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Sep 11
Hello. Does Lucifer/Satan protect His people from harm? Does anyone have any examples? Close calls? Near accidents and such etc?  Any response would be helpful. 
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Dark Enlightenment
Yes, and it's EXACTLY LIKE THIS:

Brother Shamus
Have you ever seen the movie with that knockout Elizabeth Hurley? The one where she plays Satan with Encino Man? 

Sorta like that.  True story. 

This one time I didn't have a place to live and said something to effect of, "Hey Satan, I want a cheap room where I can hear the ocean at night, and you supposedly do that shit so..." 

Within 24 hours, by coincidence, my boss found me a room with a coworker she recommended.  4 blocks from The beach and only 400/month.

... then as I am subletting the room this doomed broad is off smoking meth and gambling money from credit cards she stole with her son's gang member junkie friends.  As it turned out I had rented the side room at Mother Superior's.  Only the heroin addict's baby was taken before it starved to death by HHS when three separate jurisdictions raided the house and charged Mother Superior with 56 counts of Burgulry and a bunch of other shit.  

Really inconvenienced me, because they busted in the door when I was taking a shower.

And then everyone in the house went to jail, the cops gave me back by pot and suggested, "I find another cheap room to live in". Eventually ended up just living in my car at a freeway rest area/campgrounds for 6 months while I saved for a place on my own.

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Berardo Rodriguez Member
A lot of people tend to have the images of their protective Angels or Demons, they have amulets that use as protective and energetic barriers against evil forces, the majority of religions permit their followers to put their trust in objects of worship( holy books, crosses,  pendents  or any kind of jewelry,  etc) as protectors against their beliefs . When  a situation  (which is extremely opposite to the well  being of a person) occurs, if the person passes that situation successfully,  he-she will attribute  that success  to the belief  she-he has in a particular protector, but if that person fails to overcome the sitation and uses another  practical method to succeed,  it will come the moment that his-her belief or the faith she-he put in the protector will fall apart, and that person will start focusing  on the reality and capabilities she-he has to solve the situation with the real resources  available and not just  trusting on a imaginary force. 
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