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Dark Enlightenment
See, one too many, and now it's annoying.
Anna Jan 18
Now some news about Moderna vaccine:

But the best is this gem.

I guess some people badly want to commit suicide but are afraid to publicly admit it. 

Baphomets Jan 18

I'm pro-Covid, thats all. It should be clear to all that Covid has improved non-human life globally.

Everywhere nature restores vitality, while some of the suckers hide to get some "vaccine" under their skin.

@Mikael. I couldn't agree more. Been saying it for a long time. There's no denying the benefits. Thanks brother.

Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Jan 18
No vaccine for me. The risk out weight the benefit. I am sure if i  was older with some medical concerns i would feel differently. 

talisman Jan 19
You can't know anything if you don't produce it yourself. What is questioned here is not the vaccine, it's trust. And there's a lack of trust, I agree with most. I wouldn't put my life in the hands of whom I don't trust. This is definitely my right. 
Anna Jan 21

Quote from Tkwilliams No vaccine for me. The risk out weight the benefit. I am sure if i  was older with some medical concerns i would feel differently. 

This is the other side of the coin. People on either side of the fence get so rigid in their opinions that they forget about nuances. Two days ago, my colleague refused to assist the doctor during the vaccination process. She wasn't even told to give vaccines to the patients. Some nurse from the hospital was doing it. She was asked only to be there and inform the doctor about any health problems that could interfere with vaccination. But she said she thought the vaccines were poison and she wouldn't take responsibility for any of those people's death.

It's a bit problematic because if some old patient doesn't get a vaccine but gets sick with covid and dies, then she might feel responsible too. What if the vaccine could save him or her? My colleague is middle-aged, energetic and healthy person. She went through the infection mildly like all of us. She can become sick and recover a hundred times. Meanwhile covid killed one third of the elderly patients in nursing homes. Not to mention old people who died in their homes. So if I see long queues of old people wanting to register for their vaccine dose, I wouldn't call them paranoid or stupid. But some people do. "Oh the sheep line up for the vaccine and covid is just the flu." Yes, it's just the flu for YOU. 

Baphomets Jan 21

@Anna. Rest assured. TKWilliams is seemingly a very vibrant, energetic, smart, healthy young woman. Even if she wasn't, still her choice. 

What's the point in trying to save elderly lives anyway? Give them a couple more years? What's the point? For those with preexisting "afflictions," won't most of these shorten a life, too? Again, what's the point?

This is merely nature's way of cleaning house.

Anna Jan 21

What's the point? You ask. Well.. I get cash out of it and some satisfaction. You know this is my job. Perhaps, I could get another but I like this one. I'm fond of the elderly people, especially women. They remind me of my grandmother I looked after and loved but who died. These people are like a substitute family for me.

When it comes to "nature's way of cleaning the house", as I wrote earlier it's pretty random. The progress of science and medicine is not against nature. I mean people have brains for something, like they should use it. Now, what if we could just get a virus that would kill only stupid people? That would reduce the population by 80% and eventually force all the scientists to search for the cure for stupidity. 

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talisman Jan 21
The vaccine is not supposed to save any life individually. But to create immunity in the long term. The ways a novel virus will mutate are not known until it's studied thoroughly, the purpose as I understand it is to gradually gain immunity for the population. The "protein spikes" of the virus is a key that "unlocks" communication with cells and "injects" them with genetic material of the virus, then reproduce it. It's nothing more than this, the virus is an entity that is trying to reproduce itself through a host cell. It is not trying to kill, it is trying to survive. Viruses usually have monoclonal DNA, which is called RNA , and are very difficult to cure due to their simple nature. Their simple mechanism of surviving makes them invulnerable. Just the genetic material and a proteinic sack that contains it, a proteinic sack that can invade the suitable host. Nothing more than what is needed. Thus making them the perfect survivor. The defense against virus is to simply prevent them from "communicating" with a cell, by giving our body an "information" about the proteins that the virus is using to "communicate" with the cell, and which are harmful. The vaccine is in a way giving such kind of "information" to our body, "telling" it not to accept such kind of "communication", thus preventing the reproduction of the virus. It does not cure, it prevents from spreading. 
Anna Jan 21
Oh I know how vaccines work.

And now, it's time for some fireworks!

