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Dantalion Aug 1 '22
This will be a little long for a forum post, but blogs have had issues for some time now and as many people as possible need to see this because it’s important, so I’m posting this here. For months now, I’ve been stuck on this tangent of what I call the new Satanic age. I’ve had prior posts about it. You can search this site for this context. But part of being in these times I describe is the best, brightest and most beautiful people breeding and giving birth to other beautiful children. What is happening right now in society is alarming, depressing and needs to change. What I’m talking about is superior, and particularly beautiful people aren’t breeding at all. Or, most alarming of all, ugly people breeding with beautiful people. Particularly in the U.S, children are getting uglier, fatter and more stupid. If you look at pictures and video of what people looked like in the 1960s, people (particularly in the U.S) people were beautiful. Most women were attractive, in shape and obesity was low. Then the beginnings of wokeness crept into our society and beautiful women started breeding with these THINGS. Or vice versa. I’m looking at some of these kids nowadays and hardly any of these children will be growing up to be attractive at all. When I say “attractive” , I’m not talking about “perfect”, but I’m talking about attributes that makes one beautiful. There’s just lots of funny looking people now. This mainly comes from women getting with funny looking men. What’s alarming to me is women getting with these funny looking lanky skinny men. As a man, I don’t want to get with a tall, skinny lanky woman, so why would a woman find this attractive in a man? Anyways, here’s a few examples of beautiful people getting with funny looking people. Salma Hayak and that funny looking old dude. Hugh Jackman getting with that THING. Kim Kardashian getting with Kanye West, or her little half sister getting with that funny looking rapper (rap is crap). Rebel Wilson getting with that good looking dude, or worst of all, my sister getting with my brother-in-law. My sister is GORGEOUS and my brother-in-law is the fattest, most hideous asshole you’ve ever seen. I fucking hate his guts. She only got with him because he got an inheritance from his dad when he died and he had money at the time. This fat piece of shit has psoriasis and sleep apnea. This country has gotten flat out funny looking. Look, I’m not perfect looking myself, but at least I bat in my league. I attempt to breed with women that I perceive as a good match for me. I find it SHAMEFUL when a well proportioned woman breeds with a fat man, or vice versa. Or a funny looking person breeds with someone that is a 10. Don’t you want to live in a society with tons of people that look like models? We need more perfect people getting with perfect people. If your a 6, get with a 6. If your a 10, get with a 10. But a 2 shouldn’t get with an 8, as in the case with my sister.
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Anna Aug 4 '22
There's this saying "De gustibus non est disputandum." The thing is that when it comes to "beauty", there are as many opinions as there are individuals. You might see someone as ugly but someone else might see him or her as attractive. Some give priority to the looks, others to personality or financial status. Your aim in life might be having children, others simply might not want kids. There is nothing inherently wrong with marrying someone for their money or the refusal to breed.
Dantalion Aug 5 '22
There’s something VERY wrong with people not having children. As Elon Musk has pointed out, we are in the beginnings of a demographic collapse. People aren’t having children and this will manifest in entire societies collapsing. All the products we use and rely on, from gas in our tanks to the shampoo in our hair are human endeavors that require masses of people to produce. Recent material shortages have been attributed to lack of employees to produce them. These shortages will only get worse over time due to demographic collapse. Soon, we will have less products and commodities. To make matters worse, societies are aging rapidly. I helped care for my grandpa before he died of old age and it took me, my aunt and my dad about 20 hours a week each to care for him in the last years of his life. So you’ll also have people dropping out of the workforce to care for their loved ones. We’re in big big trouble unless we can get more able bodied humans in our societies. Robots won’t be there to save us, mark my words!
Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Aug 6 '22
Dantalion, humanity will be wiped out by nuclear war before the world ever gets to that point. Anyway, the reduction of the masses make your point moot.  That, so far, is working out nicely between covid, food shortages, disease, natural disasters, impossible gas prices, gun violence, violence in general, war, near future wars, and distrust between everybody.

With population reduced, there's plenty to go around. At that point, "breeding" will be something for the bloodlines only and will be under control because the brains will be there to make wise decisions.

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I honestly don't have much hope for the future of the US and probably the world in general. Most "leaders" are terrible people who do terrible things. Yet they have throngs who blindly follow them. Look at the politicians in the US, most are disgusting people. That goes for both major parties.

I agree demographics is a problem. Not about looks, but rather it seems as if the productive people are not reproducing while the unproductive are. I know this is a generalization, but it seems to be true. Kids brought up by unproductive people are likely to be unproductive themselves. That does not bode well for the future.
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Anna Aug 9 '22
Seriously, fuck humanity. One way or another it will take care of itself. It has survived the calamities that are unimaginable for us. The end of the world is predicted almost every year and still the show goes on. Only silly individuals can imagine that they are saving the whole humankind by their actions, like some think they will rescue the Earth by segregating their garbage. Go and have kids or don't. Nobody cares.
Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Aug 20 '22
"humanity will be wiped out by nuclear war before the world ever gets to that point"

I just watched a video a few days ago about these unidentified aerial objects that were hovering/flying over mass nuclear missile silos and activating/deactivating the arsenal. It wasn't the first time though; I'd seen similar content covered in other documentaries.

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 21 '22
What the fuck are you talking about. Do you live on planet earth?

The 'Satanic Age' cannot be flipped on like a switch. It will come in stages. And it's not there yet. 

But this is how the world 'ends'. Christianity doesn't end with bang, its death is a long and drawn out kicking and screaming. And it doesnt really die. It just falls out of favor. 

