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Ba Adil
Ba Adil Jul 19

[Monologue]: INTERNET! For example, you are a person who does not help your parents with household expenses at all. They never heard the word "take money" from you but only hear "give me the money". They did not take a single penny from you or give them even a single coin at all but you just take the money. So, what are you waiting for? What do you expect from us to do for you? Give you a medal or Nobel Prize for example. Move out and look for a solution because (G)od is watching this, move out and look for yourself.

[Son]: Good morning! Where is mom?

[Father]: She's sick, very angry and nervous. I think her son made her feel that, she had blisters under her ear and on her neck.

[Son]: And why she's sick?

[Father]: These blisters appear while being nervous when sons are unemployed, and I don't know. I really don't know!

[Son]: Hmm, well... anyway. Why there is no cheese on the table?

[Father]: No, no there isn't!

[Son]: I don't eat ghee.

[Father]: This breakfast isn't ours at all, I just find it here this morning. Somehow on this table!

[Son]: Do you have jam?

[Father]: Jam contains preservatives, we no longer buy it.

[Son]: I see there is just milk and coffee, where is tea?

[Father]: We no longer make tea, coffee or milk. We just drink piss only, would you take some?

[Son]: Where is baguette bread?

[Father]: Well, you can find it in the grocery store.

[Son]: Okay, give me the money so I can buy it.

[Father]: Now do you know why we didn't buy baguettes, I hope you can understand me.

[Son]: Fine, just pour milk.

-The son carries the jug to pour the milk, and suddenly finds under it a paper that says "Spend on yourself from your own money son."-

[Monologue]: Now what happens? Your father does not want to say it to you, he suppresses those feelings towards you and overlooks the matter, waiting for you to understand him but you don't until the relationship between you and him deteriorates little by little.

[Father]: Hey namely guy, Yo bro! You have to pay me a penny, it's obligatory.

[Son]: What penny are you talking about?

[Father]: When you enter the toilet you push us to go outside all the evening, you literally killed and made us sick. It's totally impossible, we eat food but you eat stinky bombs I think. It's too much for just food!

[Son]: Sorry I don't have money.

[Father]: When you enter the toilet you leave it dirty and then I should clean it for like 15 days of work, don't you see that I became short sighted.

[Monologue]:Your father expects you to understand him in the first place but you don't, so he has to restrain his feelings towards you until the relationship between you two worsens.

[Son]: I need you in something.

[Father]: I don't know what do you need from me.

[Son]: Give me 20 bucks, please.

-The father then started staring desperately and bizarrely at his son-

[Son] (Continues): I need money from you so we can go trippin to a zoo located in the snowy mountains where we're going to see apes.

[Father]: Don't you mind if you take a deep and wise look at me? Take look at me, don't you see me here in front of you?

[Son]: No, it's in the zoo of the snowy mountains not here.

[Father] (Acting strangely while imitating apes): Are there more apes than us? Just watch me here acting like them.

[Monologue]: For example, your father spends money on you. Why did he spend them on you as it's not of his business? You're still living with your father in his house only because of familly customs. Customs are what still holding you and him together under one roof, and you deceived and tricked him because of customs. Why do  you still live with him in his house? He has all the right not to spend money on you or give you a single penny at all, no more.

-Now, the son and his friend both drunk hanging around in the streets like vagabonds and speaking with each other-

[Son] (drunk): I would like you let me to go home, friend.

[Friend] (drunk too): You have no place to go my friend.

[Son]: But my father is waiting for me at home.

[Friend]: Why your father awaits you at home?

[Son]: Because of dinner.

[Friend]: You have no place to go, just stay with us my friend.

[Son]: Do I look drunk?

[Friend]: No, you don't. Never! You look just great.

[Son]: Swear to (G)od.

[Friend]: I swear that you look just great.

[Son]: I thought I was drunk.

[Friend]: Yeah, you just think you're drunk. That's it!

[Son]: So now I can go home.

[Friend]: Well, you can go home.

[Son]: So I don't look like I'm drunk, anyway.

[Friend]: No, you don't look like you're drunk. Not too much!

[Son]: So I'm not drunk, just let me go home.

[Monologue]: And you go home drunk, your father spends money on you trying to raise you better and make you a good person while you cause him troubles, also occupying a large space in his house for nothing, for no benefit at all.

-The son goes home drunk at midnight late finding his father waiting for him to enter-

[Father] (looking nervously at his son): Hey son! What's happening to you? I see you looking unstable.

[Son] (drunk): Hey you! what's the problem? What's the matter?

[Father]: What the hell is wrong with you human for God's sake?

