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Dark Enlightenment

Some people want to brand their version of their worldview, I would rather just do art and music of varying quality.  I don't have an original worldview anyway.  

These can be printed onto canvas or poster paper professionally (way better quality) and then sold at art shows at a mark up.  It requires next to no talent to accomplish.  

"Lazy Overpixelated Image of Buildings With Crap Drawn On It" 

"Sane & Not Sane" 


"Symmetry Cult"

And Here's yet another link to my music channel if you want. 

Terreno DiGioci

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Cornelius Coburn
It all looks good. I tried the Bob Ross approach more than a couple decades ago and it went pretty well, and then I went on to the classical oil painting from acquiring one of Jerry Yarnells' videos.

As far as hobbies go though, I may mess around with the guitars a bit more, but I'm definitely sticking with the muscle cars and working on those.

Dantalion Jan 11
@Dark enlightenment
Hey, that’s really cool! I like the third one from the top. It would be cool is a room with a black light. I have a buddy that also does computer graphic art. He designs adult coloring books. He just made a Trump themed coloring book called “Let’s Go Brandon: Trump vs Biden”. It’s Simpsons themed and it has things like depictions of Trump choking out Biden like Homer chokes out Bart. You can find it on Amazon. Funny thing is Steve is like the most liberal guy you could ever meet, he just knows how to make money.
Cornelius Coburn
I like the "Unnamed" one the best.
Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Jan 12
The Hunter Biden vibes begin.
Dark Enlightenment
Hey, almost no one cares about the music because you have to click on links. Yet, these, that took less than 20 minutes each, are getting commentary. People just want to look at amateur art where they don't want to listen to amateur music or an opinion.

 And these look pretty good on a wall printed on glossy poster paper and framed on 16×20 sheets.  Enough to drop 15 a piece on them and sell them for $40 at street fairs and such. And hope people will pay art walk prices for a high quality limited run prints from a digital artist. 

* The backgrounds are all public domain stock photos enlarged or filtered past copyright protection even if they weren't. 

And also Hunter Biden's art now auctions for thousands and hundreds of thousands. 75K/print at a NYC show. One piece auctioned for 500,000 alone. He will forever be an artist art experts recognize and appraise. And all it took to catapult it there was conservative mockery. 

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Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Jan 12
I don't really like any of them. I do enjoy some of your music. But go ahead - print them on canvas or whatever and try to sell them. I'd be interested to know whether or not they sell.
Cornelius Coburn
I feel like the art relates to the music in that I see them as both having specific applications. With the art, I can imagine this type of stuff being a preferrable aesthetic within certain settings over realism, e.g., landscapes and seascapes et cetera.

When I looked at the initial five. It was briefly and just going by feel, without over-analyzing. Like just briefly assimilating the overall form, geometries, and color.

Dark Enlightenment
Here are some that took slightly longer. Better quality. 

"Window Pane"



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Sabrina Jan 13
Wow the qatzalcoatl is really pretty 
Cornelius Coburn
It reminds me of a "special snowflake", or a fancy doily. I think his music would go really well in a room decorated with his artwork.
Cornelius Coburn


I think every special snowflake should have one of these as their avatar.

Dark Enlightenment
And also music. 

Here's a piece dying to be a special snowflake. 

Not that more than 3 people click on these but I tried to do a piece to represent going stir crazy locked inside somewhere, whether its for winter or covid. I felt the best way to make it off kilter and crazy was to be up it's own ass with time signature changes. I have lost the ability to tell if this is just unlistenable shit or not. It has a 5/8 meter for the signature changes and varies between 15/8, 10/8, 7/8, and 5/8 throughout and always switches timing at the 5 count. Ex. 7/8 ×5 = 35

And here that is: 

And the full work so far: Symphony #4

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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Yesterday, 02:20AM
The music and imagery are very good I think, and it's all coordinated/integrated very well. The Dm key has been a thing lately also.
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