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Dark Enlightenment

I'm not gonna lie, I did this thread for the bad joke title.  Think i got the best one now. 

Physicist credited with 1930's thought experiment "Schrodingers Cat" found to be a pedophile.

But funny none the less. Cancel culture will uncover and sanitize modern society from all the admired pieces of shit of the past. What will they call schrodingers cat now? The German Cat Experiment?

But they should have known something was up when he came up with his experiment. 

Schrodinger: Ve lock ze cat in ze box with un radioactive isotope. Zen we conjecture as to vether or not ze feline is still alive or dead. 

Scientist: Do we really need to thought torture a cat? What about that same thought but using decay to erode a barrier that prevents a blue dye from leaking into a yellow one? And instead of "alive or dead" it could be a superposition of "yellow or green"? 

Schrodinger: Nein, It has to be ze cat in ze box!  

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Anna Jan 13
Someone's contributions to science is one thing, their character is another. I would say the latter is irrelevant. It's the same when it comes to art. We should tell a difference between the creators and their creations. You can admire someone's talent and, at the same time, acknowledge he or she was a total scumbag or (to put it more objectively) didn't follow the same moral code as you.

I hope that more and more hideous secrets of respectable and admired personas of the past will be revealed so that our sanctimonious and seemingly secular modern society will have no Jesus substitutes to worship. It will throw a bucket of cold water on people if they have nobody to call their streets or lecture halls after.

Cornelius Coburn
Not to split hairs or anything, but the results are supposed to be paradoxical. Which is the whole point, if I remember correctly, so the cat would be BOTH dead AND alive at the same time; likewise, yellow AND green.

As Einstein said though "I'd like to think the Moon is there even when I'm not looking at it.". Also, I don't know the specifics of the experiment, but it seems like the cat should be included as a valid observer as well, if applicable.

Dark Enlightenment
Until you open the box and collapse the wave function...

That said, until the 14 year old jailbait he was grooming is in the "safe room" providing testimony she is a superposition of both raped and unraped. 

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Cornelius Coburn
Anna is right, and I was thinking about all the fags that contributed to the music industry throughout the past several decades, but since they were in the minority and wanted to sell records, they had to mostly keep all the queer shit under wraps.

Another example. Now, either I'm just trippin', or the song Angie by the Stones isn't really about a girl named Angie, but a dude named Andy, which you can hear uttered only at the very end of the track.


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