Deadly fire at massive Indian plant cranking out Oxford's COVID vaccine

C'mon. Perhaps, Baphomets was right after all. Mommy Nature doesn't want you to get vaccinated, especially if you live in India, Bangladesh or Nepal. 

Dark Enlightenment
If nature has a will then it's punishment on western Culture for convelescent homes and not living with all 57 living relatives at once. Places where your job is rare or unthinkable are fairing better.  Still only 4,700 deaths in Japan, the hardest hit stereotypical eastern cultured country not named India. 

As of November 25th, before the "second wave", covid had already topped 100,000 deaths in long term care homes in The US.  There have been more US convelescent home deaths two months ago than there have been total deaths in; China, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal, Malasyia, and Indonesia COMBINED as of today.  The US topped their total of 61,000 +/- on May 10th. 

All countries listed *plus India's total is still only 214,000 deaths. 

Yup, this virus is definitely targeting those differences between cultures. 

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Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Jan 22
The fact thet Michigan and new york purposely placed young patients in the homes with the elderly,  knowing they were the highest risk group and would die, knowing that the boomer generations still hold most of the wealth in America and own land, two things that my generation haven't shown interest in should speak volumes. Its youth in Asia, ether by design or simply taking advantage of the situation.  The communist are known for the hatred of elders or the "old ways " (see the Chinese youth) during there own take over.  They have already destroyed the family ( kindred) , we no longer honor and take care of our own, it was just so easy to get ride of the financial burden of our elders. 
Cornelius Coburn

I went to a big city in Maine and hung out for a little over a day. I was around a lot of people the whole time. I noticed on my way home I had a little bit of a sore throat but didn't think anything of it because I figured it was something I had done while there - without going into detail, but no it wasn't that, that's not even funny.

Thursday night I went to bed as usual and when I woke up the next day I didn't really feel like doing anything so pretty much stayed in bed the whole day.

This was similar to when I had it before although the chronic fatigue was more isolated from other symptoms this time.

I've never been tested so I am presuming it was Covid both times, if so it appears I am not totally immune as of yet but have developed some tolerance to the virus.

Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Jan 23
My dad tested positive nd so far only he has the same symptoms you described. 
Anna Jan 23
Fatigue is a common symptom. I slept for several days with not too many breaks. Usually, when I'm at home, doing something or resting, I'm listening to music. But then, I couldn't. I was tired and sleepy and just needed silence. 
Cornelius Coburn

Relatively speaking as far as illnesses go. I believe it was the influenza I contracted at approx. age fifteen and I literally felt like I was going to die.

I've had some very nasty bacteria introduced into my system via cat bites a couple times, I believe the mundane term is 'blood poisoning'.

I mostly rely on my God-given arsenal to deal with these things.

Maybe in a general sort of way things such as this may strengthen the immune system if it doesn't kill you.

But yeah, in summary the Covid just makes me feel like I want to go back to sleep.

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Anna Jan 23
Don't scare me, man, about these cat bites. I tend to downplay them. I desinfect even small wounds but the now trendy yet neurotic habit of regular hand desinfection seems pathological to me. The same goes for washing one's hands a hundred times a day. In the long run it will do more harm than good.

You can treat bacterial infections wirh antibiotics but there is no cure for viruses. The pills with artificial vitamins advertised so often on TV are shit. Fruit and herbs are better. 

The Forum post is edited by Anna Jan 23
Cornelius Coburn
As far as the 'cat bites' it's usually only the deep puncture wounds that are dangerous. This is something you might get trying to break up a catfight, although I have received deep bites from male cats with aggressive personalities.

Since I am now aware of how dangerous they 'can' be I will disinfect even the smallest bites and scratches.

talisman Jan 24

I am very amused with this cat scratch and bite thing. Covid mainly affects respirational system, so avoid your cat sneeze in your face, that's all about pets. Even more, there's no evidence pets can transmute covid to humans.

Different tissues have different cells. Different viruses have different "specialties" to communicate with certain kinds of cells. The coronavirus seems to "prefer" the respirational system. It is spread through inhalation. Why disinfecting our hands? Because we touch our face with our hands multiple times a day.

Anna Jan 24
Well, he said that he got some bacteria through the cat bite, not the virus. Besides, all wounds, even tiny ones should be desinfected. But apart from that, I see no reason to desinfect hands. It's damaging to the skin and in the long run it makes you even more vulnerable to various pathogens.
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