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Anna Jan 6
Sooo... Trump supporters attacked and took over Capitol. It's all over in the news, even here, in Europe. This looks like civil disobedience but aren't the protesters manipulated by the politician who just cannot acknowledge the fact that he lost an election? From the outside, it looks like Trump is psychotic and hungry for power. But is it possible he's right and the election was indeed faked? What do you think? Are the protesters just the mob of thugs and vandals attacking the symbol of democracy? Or is this a well justified revolution? 
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Brother Shamus

So where was this "fake election" shit when he won by even slimmer margins?

So the response is: 

Waaaaa and Boo-hoo. ! I got some whamburgers for their french cries. 

25th amendment if things get too out of hand. 

And also, this is exactly what this country deserves... like half of them lost their pseudo-religious second coming, who was not allowed to save everyone from evil baby-killing cosmopolitan socialists.

Trump is serving his role in any case. Now only the dumbest of the dumb, most sycophantic of the sycophants, and sheepliest of the sheep support him and can't see the spoiled rich kid being told "no". The most devout will continue their support even after possible charges of election fraud (ironically), tax fraud, money laundering, and general power hungry corruption takes him down post presidency and covid. 

The Twitter president and his disenfranchised "left side of the Stanford-Binet bell curve" followers. 

I can't decide if these Trump apologists or the Antifa protests of 3 months ago annoy me more.. 


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Brother Shamus
Out of thread "quote of the day":

This is how election results are disputed in a banana republic -- not our democratic republic."

"I am appalled by the reckless behavior of some political leaders since the election and by the lack of respect shown today for our institutions, our traditions, and our law enforcement. The violent assault on the Capitol -- and disruption of a Constitutionally-mandated meeting of Congress -- was undertaken by people whose passions have been inflamed by falsehoods and false hopes.

Former President George W. Bush.

Well said, Icarus.  

* politics aren't "Satanic" enough for people to respond. Especially an opinion on the government you're a "slave" of. 
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Anna Jan 7
You know... I'm not really convinced by the solemn rhetoric about the assault on democracy, attack against the constitution and tradition. Neither do I have anything against social protests and riots. Sometimes, there is no other option.

But with this one, I wonder what the point was. Some thugs got into the Capitol, smashed a couple of windows, made some funny selfies which they later posted online... but what was the result? Well... the result was that everything came back to what it was before. I sometimes think that the main aim of these people was just... making selfies. So that they could go online and say: "Look people. I'm a rebel. I was at the Capitol. And to prove I'm not kidding you here are some of my pictures. Please push the like button." 

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Baphomets Jan 7
We all know of the "type" that stormed the capitol. They simply couldn't help themselves.
Anna Jan 7
Could they? I'm not so sure if it was just the inability to control one's reactions. One guy was reported urinating on Capitol steps. And if one looks at what was happening there, it looked more like a party than a protest. Considering that the Capitol is regarded by many as a symbol of democracy and an American way of life, something nearly sacred, then the siege could as well be a deliberate attempt at sacrilege. 
Brother Shamus
Mob rules. All they need are torches, huh?

This is The Salem Witch Trials and nothing more. Trump is an overcome broad with ergot poisoning and dominion voting machines are witches. We need to throw them off a cliff to see if they can fly away.  

All joking aside. It's idiotic right-wing vitriol on par with the idiotic social justice insurrection of a few months ago. 

It could be called an assault on democracy, but most telling of an inexorable human condition I am not even above. To never consider it when it goes your way and blame the devil when it doesn't. Even overlooking points like, "you won by less than you lost by in these states" via confirmation bias.

There was nothing too the fraud, and no court of law proceeded. But he's a prophet figure to the far right. A cult of personality Jesus character. He's as bad at fucking spelling as them, and it is relatable. He calls it like conservative media says it is. As such he is the mouthpiece/arm of fundimerntalists and flat earthers alike. His platforms represent the golden age of 1950's cold war xenophobic under God (Fourth reich Lite) propaganda, and as a consequence when he says "Frog"  they say "Jump", as they see their sanctified reclamation from progressive (LGBT Egalitarian) American culture #cancelled. 

But bad spelling does not make the salesmen a mark. 

Worst to me is you know he can read the writing on the wall, knows it's over, knows there is no conspiracy, but is using the lack of critical thinking and predisposition to religious nonsense of his constituents to his selfish power craving advantage. And that could qualify as treasonous if knowingly done to cause unrest or subvert a democratic process. It screams abuse of a position and power to influence civil processes for your own selfish needs.  He is OLD MONEY WALLSTREET INCARNATE. 

And now we get to behold "The Free Zone" (both left and right) trust in the tradition of constitutional democracy (instead of some old black woman) and witness "everything he made fall apart" while Rudy "Trash" Giuliani or some other henchmen blows up his corrupt kingdom/Casino tower in Vegas.  

The Dark man is coming bring out your three-hundred-and-sixty-one thousand dead! 

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Anna Jan 7
Anyway, the "siege" seems to be problematic even for many Trump supporters. Conspiracy theories abound and many false flags were raised. Kinda perplexing how they now accuse Antifa of staging it all. It was wild and ugly so no, it must have been a set up. I liked that famous guy with horns, a long time Trump fervent supporter, now accused of being an Antifa member. Amusing. People have lost their minds. 
Brother Shamus
Only slughtky more nuerotic than recent times. But it survived a civil war it can survive this.

