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Cornelius Coburn
The "matrix" doesn't really resolve anything. It doesn't resolve any problems relating to time, and eternity. It's really nothing more than something haphazardly thrown in the middle of everything, after the fact.

Same goes for all those "simulation", theories.

Dark Enlightenment
Yes, but it could explain how the sinister stalker psycho can knock shit off the shelf in my apartment with quick bursts of causeless inertia.  I'm not a goat to knock over! 

You don't need to respond to that...

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Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle Jul 25
Quote from Dark Enlightenment
How does personal transformation cone from purposeful fantasy? And does a group doing that make it easier? 

I do not perform satanic rituals but construct my own rituals... The satanic rituals are meant to be in a group and since I have no friends or allies who are Satanists then it's not possible for me to form a group and utilize the satanic holiday and ceremony to preserve that group. Secondly, when it comes to group ritual I only talk about the destruction ritual for revenge. 

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Cornelius Coburn
CM, I feel like all of the newer social media platforms have been a drain. You need more to go with this Tom Riddle, like maybe another Sam Owens, and  Sabrina the witch thrown in for good measure.

Too much potential is being wasted here.

Infernal Acumen Member
I was in the boat as you in 2014. I was a late bloomer to the LHP. As a matter of fact, I have spent more time in my life as a devout Christian, than anything recognizable as LHP. Fast forward 5 years, 2019... I am so in tune with my body, spirit, and mind that Christianity is a laughing stock of a subject to even consider. The chains were long broken by that time frame. 


All it takes is time. I would advise to: 

1) continue studying to learn as much as possible about your LHP religion. Give your religion serious dedication everyday, even if it is only in the form of 1 hour of study. Every little bit chips away at the built up Christian dogma that has been ingrained into your brain. 


2) Don't think about Christianity at all or question the doctrine. Simply focus on learning and become better in the occult world.


Over time, while you combine those two steps you will find that the Christian part of you no longer exists. However, I was a much slow process that this. I went from hardcore independent fundamental fire and brimestone Baptist to luke-warm non-denominational "Christian" (2011-2012), to agnostic neo-atheist (2014), to Gnostic neo-atheist and anti-theist (2015), to CoS (Atheistic) Satanist (2016), to Sinisterist (2019).


My transitions were quick. What I think contributed to the most to such fast transitions was the fact I was reading shelves of books written by the 4 horsemen of atheism, watching countless religious debates online, and studying Christian apologetics. I found logical breakdowns to be the crux of Christian epistemology and thus their basic understanding of the doctrines; the foundation upon which they built their religious dogma upon. That is what pushed me into Atheism to begin with and that was the most difficult hurdle to get past.



The more time and effort you put into study of truth and the longer period of time that passes, the easier it will be to have eventually let go of the Abrahamic religions.

Singende Säge
I got to think that better leave behind everything learned, trust your insight and you're pure LHP. You could be a Raja-Jogi as well without the painful duty of daily meditation. Still, you can't be what you are not. Then, just be.

Then, studying other people means you adapt their thinking. For some, it might be blasphemy to lean on thoughts of external authorities. But yeah, surely helpful in the beginning. Blasphemy are philosophical 'leaders'. What am I rambling again..

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