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Dark Enlightenment
Nothing I ever predict is accurate, but I have hope that trend will continue on this one. 

Boards are going back up in business windows in preparation for the possibility Trump wins reelection. If you go by the polls that were correct in 2016 there is a possibility that could happen.

Watch election night, and if Pennsylvania goes to Trump, this country is destined to absolutely lose its fucking mind.  

I don't think so, not even conservative polls can give Trump a lead there. 

This site allows you to make your own predictive map. 

This is mine:  

My election prediction is that the election is so close Trump picks a state that could swing it in his favor (Like Pennsylvania or any state within a 2.0% margin) and refuses to vacate the White House causing some serious civil unrest and violent protests aimed at standing him down.  

That not ruling out the possibility Trump appears to win on election night, before mail in votes are counted and people overreact anyway. 

In any case there may liberal priviliged white kids driving their Daddy's BMWs to light Portland on fire again. 

So what's your election prediction? It's really easy this time!


As far as any Antifa protests that may result go (looking inevitable) I think this ICONIC punk rock song should be the Antifa Protest Anthem:

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