in any form always existing is the same as a god in any form always existing, and also both. And as much as I would like to say god is impossible, I can't. 

While I don't personally believe in intelligent design I can't even rule out we all exist in a hyper-intelligent alien race's civilization. But that has it's own chicken and egg thing going. 

With only WMAP and CERN to go on, I don't think anyone can truly prove anything definitively.

 In M-theory there are planes of other universes with different laws of physics we can only express on paper. And onwards in layered multidimensional explanations. And even that M-Theory proof doesn't definitely prove we exist as strings tethered to branes waving in an infinite cosmic bulk. 

 In zero point explanations you still have to explain why an ever present field of potential exists and if the random fluctuations in it (variations of the speed of light) are truly random.  

In short: vacuum genesis sans M-Theory is a lateral move, especially if you consider the zero point field as God - god is subspace (it fulfills all requirements of a god including allowing for specific laws of physics to form, omni existence, and initial creation), and M-Theory must allow for a universe where master-sentience is the initial condition and version of genesis. 

Still I don't see praying to subspace doing you any good.

It's an endless conundrum. 

So while an antitheist can argue for alternatives to divinity and hold a valid argument an atheist that absolutely asserts god can't exist has no valid position because they lack the very empiricism they often defer to. 

Fucking apologetics... 

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