I have faith that the Constitution of my country wins out and is even reborn amidst this cabin-fever trope of everyone plotting against everyone's else. 

Like the underlying will to this all is to release a virus, drive everyone stir crazy, and make examples of what happens when you lose sight of how you are both slaves to the same thing.  That absolutely necessary thing called control. 

I'm authoritative in this regard. Societies NEED law and order. And to those keeping order that society is INHERENTLY THEIR ENEMY.  That's the mindset they need.  That was REALLY lost sight of during the BLM riots. 

Storming the capital is burning down a police station. Examples of stupidity of groups of panicky incensed people. The former truly wants the election overturned while their antipartner wants the police defunded. 

Observing history says the future of world civilization continues shifting left eventually killing one and shifting the other right.  The Religious leaning nationalist conservatism dies after last gasp attempts to revive it like Trump and elsewhere.  It dies along with these dark ages we are still technically in, and maybe even god? The trickle-down economics fail. The religiosity fails, and the isolationism fails. It failed the evolutionary test after natural selection shifted the environment. 

What was liberal 100 years ago?  Women showing their ankle. And that's not a joke. 

And because I am bias too my worldly pipe dream is for the modern industrialized and advanced world to work similar to the United States and states rights. Or a Federation.  Autonomous countries connected by the economy and several stable currencies with friendly economic and diplomatic relations.  That's the New World Order I like. 

I am rooting for the liberals by default. 

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Brother Shamus

Devil ate him up, didn't it? He should blame psychic tranny spies..

"After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence"

No its censorship and all Calidornia's fault! 

Next up a religiously righteous Turner Diaries type will try to assassinate Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, or Nancy Pelosi.  

The desensitization president has served his use I guess. Only it is his supporters freaking out, so there  was no llooting or burning of police cars.  Either way people were going to lose their minds. 

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Whatever promotes the white race and lets it prospers. Unlike others, I haven't been blackpilled.
Brother Shamus
That was so 3 months ago. 

It's about krackens and anonymous affidavits from defense contractors saying they changed votes now..

But achievement will promote the white race.  They will be the best doctors, lawyers, business executives, athletes, scientists, celebrities, and entrepreneurs.  White will stratify their own race (if you will) through stereotypes, same as everyone else.  

Just gotta stop all those damn Indians, Asian, Jewish, Black people,  and Eastern Europeans from unfairly holding them back in those fields.   Like every dude in the US from either Hyderbad is always a doctor or well paid engineer of some sort.  

You know my view.  

I'm Sicilian, Calabrese, and a small part some Southern Europe French/Swiss hybrid, I'm too mixed to be part of an the Aryan race, prefer paisan (racially) anyway. And very proud of my WOP heritage. White is far too general, we still have an ability to produce melanin. 

 I live in a lower income building that is 50% black.  My smoking buddies in the building are black o r Mexican.  And I actually asked them how far they could draw back their heritage. Neither knew what part of Africa their ancestors were from and the most complete one could not trace his roots before an emancipated Mississippi slave in the 1870's, and he said they was more than most can. 

At least I get to know I'm Sicilian via France/Northern Italy on my dad's side, and not from a non descript shipping port in modern day Sierra Leone.

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Who the fuck said anything about Aryan?
Brother Shamus

Okay, so your only purpose for your comment was to start shit with me.

Where does Dutch factor in?  Nevermind, fuck this, I'm just talking shit to you, you faggot (I can say that word) racist antagonizing pussy. It's not rising above anything, but it doesn't need to. You wanted to trigger me so I'll be triggered. 

I mocked Trump, and you wanted to start shit (you never post) with deliberate vitriolic antagonism, so let's go you little bitch boy. Do you still cry to mods, punk?

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Anna Jan 8
@Canis Trump had his profile removed also from Facebook and Instagram, I think.

I don't know too much about his political moves but what strikes me is his lack of class. I mean the refusal to go to Biden's inauguration. It's a sign of bitterness and asshurt. If you want to continue the political career, you have to learn not only to win but also lose with grace. What he's doing is quite pathetic.

@Joshua White race? The president should take care of the nation. That's I think is his job. That's what he's paid for. Or am I missing something? 

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Brother Shamus
@Anna - He's trying to start shit me personally. He always comes after me with his one line little bitch white power shit.  I once said white pride is racist and black pride is valid in the US, and stand by that. Since then he's been a little racist bitch that wants to start shit. 

Not that I care about his racism all that much, you should hear me driving, I just don't like people that take purposefully personalized antagonizing bitch shots. 

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Anna Jan 8
Apparently, he's not the only one. I find racism amusing. Just how many countries are inhabited by whites? So perhaps, the US president should like, dunno, donate cash to them all because they are just white? 
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Brother Shamus
Trump had plans to go play golf in Scotland during Biden's inauguration and they denied him as non-essential travel.  Very popular move in the region of his WASPY heritage.  The world is telling him "no" and it is fucking amazing. 
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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Jan 9
All I got to say... I already said! 

Anna Jan 9
OK. Let's look for a minute at my neighbors. How many times Lukashenko lost elections? How many times was Putin defeated by an opposition candidate? Not even once. And it's very important because Belarus and Russia have a long history of elections fraud. Trump has once won and all of his opponents could also claim the elections were fake. But I wonder what evidence people have for that fake elections claim, apart from the stuff they read on the social media. 
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