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Wolfie Jul 20
I'm a sucker for a yellow Corvette, but I feel it might as well have a "STEAL ME" sticker on the bumper and a "TICKET ME" sticker on the rear window.

Wolfie Jul 24
I'm in a warships states of mind!

Wolfie Jul 24


Cornelius Coburn
I'm just gonna slip these in between the battle ships. I have two of these, one cost 100.00 more than the other, but they look pretty much the same.


Unlike the firearms, I could use these right in the back yard, but they've both just been hanging on a wall for a few years now, and they look good there.

I do wonder about pulling them back after all that time, might need to be re-strung, and I bet that's fun(sarcasm).


Cornelius Coburn

Texas Toothpick

I found it. This is a picture of a knife that I bought at Cutlery World at a Maine Mall. I remember it was pretty sharp(cool) looking and I did feel a little bad using it as a throwing knife, but I think it held up pretty well, although I do still wonder 'bout that big ol' Oak Tree, which was later again repeatedly assaulted with a modified railroad spike cable type weapon(think octagon(only me))


Cornelius Coburn

Circular Saw Shurikens

And then one day, I was in the old mans' shed and I saw those circular saw blades hanging on the wall, and I thought to myself, those look an awful lot like big shurikens; let's give those a try.

Not much to grab hold of, but enough so that from a few yards or so they stuck pretty good in the side of the shed that they came from.

Cornelius Coburn
It was a rustic scene. I would go to the hardware store and buy dowels for making nunchucks out of the hardest wood I could find, and bore out the ends of the chucks and fill with melted solder.

I was somewhat proud of the results I had gotten, and used to carry them with me for a time. Once I ventured up the road and met a girl who was upset with me, and accompanying her was a very large Doberman that was usually chained up.

The dog did appear to be on her side and her words for me did seem to agitate this big dog enough so that it was right up on me and almost nibbling at my leg, and that's when I took out the chucks and said that I was going to crack the dogs' scull if she didn't back it off, and she replied that I better not, and the only thing I was thinking at the time really, was that I should've made bigger chucks - the dog was a fucking monster.

Around this time a nearby neighbor opened their door to see what the ruckus was, and I seized that opportunity to diffuse and evade the situation.

Wolfie Jul 25
Not just a bubble gum brand...

Cornelius Coburn
This is the .22 that I have. It's really cool looking and the picture doesn't do it justice. It takes a little getting used to so it doesn't jam. The insertion of the clip is a bit peculiar in that you really need to get the meat of your palm up in there to get that final 'click' so the first round isn't a misfire.


Wolfie Jul 27
Zip gun. (Which means it's homemade.) From Sweden.

Phil_Lopian Jul 28
My favorite knife is the Karambit, which is a kind/style of blade/knife used across Southeast Asia. I have pictures of the Karambit [including mine] with a short blog HERE.

In a couple years, we're going to buy a boat of some type. We moves out here to coastal Oregon, where the ocean is a 3 minute drive away, and there are a bunch of lakes and huge rivers everywhere! We don't know what kind of boat yet. But first we are going to get a few... what are they called? ... kayaks. 

I'm trying to look for a dashcam that can also be used to stick on a kayak, to make videos. Maybe I'll just have to buy a go-pro for the kayaks. 

I'm going to buy a handgun also in a couple months. It's easy to buy and carry guns here in Oregon. Back in Cali, it was near impossible. There are bears out here. I was driving down the 101 a week ago, in the afternoon, and it was all foggy, like thick ass fog, and out from the right side of the 101 - from the forest, came a little bear, running across the highway to the other side. Before we saw the bear, me and my sister and the others in the car were talking about that new bigfoot video of a bigfoot crossing a river holding something. So we were talking about how bigfoot could be living right in the oregon forests around us. All of a sudden we see this large animal run across the highway right in front of our car. And we screamed, because we thought it was a bigfoot. It was just bear. But, I hike a lot, and I figure having a gun on me while we hike around the lakes and forest is a good idea, so I can shoot bears. 

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Wolfie Jul 28
Phil_Lopian, I've always loved the Karambit and I thoroughly enjoyed your blog post. Welcome to the thread! I hope you'll continue to post about your guns, knives, boats, and even cars. 

I especially like this bear claw knife with two holes, one for the index finger, one for the pinky. It may just be psychological on my part, but it seems to me that two fingers are better than one! Especially if your hand gets sweaty, bloody, or otherwise wet.


Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Jul 28
In honor of National Geographic's featured article about Gladiators in the August issue, I am posting an image of an ancient Roman Gladiatorial sica as well as a modernized version.

  Pretty damn dope to me.

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Wolfie Jul 29
I see you continue to be interested in curved or hooked blades, Baphomets. I like it!

Cornelius Coburn
This resembles the weapon that I made(decades ago) using a sharpened railroad spike, although instead of rope I used fairly heavy cable purchased at the hardware store, and I believe I put a small loop at the end using cable clamps to accommodate grip by insertion of the hand, or even a knot would be an improvement over nothing.

Not very practical in a real fight, but it could stick trees pretty good at a few yards by spinning and releasing. I used to be involved with this sort of thing partly due the Tae Kwon Do I was learning at the time. My instructor was a Korean guy name Seung Choi. I recall asking him the most turns you could throw a knife accurately, and he said 1 1/2, but I think I knew that anyway.

One night when I was playing around with this thing, a drunk dude whom I did not know wandered upon the scene, and we started talking and then we were both checking this thing out, and even did some friendly sparring with it. It was crazy.



Edit : oh yeah, I put a knot up a few feet from the spike for grip when throwing and impaling.

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Wolfie Jul 29
For some reason CC's post got me thinking about crossbows. This video, written out in text, would be TL;DR - but this guy's delivery, his accent and personality, and even his physical appearance, made the video watchable. I was also intrigued by the digression about a magnet.


Cornelius Coburn

Throwing Knives 

I was using various composite knives for throwing, but they don't stand the test of time, then one day I ordered an actual throwing knife from Asian World I believe it was, which was simply just a well crafted solid non-composite piece of stainless steel.

I remember showing it to my Tae Kwon Do instructor and he said : you could kill a man with this. This looks like the closest to what I had, although of course mine was silver.


Wolfie Jul 30
CC, when you throw one of those, does it spin? Also, have you ever tried throwing a shuriken? I haven't tried throwing either one, but it seems to me a shuriken is more likely to strike point-first, because it has more points.

Cornelius Coburn
Yeah the shurikens are easier to use, but they won't go as deep as a knife. The thing I learned about throwing knives was calculating the proper distance for 1/2, or 1 1/2 turns.

One way to get some decent velocity on a shuriken is to put your index finger in that semi-circle between the points.

Cornelius Coburn
You know, and throw it like a baseball, and yes they do spin, but not very fast. I never worried about the spin much.
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