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Anna Dec 20 '20
It's often called the light at the end of a tunnel. Is it an exit or just the lights of an oncoming train? Are you enthusiastic, sceptical, indifferent? Thoughts? You can talk science or let your imagination run wild. 
Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus Dec 20 '20

You can talk science or let your imagination run wild. 

How 'bout Both.

 Fuck the dead. My mom died from it, but the selfish cunt was old and had heart disease and COPD. Weakest links go quick, but it also might be a necessary purge of an aging population that needed culling anyway.  I got it and it got me less severely, but did permernant damage, and has been persistent in its affects months later. And if I die I was too weak to live as well.

This was meant to trim the population. 

Counting undiagnosed cases they suspect it kills at a rate of 0.6%, way higher than a normal flu but nothing too severe.

It was made seem more severe to ensure a leadership change.

Hell, when fucking China realized their bioweapon got into a meat market they locked everyone in their homes and dusted the entire province.  No repeat surge.  Places like Beijing see SARS Covid-2 as a distant memory. 

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Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Dec 21 '20
...and the Devil said :"There are too many doctors on earth", and God replied:"Let us give them a pandemia to keep them occupied ", but the Devil  cunningly said to God:"Are we going  to give them a vaccine also?", God smiling said :"Yes, but this time because it's the 2020 we will not give then the opportunity to test it with third world country poor population,  but with their own first world elites...Hahahaha we'll see what happens...", now,  the Devil said to God:"Let us move the politicians aside for a moment and let us permit the doctors to rule the world" , then God obeying the Devil's suggestion exclaimed fearfully :"So be it" ....
Anna Dec 23 '20
I heard this vaccine turns people into crocodiles, is it true?

But seriously, every medicine is new and experimental at some point. So personally, I think there is nothing particularly wrong with being a "guinea pig" If one is offered some decent cash for it. Unfortunately, all we hear is the bullshit talk about morał duties and "coming back to normal" without specifying what this "normal" would look like. 

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 23 '20
Real Answer (imagination included) 

There are two vaccines now.

One by Pfizer, one by Moderna.

And considering that most drugs take 5-7 years to develop, though as many approval steps, this was absolutely "light speed" by comparison.

And SARS Part 2 mutates once every two weeks. With a supercontageous (But no more deadly strain) making its rounds in and about The M25, it really is like these little spiked virus balls are playing Plague Inc.  Luckily they haven't mutated too heavily towards "Total Organ Failure".  It seems to be spending all its accumulated points on transmission capability.

Even with the vaccine being shipped by thousands to millions of units a day it will take time for folks (local governments) to have confidence they won't be sued by the bereaved. 

The end to Covid is this IMO.  It will run it's course, go away by June, and then in a few years everyone will find it it's like Hepatitis SARS that forever gives gifts of weird chronic escalating problems from the permanent damage you didn't have before.

And the reported cases statistics are telling.

Nepal has had 255,000 + cases, their Northern neighbor China still has 86,000, Hong Kong at 8,300, Taiwan at 770, Macau at 46.

Countries part of the one country system, or ones connected to China's mainland via that bottleneck you can use to hold Austrailia in Risk, are also quite Covid Free.  Cambodia at 363 cases, Laos at 41, Vietnam at 1,420, and Thailand at 5,716. 

Continuing on in the region South Korea is at 52,000 total cases, Japan at 204,000, Malasyia at 97,000, and Indonesia at 678,000.

Whatever China did they have certainly shown the benefits of an overt State run society.  Everyone just stayed in their homes and they doused Wuhan with chemicals or something. China First!

Zhōng guó rén hěn gāo xìng zhī chí zìjǐ de guó jiā

Well better get with the times...

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Dec 25 '20
I'm pretty skeptical why? Simply because the speed in which the vaccine has been rushed through. Lets be fair they are only really looking to vaccinate the absolute vulnerable so that they can then let the virus rip to create herd immunity.   
Dec 25 '20
I have only seen homosexuals and black people get the Rona and die from it. I think its like AIDS. If you aren't a fag or nigger, I think the Holy Spirit will keep the Rona away from you.

This has been prophesied in the bible and we are living in the end times. Russia needs to attack Israel just like the book or Relevation and the Jack Van Impe News says so. 

We just need to vote republican and kick the 11 illegal Mexcans out of our America because they don't belong here and they help spread the Rona. That's why California has so many cases of the Rona. Because the Mexicans are spreading it into the LGBTOBGYN and Ghetto communities. 

