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Geraldo Respuesta NUTZ
Geraldo Respuesta Jun 13 '22
Looks like their gonna prolong this a little bit... the day of meltdown still looms. 

The Supreme Court Monday again prolonged the wait for its opinion which is expected to overturn the federal right to an abortion.

Last month, Politico published a leaked draft opinion which indicated the Supreme Court is set to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that established a federal right to an abortion. 

The justices released a handful of decisions Monday, including two immigration-related opinions, but not in the case Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization. A ruling is expected to come by either late June or early July. 

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donot Jun 14 '22
Well, in fact an abortion is an unwanted child. 

Anyway, you could use a condom.

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Geraldo Respuesta NUTZ
Geraldo Respuesta Jun 24 '22
Well it looks like women are going back.

See what happens when you won't let Trump be President? Joking aside this was planned from the moment they built up 6-3 advantage on that court. Absolutely deliberate (June 23rd vs June 24th) that they take away women's rights on the 50th Anniversary of title IX. Good luck getting laid typical American gentlemen.

That's some seriously evil shit. Sinister in legion with a force that seeks to cause pain shit. Especially to do it the day after. It's intended to stick a dagger in your side and turn it. And then scapegoat you when you react to being bitch-slapped.  

Shame.  A minority opinion just pissed off a lot of women. Not in the spirit of consensus opinion. Done now. 

Let's see if they go after abortion havens now. California's pretty much going to pay for the trip for low income out of state abobos. Will it go further? One state will try to forbid it's residents from travelling, and another will make up something called "legal temporary residency".

The left and rights hatred for one another needs to be enflamed like this. Civil war style. It's what is needed. Just get this holy war out of the way. 

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donot Jun 27 '22
I am against banning abortion. In fact cosmetic surgery should be banned first. But there's a lot of money there so everybody pretends to not know. People yelling "Don't kill your children" is totally pretentious. 
Rune Jun 28 '22
Also, it shouldn't be up to governments. Deciding whether or not to have children is not their call to make.
Satanist since more than a decade
"Your rights are included in the legal system."

Oh dear Anna, still so naive after all this time. 
When push comes to shove will the legal system adapt to what policymakers find most lucrative... or what is being whispered into their ears by others "of interest". 

In battle are things thrown out of the door. 
War hasn't got much about morality. The foot soldiers will be drilled and alienated to such an extend that morality has become warped. You should know.. "Wir haben das nicht gewusst". 

Geraldo's response held quite some truth. 
They do not really care. All about where the best money is. 
And leftist minorities can only be milked for that long. Hence why a liberal Biden is issuing Conservative thoughts that would normally be associated with his "villainous" predecessor. 

Flip the coin while flipping the finger. 

Anna Jul 3 '22

When push comes to shove will the legal system adapt to what policymakers find most lucrative... or what is being whispered into their ears by others "of interest". 

Doesn't matter. Knowing the laws pertaining to your situation is helpful. There's also an option of consulting a lawyer.

You really don't see the moralizing in the case of the war in Ukraine? I wouldn't put it all down to "drilling."

Satanist since more than a decade
To make it clear: Ukraine and Russia may both bomb each others to oblivion for all I care. It is the best scenario as the EU can then swoop in and claim all the resources both have. 

Still does it seem that things still elude you. 
"Also an option of consulting a lawyer".
"Knowing laws pertaining to your situation". 

You can get away with so many things if you aren't a total idiot. 
Laws only apply if you get caught. 
Laws will change depending on situation (and network). 

Just don't be an idiot. 

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