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Anna Aug 30
I agree it was entertaining in the beginning. Now, it's just stupid if I have to repeat myself to address the same idiotic point over and over again. I guess one hundred times should be enough.
Cornelius Coburn

Quote from Nutzack Mendez Esquire Ever seriously battled a devout creationist in debate?  It's the same level of maddening engagement. All cost/benefit analytics of "Is this really worth my time?" Is easier to bypass. 

The Jehova Incident

Weekly visits on their most glorious day. A friend initiated the interactions, for whatever reason, and I concluded them.

Eventually it dawned on me that they may feel me to be as impervious to their truth as I feel them impervious to the objective and the theoretical.

They would occasionally refer to scripture and I would just convert it to something a bit more contemporary and realistic. So you would have the one side utilizing the old cliché "If it's in the book it must be true", and well, of course there was the other side, my side.

Eventually they gave up, or whatever, and stopped coming quite a many months ago.

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Anna Aug 31

Oh they used to visit me too. I just politely said that I wasn't interested and they went away wishing me good day. The thing with Jehovah's Witnesses is that the more you talk to them, the more frequently they visit you. If you take the leaflets they try to give you, they won't fuck off. On the other hand, if someone gets turned on by this kind of a debate, then this is an opportunity. They are more than happy to spread their message.

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Cornelius Coburn
I suppose I was sort of indifferent to them. It was more fun if I was under the influence. They always showed up around 10:00 AM on a Saturday, but with me, I could be a little off, so to speak, at any given hour of the day.

They did give pamphlets or left them in the door if I were elsewhere. Not exactly sure why they stopped coming. Near the end it was mostly well dressed individuals that showed up, probable elders.

I usually don't have a problem going on and on about God and primordial stuff, but totally adversarial when it came to Jesus, and also scripture which I would attempt to put a reasonable twist on most times.

donot Sep 2
Well, I saw a JW holding a pamphlet saying "wake up" and he had fallen asleep. Difficult hours, I can understand this.
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