Anna Dec 26 '20
Someone here notoriously takes a hypothesis for a theory. As if we hated the latter. 
Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Dec 26 '20
No vaccine for me. I don't want it. My girlfriend tested positive, and then I felt ill for a day. Feels like I blew some of the virus into my left middle ear.
Anna Dec 27 '20
I fell sick when nearly all of my colleagues and patients in the nursing home got sick. I recovered quickly, the same with my colleagues, the patients... well, one third of them died. Since I work in healthcare, I got a "privilege" to be among the first to get a vaccine. I refused because now when I have immunity for some time, it's pointless. Maybe later on, if I see there aren't serious side effects.
Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Dec 27 '20
In general I am wary of vaccines and by similar token will never engage in the use of any psychoactives that involve the use of syringes.
Anna Dec 29 '20
At least, we have now a new kind of reality TV shows. Last year, I remember a TV celeb would have to sing something at a stage or memorize a few lines of a soap opera. Now it's enough to roll up your sleeve and you have a chance to become famous, even if only for a minute. 
Anna Dec 29 '20
Lol. Sometimes, pouring a bucket full of cold water over one's head can make one sober up a bit. Not that I ever tried that but my grandma used to say it helps. 
AlexTheTerrible Dec 29 '20
I am definitely skeptical of this "vaccine," since this country called America that I live in is primarily only about making money off the sheep. From what I hear, not a lot of people aren't interested in even getting vaccinated. Vaccines in my opinion prove to be failures since everyone has a different body chemistry, it can maybe work with you but not with me. But yes the U.S. is all about making profits off of everything, if you look at it that way.
Anna Dec 29 '20
Well... I would be surprised if pharmaceutical companies operated as... dunno... a charity? 
EpicFail TITS
EpicFail Jan 14

Assuming that there are limited risks, why would we assume that the COVID vaccine is effective. Flu vaccines have been on the market for many years now. Despite getting the vaccine every year, millions of people still get the flu.. thousands die every year.

I am also a bit apprehensive about injecting weakened COVID cells into people who have never had the virus.  Perhaps some of our immune systems are unable to handle these cells.  In this case, we know the outcome.

Most of all, with so many people pushing for a vaccine, the pharmaceutical companies are not spending the time that they need to make sure that the vaccines are safe and effective.

I believe that the virus whether manufactured in a lab, or created by nature, is a method of population control anyway.

Anna Jan 14
Another one bites the dust:

Covid Vaccine Death

As opposed to another one:

It's kind of humorous that if someone gets covid and dies due to his other chronic illnesses, the blame is put on covid. But if someone gets a vaccine and dies, then all those other chronic illness get blamed. Logical, isn't it? 

And something even more funny:

It is informed, without any reference to the cause of death, which is covered by the secrecy of justice, that the preliminary data resulting from the medical-legal autopsy carried out today [5 January] do not show any link between the death and the vaccine to which it was subjected," states a statement from the Ministry of Justice.

Love it. We will not tell you what the cause of death was but you must believe it wasn't due to the vaccine. If you have any doubts about the efficacy or safety of new vaccines, all that is cited is the appeal to the authority. It is safe because the wisest experts were working on it. We were working on it for a couple of months but you must believe the vaccine can give you immunity for at least two years. We had no time to observe long term adverse effects but believe us there are none. We tested only healthy people but we know that it's safe for the old and sick people too. So you had Covid and you claim to be immune? Well... you aren't till you get vaccinated. You don't know what the point is? Just believe. It's all about believing now and sweeping the dirt under the carpet. 

EpicFail TITS
EpicFail Jan 14

I had COVID and lived to tell about it. In my case, it was no worse than a common cold.  

I felt violated by the health department and their antics. They wanted to know every person that I had come in contact with in the past seven days. They even asked for their phone numbers.  

They also called to "check on me" every day.

There is more stigma attached to this virus than AIDS.

I am almost certain that when a sufficient amount of the vaccine is produced, those who refuse it will be persecuted. 

Cornelius Coburn
I had it and felt a bit off for less than a day, it was nothin'.
Anna Jan 14
I had also mild symptoms of Covid. I was sick unofficially. I mean I started feeling off during the quarantine but I didn't call the doctor because that would mean prolonging the isolation. I simply called my superior and asked for a few days off. This way I wasn't infecting my patients but I could do my shopping, go for a walk etc without obstacles. Afterwards, I did the antibodies test and it came positive. This way I became sure it was Covid. Besides, nearly all of us at work got sick.

The quarantine system wasn't oppressive in my case. The sanitary services always react late and the 10 day quarantine is counted since the day of exposure. My official quarantine lasted only 5 days. After my superior told me to go home, I was basically free to move around until the phone call from the sanitary services came. That was 4 or 5 days. I was asked only once how I felt and I said that I was feeling OK. 

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