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Noctis Aug 19 '21
Have you ever felt closer to the Devil when working your ass? I’m wondering if physiologically anal sex is interlinked with the human chakras, and if practicing anal sex makes one more open minded, thus open to more influence from the surrounding environment. 
Wolfie Aug 21 '21
I don't engage in anal sex (neither giving nor receiving) but if someone were drawn to Tantric Sex it seems to me that anal sex would be as workable as coitus for that purpose. 

Noctis Aug 21 '21
Thanks for that link! My quick research led me to read about ’’Reversed Kundalini’’ and the ’’Root Chakra’’. This article here is interesting: TantraMag

There is a mention of sex after heavy metal. I almost loled, but then I realized that I’m tampering with the normal flow of Kundalini when I’m discharging my energy at a heavy metal concert. Gotta read more about that too!

Fox_Spirit May 19 '22
@Noctis From what I know, the Root Chakra governs all things to do with Sexual energy, if you're feeling too sexual or not enough, means it's out of balance.
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