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Cornelius Coburn

Slightly Wet with a High of Forty-Two

Oil change on the European straight six turbo. The drip-drip phase gives me a few minutes to kill so we resume coming on here and acting like a fucking idiot, although acting like an idiot does require a bit of thought, so the few minutes to kill is being wrought with naught, but not necessarily preventing one thing from leading to another as sometimes we just don't know when it's time to go.

Cornelius Coburn
Drain and replace transmission fluid is next. The Chargers had a partially closed system. This Volvo is completely closed. Remove air box to gain access to where fluid is added - hopefully we can break the nut. Car needs to be jacked up level at four points. Easy peasy drive up on the ramps for two. Remove splash shield to get access to drain. One main drain fitting with a smaller overflow fitting to prevent adding too much fluid.

It's easy writing it. It sounds fairly basic and straightforward - I wish. I do love being intimate with the tranny and the manual mode shifter and all, so I would really like to get this done.

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