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Anna Mar 5
It's enough to be as smart as a monkey. Some monkeys in San Diego zoo have already been vaccinated. Why should we, humans, be worse?

9 great apes get COVID-19 vaccinations at San Diego Zoo

Cornelius Coburn
Also apparently not all vaccines are created equal and doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals have been instructed to not disclose the particulars of the vaccine that they are dispensing, or so I've heard.

Don't want any of it anyhow, just sayin'.

talisman Mar 10
Maybe you don't need the vaccine after all. The numbers show there's a decline of the pandemic. Not that it is already contained and that we should stop taking precautions, but it seems the virus is starting getting weary. 
Cornelius Coburn
The only thing I might worry about is all the hype leading down a road where they might try and force the vaccine on those who don't want it.
talisman Mar 10
I think the numbers show the pandemic is already declining. The vaccine will only be available to those who want it. I do not think it will be obligatory, because there's already enough antibodies generated, no need for a vaccine now.
Anna Mar 10
Not declining but fluctuating. This shit is everlasting. The vaccine won't save us. It has already been proved to be ineffective against some coronavirus mutations. The only thing we can do is capture as many of those damned Chinese fuckers as we can and sacrifice them as a hecatomb to the Great Old Ones. 
Devil Warship
Devil Warship Mar 10
The powers that be are already signaling that actual infection numbers don't matter. This virus has become a moral panic and is more about signaling and symbolism than actual danger. 

TPTB want to implement something akin to "vaccination passports" which will give the bearer access to public events (sports, concerts, etc.), interstate travel, and even possibly employment. 

Some employers have already been signaling that they will require vaccinations for all employees. So, the gubmint doesn't need to enforce anything for us to end up in a tyrannical situation. The gubmint has, in effect, deputized big business as well as all our busybody neighbors into the Junior KGB to unofficially enforce whatever they want us to do. 

TPTB are still trying to figure out whether their Holy Vaccine confers immunity going forward or not. I'm certain the answer will depend on what goal the government wants to move us toward, not on "the science." 

All us good little masked sheep have spent the last year proving to our elite rulers that we will do anything that they ask, no matter how counterintuitive or ridiculous, if only they'll save us from the scary virus. 

Welcome to the new status quo.

Anna Mar 11
It all depends on the legal system. Here, in Poland, employers can't force their employees to take a vaccine that is not obligatory. Employment contracts are strictly regulated. Of course, a shitty employer can piss on the law but an unfairly terminated employee except going to court can send a report to the work inspection, which can then bother such an employer with control sessions. Then, there is the internet. There was one case of an employer who tried to force his medical staff to take a vaccine. The cyber hate campaign ensued, the case has made its way to the news and he backed down.

I think it's similar in the EU but I'm not sure. For sure here, the first move belongs to the government. Companies have much less freedom than in the US.

As far as the sheep go, stupid laws can be exploited. The gov didn't introduce the emergency state. That makes the most pandemic restrictions either downright illegal or easy to bypass. The people who were caught without their masks on or going somewhere (at the time of movement restrictions) and refused to accept a fine, were later acquited by courts. It's more problematic in the case of business owners. Here, the sanitary services can punish the owners of businesses closed down by the government for every day of "illegal" activity. The huge fines have to be paid immediately and only then you can appeal to court to get the money back. Disobedient businesses also lose the government financial support or they have to give it back if they received it earlier. So it is a considerable risk. An average citizen risks only having their nerves in shreds. Fortunately, there aren't enough of cops to control everyone and many of them pretend to be blind. I guess they are already tired with executing ridiculous "laws." The most important thing is to get rid of that merciless policeman in your head and lower the level of your own fear. Switching off the news channels and ignoring the new made medical celebrities helps a lot. 

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Anna Mar 11
Oh and I have some morbid feeling that AstraZeneca shot will soon be made mandatory for the old, terminally ill, homeless, long unemployed and all those deemed "unproductive members of the society."

Denmark suspends use of AstraZeneca COVID vaccine

Cornelius Coburn
Take a look at Venice Beach California these days. Front and center skid row a house for three million. Movie scenes and celebrity shots of times past. It's things like this that makes me wonder if this 'virus' is really some fluke of a coincidence, negligence, or just plain accidental.
Dark Enlightenment
Venice is an expensive beachfront shithole. 

Granted "Speedway" may look like a shitty alley you'll get stabbed for the H your holding, but that's just because it's administered by the LAPD, instead of HOA's and The Sherrifs Department (Marina Del Rey) or EVEN STRICTER HOA's and The Santa Monica PD.  The latter two being much more forceful in keeping crime (drugs), and individuality in Venice. 

It's also sorta too out of the way of Crenshaw & Century for the LAPD

And point of clarification.

 The Heroin Part of Venice Beach: 

Skid Row:

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Cornelius Coburn

Heroin just sounds like a nice way to say 'fuck everything', although I would rather explore the matrix with a bit of restraint and longevity in mind.

Some of this reminds me of agent Smith saying humans are the virus, so then the 'Corona' would be part of the cure.

Too much reproduction and not enough accommodation if you would call wasting away on the Cali shoreline a lack of accommodation.

Anna Mar 22
More of Astra Zeneca news:

European trust in AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine plummets after blood clot reports

Here, in Poland, we are running short of willing guinea pigs to take the shot which caused blood clots in some patients, sometimes deadly. The same happens in other European countries. Still it's considered safe and doctors encourage everyone to be brave. Only few people die because of it.

So why don't you try it and see for yourself if you die or not? 

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Cornelius Coburn
I'll wear the mask, that's all I'm doin'.
Anna Mar 22
At my work, you could immediately recognize those who vaccinated themselves - they all wear masks. Those who didn't vaccinate themselves go around without them. 
Cornelius Coburn
It seems like a form of brainwashing, conditioned from an early age to believe you require these vaccinations without question precarious as they may be.
Cornelius Coburn
And I only wear the mask because establishments ask that I wear one. It's posted at all entrances now although for a time not all were very strict about it and the places that weren't I didn't bother such as the Dollar Tree, but eventually they even started requesting you wear a mask upon entering and all places have them handy if needed.

I'm not at all into that dumbass anti mask movement because I really don't give a shit one way or the other and in most cases just follow the path of least resistance.

Some like to be difficult though so they can make and upload a fuckin' YouTube video and can't seem to get it through their fuckin' heads that it's not about them but in consideration of others and these morons need to be asked a million fuckin' times to leave and recite their stupid fucking script about how it's a "public place".

Edit : typo

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Anna Mar 24
Well... I wouldn't make a fuss about such a trifle as putting a mask on while entering a shop. I don't spend hours there. The problem is that our stupid gov demands from everyone that they wear a mask everywhere, whenever they leave home, even in an empty street. If I were so considerate to the point of absurdity (and this is what obeying their "laws" boils down to) I would suffocate. I'm not going to suffocate and I don't want to. But hey, maybe there is some purpose to it, like make people even more paranoid. "I can barely breathe. Oh my, it must be Covid!" 
Cornelius Coburn
I do notice that many wear the masks full time now, even while driving, but I only wear them where I would otherwise be asked. The Eagles Club where I go and have drinks occasionally, does have a requirement that is a bit annoying where you are required to wear a mask while up and about but not while at the bar or sitting elsewhere.

This is also the only place I know of where you can still smoke as it is recognized as a private club.

Anna Mar 25
Some people wear masks even at the cementary. I was there a few days ago visiting my mom's grave and there were only several people there. All masked. This was weird. 
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