[Son] (Speaking nervously to his father while grabbing wine cup made of glass in his hand looking to hit him with it): What's your mother's matter? What's your age's matter? What's your ancestors's matter?! I see you looking nervously at me, I will take this cup and crash your face with it right now.

-Suddenly the son wakes up from drinking effect looking at his father frustrately realising who he was talking with that bad a way and the trouble he caused at that moment- 

[Father] (Speaking ironically and desperately to his son): Wow! you want to crash my face with a glass cup, you're so bravely intense and a brilliant master.

[Son] (looking frustrated): I'm sorry I was drinking a very expired product that blew up my head.

[Monologue]: So that's why there must be Anti-Natalism, that's why there must be a solution.

-The son and his friend both going to his home hanging in and speaking with each other-

[Son]: Just enter my friend, sit and have comfort. We're a very open-minded familly, this is my father.

-The friend enters the room trying to greet everyone inside it-

[Friend] (Greeting his friend's father): Hello! Sir.

-The father slips his hands while skipping his son's friend's hand check-

[Friend] (Trying to figure out the reason of his friend's father's action): Oh well, you're refusing to check my hand because of Covid-19. Right?

[Son] (Trying to clear the air): My father this is my most beloved friend so appreciate me in front of him, respect him and give him value as he's our guest today.

[Father] (Speaking with his son's friend): You're the guest?!

[Friend] (replies): Yes, I'm the guest.

[Father]: Hmm...Guest?! Well, whose son are you?

[Friend]: I'm the son of Mr. X.

[Father] (Surprised): Mr. X who died.

[Friend]: Yes, Mr. X who died. Indeed!

[Father]: Mr. X, the man whose son killed him shockingly with a trauma.

[Friend] (replies): Well, I'm him.

[Father] (Speaking ironically and desperately): Yeah, well.

-The son stares bizarrely at his father realising that something is going wrong in the room-

[Father] (continues): And where did you meet my son?

[Friend] (replies): I meet him in the Billiards club.

[Father] (replies ironically): Oh! Well, in the Billiards club obviously.

[Friend]: And where do you expect us to meet?

[Father]: Of course you have no other place to meet in rather than this one.

[Friend]: That's it! we have no other place to meet in rather than this one.

[Father]: Of course, Billiards or bars club or behind the wall inside the corners of the streets.

[Friend]: No! No, just in the Billiards club.

[Father]: It's obviously clear where you meet each other, it seems hard how your father didn't die so arbitrarily.

[Son] (Speaking with his father): Please don't underestimate me in front of my friend and respect him.

[Father] (Speaking with his son's friend): So what do you do for living, son?

[Friend] (replies): I don't do anything right now, I'm jobless.

[Father] (replies ironically): The answer of course is clearly obvious, you do nothing for living but just drinking wine and smoking cigarettes/weed or wasting time in the Billiards club taking drugs there. I would be surprised if you do something loser!

[Monologue]: You my friend live inside a home eating, sleeping and stuff just like that for nothing. It seems normally that your father shocked you at the first place just because you're his son "after reaching the age of majority which is mostly 18 years old" and make you regret each moment you spent and still spending in this life as he's waiting from you to understand him but you don't until things gets worse.

-Now, the father is talking to his son in the street after he kicked him out of his house-

[Father] (Speaking with his son): I would like you to leave me and my house forever, I'm no longer your father either you're not my son. Is that clear to you?

[Son] (replies): I have no place to go, nowhere!

[Father]: Leave me away, you no longer know me as I don't.

[Son]: As I said I have no place to go like nowhere.

[Father]: I'm no longer able to handle your expenses or spend more money on you. Is that clear?!

[Son] (replying desperately): Before I started seeing light and breathing on this place, did you take my permission to give me birth in the first time?

[Father] (Speaking with his son and willing to call his wife's number): As I can see you're starting to insult me and spit on my face, well it's not your fault because I know whose fault.

[Father] (Continues, calling his wife's number): Hey Mrs. Y, why did you put lipstick on your lips the day of February 19th 1994? You didn't have to, you really didn't have to!

[Monlogue]: Imagine with me my friend that no poor person no longer gives birth to children in the next 50 years, just us who will survive this life you and me like this so that our number decreases as much as possible because the more we do the more the problem is solved as well as we only give birth to labours and working hands that no longer become working but just useless hands, nothing more nothing less. Only in the next 50 years for example no future child come to life but only us who will stay here living and surviving this life, just like this. Wealthy people and industry owners will say that it's important to produce energy and lot of stuff and then tell us to give birth to children but we don't do it and we refrain from it, no more.

So, what kind of morals did you take from this long story?

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