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talisman Feb 7
That is good news! Hooray! Furthermore, the use of measures like masks and distances may not totally prevent the spread of virus, but they may reduce the amount of viruses one could inhale. Smaller numbers of viruses mean an easier job for the immune system. In fact severe cases of covid have to do about collapsing of various systems due to overreacting of the immune system. So it is ambiguous, is covid not dangerous or the safety measures taken reduced the danger?

    The vaccine should be taken as another safety measure. To say it simple, the products in the shelves of a food store are not there to feed you, they are there because they gain some profits for some companies. Yet you buy it. What is the difference with the vaccine? Some companies will profit of this, but the vaccine will help with the populations' health.

    Younger individuals are already considered of having lower risk at the exposure to the virus. Vaccination may decrease the virus spreading, which would also lead to less need for hospitalization, which will lead to less pressure for the health system of each country. Furthermore, there is a great pressure for the people of the health system of each country. What comes first is prevention, and the vaccine is about prevention. 

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Anna Feb 10
This shit is damn scary:

A Few Covid Vaccine Recipients Developed a Rare Blood Disorder

And I don't mean here the disease itself, an immune thrombocytopenia, a terribly serious condition that can lead you to death, even if immediately treated. Even the well known popular meds can cause life threatening side effects. What totally perplexes me is the attitude of the doctors and also the patient herself.

Sarah C. was rushed into the emergency room two weeks after receiving the Moderna vaccine. The number of her platelets dropped to zero. She spent several days in hospital receiving blood transfusions and steroids. She had a narrow escape from death but she still "was all for the vaccine." 

Recently, she received a notice saying it was time for her second shot of the Moderna vaccine. Her doctors have said she could go ahead and take it, but she decided to wait, though she said she did want another dose. "I don’t know if I’ll do the same one,” she said. “Maybe a different one.”

WTF? Normally, if you have a bad reaction to some medical product, your doctor changes it. Or you, yourself, stop taking it. Especially, if side effects are as serious as to threaten your life.

I don't want to sound like a conspiracy nut but I honestly suspect that the victims are paid some decent cash to talk crap. 

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Cornelius Coburn

I do notice that many have an 'unfounded' trust in doctors and these are just well educated and well dressed animals(mammals) that we are talking about here - they are not gods.

Anyway, the 'population control' and the conspiracy thing does bring to mind something I watched on TV maybe a few years ago about the Georgia guidestones although maybe it was just an included segment that was pertinent to the main theme.

talisman Feb 12
You should also understand that the use of a vaccine causes a reaction from the virus itself. What the virus is causing is multiple systems failure, due to the inadequacy of the immunity system to cope with the virus. The vaccine is just a "help" for the immunity system, nothing more. A common problem is attributing every side effect to the vaccine and not to the virus resistance. In the essence of it the vaccine is only consisting mainly of proteins that resemble to the proteins of the virus outer membrane, a "message" for the immunity system. The vaccine does not contain any pathogens. The mechanism through which the vaccine works is providing chemical information for the immunity system. The vaccine injects the body with that certain proteinic composition of which the proteinic sack of the virus is made from, in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Also, inactivated virus vaccines consist of virus parts genetically engineered so as to cause the reaction of the immunity system, but without causing the illness itself. That is mainly the value of a vaccine, "teaching" the immunity system to cope with the virus, even before contamination.
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Anna Feb 12
I know more or less how vaccines work, you don't have to explain it. My point is that this one (or these ones because there are several covid vaccines) didn't finish the whole clinical trials procedure. It's a medical experiment and there is nothing wrong per se in participating if someone is willing to take the risk. The problem is that some people are forced or pressured to take part in it either by employers (as it sometimes happens in the US or UK) or before being admitted to the hospital (as it sometimes happens in my country). Another problem is the propaganda that the vaccine is safe and effective while its safety and effectiveness will be proven (or not) in two years' time. Some scientists say the injections will have to be repeated every year but damn it, we are not even sure whether immunity lasts for the whole year. And then, there come the mutations that have a lot of chance to defeat the vaccines. AstraZeneca has already been eaten up by the South African monster. 
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talisman Feb 12
I am trying t explain it because knowledge is the best defense. I understand how it is taken due to low fatality rate. Now, the mutations have to do with the genetic material, RNA. Each time a virus is reproduced through a host cell, there is a possibility of mutation. A mutation is a differentiation of the genetical code, mortal in some cases. But, viruses thrive in numbers. Remember that we take a different vaccine each year, to cover all the new mutations of the flu virus. It is just the same, but with a virus that is very little studied so far. The propaganda has more likely to do about war waged among the companies. they may call it a south african or a british mutation, the truth is that the same virus has found a better way evolving. Notice that every creature is evolving, but the life span of a virus differs from that of a mammal. This is where time is part of the equation again. 
Cornelius Coburn
Notice that every creature is evolving, but the life span of a virus differs from that of a mammal. This is where time is part of the equation again.
Panpsychism again, core components of consciousness on some levels responsible for keeping the universe glued together - strong nuclear force.
talisman Feb 17
I strongly disagree. The strong nuclear force is what pushes everything away. Or part of it. You don't have a glue, are you?
Cornelius Coburn
I strongly disagree. The strong nuclear force is what pushes everything away. Or part of it. You don't have a glue, are you?