And instilled is a secular humanist herd morality in some ways more annoying than the Christian one, but still a step towards fucking off. In the next stage (the one starting now) the old ways of the judgemental Patriarch becomes as heterodox as a Bacchanalian sex party in Branson, Missouri.

And so on until the world sees their pitiful and hysterical reactions to the ways of other people (even really offensive ones) as the chains that bind them. 

The Satanic Age is just another idea of a delusional herd mind until everyone actually does what Jesus said and lets their 'god' sort out all the sin. And that includes the secular god sorting out all the authoritative christian sin too. 

To each their own... even if 'their own' is a godless Bohemian Rhapsody HIV transmission and mock child sacrifice party  *or*  racist white Christian nationalist and mock lynching of a nigger party. 

Still have 218 years. (2240)

And I'm also betting on a nuclear winter/climate change correction before that point. 

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 21 '22

Quote from Cornelius Coburn "humanity will be wiped out by nuclear war before the world ever gets to that point"

I just watched a video a few days ago about these unidentified aerial objects that were hovering/flying over mass nuclear missile silos and activating/deactivating the arsenal. It wasn't the first time though; I'd seen similar content covered in other documentaries.

Yeah, the alien species that uses mammalian species as spare part incubators don't like them.  Irradiated body parts don't do any good. Sort a like the galactic version of chemotherapy, iterated organs hold no value on the intergalactic black market.  

They send their orb things. 

That or USA, UK, China, and Russia all fuck with each other using classified craft.

Never know UFO's may be mindnumbingly simple. 

Basics of greater concept?

Something needs explanation when The US Navy releases and confirmed there are hovering darting "tic-tacs" that can disappear into the ocean.  


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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Aug 21 '22
It does seem more reasonable that the craft would be of terrestrial origin, and some even think that a part of the UFO phenomenon is actually disinformation to avert from the fact that the US government is developing/testing advanced aerial technology.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 21 '22
Superconductors and superfluids. Magical fields capable of frictionless perpetual motion. 

I mean if electrons can rotate forever without resistance below a certain temperature. 

You can find experiments of all the pieces to antigravity, you just gotta put them together. Usually with gyroscopes. 

Quantum locking is cool too

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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Aug 22 '22
Speaking of "gyroscopes". After I bought that bubble balancer from Harbor Freight and got all four tires perfectly balanced; took it out for a test run. That was one of the first things that came to mind. After a certain speed it felt like a gyroscopic effect. Like an additional force in play created by the velocity, equilibrium, and synchronicity - in congruity.
Satanist since more than a decade
So... you talk about a new "Satanic Age" and complain about celebs dating people you think are ugly. 

What have things come to... 

The Satanic age is NOW. 

If you closely look around and see how things are. 

- Sexual freedom has never been as free as it is now (with the rise of Onlyfans and free porn on the internet).
- Drug use has never been as wide-spread as it is now (sure there's still the "war on drugs".. but laws became more lenient and it became bloody easy to get your hands on it) 
- Perversion everywhere (remakes of old movies and songs, acceptance of transgenderism and cross-dressing to the extend it becomes "fashionable", re-writing of books, tearing down iconic landmarks,...). 

We do not need a new Satanic age. 
We're in the middle of one which is taking steam. 

What you crave for is a return to old. 
...which is something I wouldn't mind as well. 

Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Oct 10 '22
Every person, member of any diabolic group or a fan, or just a sympathizer of the Devil,  be prepared to receive a great portion of the Devil's powers  from the Abbys, you'll get the anointing of the Darkness this coming October 31 2022, and a huge amount of Demons and Demonesses  will pass through the gates of Hell with that Satanic inspiration to you, therefore,  be watchful to what is coming  directly to you and be mature enough to control that power , and become one with the forces of the Devil. 
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Oct 10 '22

Naw. Need to kill the religious mind first.

Great Resets are fun to turn into (shitty slow moving) art but in practice a great reset would be irradiating instead of enlightening. 

Kill the supernatural. No more specious bullshit. Great awakenings. Universal truths. All need to die unless they are accompanied by rigorous data to validate them. 

That supernatural shit morphed in culture as a paranoid fundamentalist violent apocalypse fear. One accompanied by lockstep hatred of change or social transition. The 5 fucking stages of acceptance experienced by chicken little. 

The divine needs to die. And to do that we need successive generations of children indoctrinated on the scientific method and stripped of the trauma of faith. Reprogrammed away from using belief as a tool. 

Any reset using faith is recycling the same shit to another apocalypse. Even the psychonaut discordians fuck up on that one. 

And I dont need to guess, your literary tells are in your narrow use of the same shows over and over. 

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Dantalion Oct 21 '22
I think two years worth of food storage with small arms to protect it, about 20,000 rounds of 223/556 NATO, 9 mm and 22LR, a compound bow for hunting deer when they start to move into cities after about the 4 year mark, the ability to sustainably get firewood, plenty of good knives to use as barter and most importantly, a current residence in a rural area with a steady water supply will suffice to give you a head start. Those that are living in cities with perish first.
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Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Oct 22 '22
The works of Satan the Devil are being done in the darkness,  in silence,  in the night,  and when the daylight comes!!!!tararan!!!, you will see them, if you like them or not,  that's not  Satan's problem,  The Satanic age is upon us , and all the deeds of the Devil are being done accordingly to His will , even those who think they are not dancing the Devil's misic, hahahaha, they are just instruments being played by Satan's Demons and Demoneses.!!!!AVE THOSE WHO ARE WORKING HARD TO ESTABLISH  SHATAN THE DEVIL' S AGE ON EARTH , AVE  DIABOLUS SATANASE

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