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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Feb 5 '23

Gothic Kabbalah

The sixth sefira is the point within the circle (the Sun); it is also the eternal seed that forever springs of the eternal womb - the neverending dance of that which is and that which is not (eternal polarity)

Yetzirah is the hexagram with the Sun at center surrounded by six spheres

The ninth sefira below is the moon - 6 inverted/night

Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Feb 6 '23
A Man with Divine Qualities


Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Feb 9 '23

Quote from Dark Enlightenment

The hermetic principle of "as above so below" is one that can be reduced to "everything is reflection in scale". The macro mirrors the micro. An atom looks like a galaxy. And so on. I'm sure there's some spiritual shit in there too. 

It's a good concept. Everything really is a reflection of a common denominator, competition to exist. 

Even the inanimate. Earth wouldn't have a moon if a mars sized planet didn't co-form in Earth's la grange point and smack into us. A universe of antecedent violent interaction regulated by laws of decay. The seemingly unintelligent as well. Covid is now as infectious as it is BECAUSE of vaccines meant to eliminate it. 

Ergo the above and below of the universe can only be an emergent property of the indifferent hostility of the universe itself. Something the built upon itself as soon as the universe cooled enough for atomic structure. 

The fractal geometry of trees, clouds, mountains, and land masses is worth a mention in there too, although that's more of an 'as within so without' than an "above and below thing (reflections) - the prouction of much larger masses via pattern repetition as in the Mandlebrot Set; more than half of the spiritual shit is just that - shit.

With "trees" even the original seed is a reflection of the primordial seed, or, singularity AKA a god seed.

Neo: Deja vu; Morpheus: What did you see? Neo: Another black cat; Trinity: Was it the same cat? Neo: I dunno, it could've been

- there's a glitch in the matrix

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Cornelius Coburn

Otis Negatives 'n' Primordial Pussy

Well you know what Otis says. He says that there is a really good reason why women are referred as the feminine yin. It's because negative existence is like a really tight pussy and then without cause this masculine positive just fucking popped out of nowhere and began expanding, growing, and it started fucking this primordial pussy pretty hard until eventually it just exploded into a whole fucking universe

Cornelius Coburn

Monochromatic Stains

Like the serpents

of color


with the rains

of bows

and lessened light

to monochromatic


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