Well if you consider a force that binds atoms then it follows since the universe is made of atoms then it could be said it is bound of the same force as well.

The strong nuclear force holds most ordinary matter together because it confines quarks into hadron particles such as the proton and neutron. ... On a larger scale (about 1 to 3 fm), it is the force (carried by mesons) that binds protons and neutrons (nucleons) together to form the nucleus of an atom.

Have a nice night :)

Edit : goddamn spacing

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talisman Feb 22
There is also the weak interaction. In fact it is easier to imagine of some kind of glue that binds everything together. The truth is quite different. There is a weak interaction between subatomic particles which is better described by the electroweak theory. It is not strictly an matter of attraction, this is unfortunately mistaken with gravity. What binds atoms together is a conflict of attracting and repulsing forces. Generally the resultant of such interactions is the world as we see it. 
Devil Warship
Devil Warship Feb 26
All hail the COVID vaccine! From the same government/corporate entities that gave us:

the CIA's secret mind-control experiments


the Tuskegee experiment,

subway virus tests,

Operation Northwoods,

Operation Sea-Spray,

Agent Orange,

DES Babies, and

Gulf War Syndrome.

After all, who would refuse a vaccine which could save us from a deadly virus which has a terrifying 99.93% survival rate?! 

Trust your benevolent corporate/government overlords! You know, the exact same overlords that you say violate your civil rights all the time. I'm sure this time they're telling you the absolute truth and are not just trying to increase their control over you and get rich doing it!  

I mean, you're not one of those... science deniers, are you??!!

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G.B. Mar 3

i will just leave this here:

Anna Mar 3
This is as dystopian as it is unrealistic. Guaranteed basic income would be cool but the thing is that the budgets of most states suffer from high deficits. And the debts, umm... someone has to pay them, if not a citizen, then it has to be the state. Seizing the assets of those in debt could help but most of them are in debt because they don't have many assets. Today in the case of consumer bankruptcy some debts are totally eliminated and, if the high number of debtors, or let's imagine all debtors, applied for that kind of a "privilege", then who the hell would pay all this accumulated debt? I can imagine, of course, the government going all Mao Zedong and performing economic miracles but that wouldn't last long.

I don't know what the situation with vaccines looks like in Canada but in the EU, it's disastrous. There is a shortage of vaccines even for the most vulnerable people so for now on you can't force someone to take something that is simply not there. I can imagine that there will be time when the vaccines will be available for everyone and at some point mandatory. But again, it is possible in the case of international travel or when applying for specific jobes but it would be hard for your local shop owner or restaurant waitress to check your vaccination record. Yeah I know, there is or could be an app for that. And in that case we will have to put all those tech illiterrate old peeps in ghettos where they will live at the state expense unless, along with mandatory vaccination program, we will legalize mandatory euthanasia. 

Dark Enlightenment
Covid has killed at a high rate per 100,000 world residents.  At 32.4% that would place it Between Memphis, TN and Baton Rouge, LA if it was a homicide rate. 

But its not, so it's barely a dent...

Let's see how that's doing on the global ticker..


And you healthcare fear-monger fuckers are taking away a second consecutive opening day 

I don't care about the conspiracy just get the fucking vaccine out because I want my live sports and indoor activities back.  And that wont happen until people feel like they wont be accountable or LEGALLY LIABLE for an "outbreak".  It's a culture pretending to give a fuck about the elderly while also being a "dump 'em in adult day care" society. 

And any one else really annoyed by role crazy fat ass bitches telling them to put their mask on that brief second it was removed to take a drink? 

That will devolve into just spitting on their floors and saying, "Now go get full biohazard equipment and clean it up, you fucking slave." 

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Anna Mar 3
It's sometimes more than being annoyed. The mask war can get violent. Here, in Poland, a few ladies had their old and wrinkled faces smashed when they asked random passers-by to put on their face masks. One shop owner was beaten up by his customers for the same. But not only mask fans are victims. One guy had his nose broken by an overzealous citizen when he refused to put on a mask in a supermarket. So mockery and spitting on the floor is not the worst thing that can happen. 
talisman Mar 3
Even Dolly Parton sang "Vaccine, vaccine" to the tune of "Jolene, Jolene". What else do you need?

   By the way, "Jolene" is a very good song.

Singende Säge
Been waiting a year now people to come and try to educate me on public about wearing the mask. Not until last week it happened at the market. I respected their apparent Fear, and relocated again to the back of the queue. I don't know how much people do that here, since I'm not often in public. Violence here for mask issues is quite far-fetched idea though. It doesn't easily fit into the local culture, where private space is important and usually respected, but everything is possible, where crazy fear-filled masses are concerned.
Anna Mar 3

Quote from talisman Even Dolly Parton sang "Vaccine, vaccine" to the tune of "Jolene, Jolene". What else do you need?

   By the way, "Jolene" is a very good song.

This is nothing new. Anna Morris did it better.

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Anna Mar 3
One million dollars to shave the world. This pandemic needs a hero. 
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talisman Mar 3
Smart. Of course not everyone is blessed with charismatic vocal chords. 
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