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Nutzack Mendez Esquire
Why did Ted Bundy and Charles Manson have groupies? Why did Aileen Wornous get sympathy before joining the mother ship to come back like Jesus?

Conversely why are Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Wayne Gacy just two killer faggots that deserved to be killed at the first possible chance?

My answer:

 Ted Bundy did what every kid picked on by stuck up debutaunts did. Rampaged on a bunch of mean girls. I'm sure there are tons of "not good enough" girls who'd like to kill an entire sorority.

Charles Manson thought he was going after a record producer and went after Roman Polanski instead. He botched his revenge in the time of "coming together" over cult leaders. One of few with groupies at his trial. The elite just have less sympathy during their own tragedy. 

With the "Monster" I find It surprising how most of her victims look like sleazy Florida porn dealers. All except the bible distributor, but even him possibly. Still, she got the benefit of, "Well, maybe she had a right to want to kill all men everywhere?"

With the contrary examples you had a completely repressed faggot that would kill them primarily to prevent anyone from finding out he was a sodomite.  And the other one liked young black men. He like fucking them, killing them, fucking them again, and then eating what he didn't fuck.

There's a certain threshold in the dispicability of the crime, even ones perpetrated by those that are considered pure evil.  With the former three taking on the "Natural Born Killers" allure.  Grey areas in morality in society shows. 

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Anna Aug 9
Ted Bundy and Charles Manson were handsome and charismatic. True, they were evil but also charming. Aileen Wornous was a poor woman abused by evil men. Come on, who wasn't moved by the movie "Monster"? Everyone can sympathize with the woman who wouldn't have turned evil if someone had helped her in time.

The remaining two were neither handsome nor were they damsels in distress whom the knight failed to help. They were just ugly psychopaths and more... they were faggots.

The society is not only moral but also romantic. It's not all that repulsed by evil if there is some charm to it.

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Wolfie Aug 9
Some quick googling gave me the impression that most (not all, but most) groupies of serial killers are heterosexual women. I figure this makes sense for evolutionary reasons. Ten thousand years ago, the best murderer probably got all the girls, either by eliminating the competition or by just seeming the best choice in a jungle that will kill you if you don't strike first.


Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Aug 9

Ew. Charles Manson handsome and charming? No. Ted Bundy totally, but Manson, no. Manson was smart and witty and knew how to play human weakness. Manson was handsome (maybe) in trailer park standards.
Quote from Anna Ted Bundy and Charles Manson were handsome and charismatic. True, they were evil but also charming
Nutzack Mendez Esquire
Ha. Okay, let's focus on the sex appeal.

May I submit Rodney Alcala. The only serial killer to win the dating game.

This dude got hundreds upon hundreds of girls to pose both clothed and nude for him.  Absolutely all the above things. 

Yet, he doesn't have the fan girls of Bundy and Manson. It has to be more than charm. Common knowledge of their crimes perhaps? More knowledge of who one is than the other. 

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Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Aug 9
Easy. Alcala was a Mexican breed. 
donot Aug 24
Well, I think a Ted Bundy/Charles Manson hybrid would kick ass. If all other men on the planet had just died of an unknown cause.
Im more into mass murders then serial killers 
Though i do like true crime in general and serial killers are fascinating 
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