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Dark Enlightenment
I thought it initially. I thought, "this is the new cold war." 

And when the the city where the outbreak began is the hub of Bat Cornoavirus research you can't stop the intuition. 

Accidental? Maybe...

Unusual Features of The Sars-Covid-2 Genome Suggesting Laboratory...

This seems a legitimate argument Covid-19 is a modified bat coronavirus. 

Unfortuneately we live in a world of deceptive misinforming assholes, and when you say things that contradict powerful entities, such as China, even if you are right, there are people on a payroll to turn you into a quack.

She will be discredited before she's found dead in a hotel room, or the former and then the latter. 



Just swap out The USSR for The PRC.

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Anna Sep 16
Unfortunately, I'm not an expert on viruses to argue for or against the theory. But if it's true and the silly virus was indeed manufactured in the Chinese laboratory, I wish the faggots who created it were more interesting. I'm not very demanding. 30% mortality rate would keep me interested in the show, which for now on sucks ass and which, like every show run by faggots, has turned out totally anti-climactic. It's as if viruses smelled the faggottry of our modern times and, in accordance with the laws of evolution, decided to adapt to their hosts and become faggy themselves. 
Dark Enlightenment

As I have had covid-19, I have been corrupted by the now gay virus and it has forced me to post Madonna songs. 

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Anna Sep 18
Who says it's over? Israel has imposed a second lockdown, the silly Brits are considering it. And I won't even mention China because you can't expect the society who practiced cannibalism during the cultural revolution to bother themselves with such abstract things like "freedom", "democracy" or "human rights." The fucktards won't rest if they don't dismantle the whole economy. I wish it was some kind of a master plan but it's too random and chaotic to be anything more than simple human stupidity. And no vaccination for it is coming. For ages, we've been defenceless against this most serious and deadly pandemic! 
Dark Enlightenment
It's our Democrat party, sorry... And they have to dismantle everything.. It's 1933 again. Just like how Goering dismantled the German police force at the same time he had operatives cause civil unrest, the democrats are using the left leaning CDC to keep everyone shut down and also promote Vietnam-era civil unrest with an anti-racism movement. 

China knew too. They knew such a global event could position themselves at the apex of Asian  and world influence. They're economy is fine. They locked everyone inside and sprayed chemicals until they disinfected Wuhan and even killed eventhing outside, including all the stray dogs they would have eventually eaten.

They are laughing at the world with they're chopsticks, big china teeth, rice, and wooden china hats. 

I can see it now!

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Anna Sep 20
The Jews might soon start laughing too. Surprise surprise.
Dark Enlightenment
What the fuck do the Jews have to do with right-wing anti liberal conspiracies? 

The Jews are not the issue. The real issue is, Trump is gonna try to replace the dead justice with a conservative white male to overturn Roe v. Wade and the gender war will ensue!  Men will be strangled with bras and there will be even more rampant lesbianism. All men will be put into submissionwith the magical "M" word. Society will split in twain, ending in competing factions and sacrifices to the provider daily. 

Men will be put into textile labor camps and forced to make vinyl and such. Chained inside kitchens and told to cook roasts while having their sperm harvested for fertilization to be raised by the collective.

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Anna Sep 21
A nice vision. If it ever happens, I'll pack my bags and come to the US. 
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