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Nutzack Mendez Esquire

Well, it's pride week here, so it's time for me to bitch at the herd behavior of my fellow divergent pan-whatever tomorrow people. 

This is my facepalm this year. 

Exhibit A:

[Flag hanging in California Starbucks]

I didn't know The Black Panthers had a gay division, or by extension that the Nation of Islam now allows gender equality and homosexuals. 

How times have changed.  

The use of this symbol morphed from use by militant black nationals synonomous with The Hyperintelligent Black Scientist, Yakub, to Lady Gaga all inclusiveness. This can only mean the origin of symbols, and the beliefs surrounding the original use are void for all symbols everywhere. 

You can now slap anything on a rainbow flag.

You might not see a point here but I find it very amusing how cultural symbols change and mutate. The Black Panthers were almost entire NOI when that symbol was developed. Now it gets used anywhere someone want to "fight for equality". 

I also think there's irony in the heavily patriarchal black panther symbol on a rainbow. 

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Dark Enlightenment
One could argue that's a flag for fisting. 
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