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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Sep 16 '22
** The following was channelled by a voice in my head exactly like Crowley sitting in some Egyptian temple.  I let my mostly sentient 'Tulpa' relay a message from the alleged universal creator and this is what it said. From the perspective of god. **

1. You're all fucked in the end. Not on me. 
2. You will burn each other alive. Not on me. 
3. Love? I dont love any of you. Not on me. 

4. You can't even love yourselves. Not on me. 

5. More to the point, you can't even identify the ultimately utilitarian nature of love.
6. You think it's an essence of me.  How fucking stupid is your goddamn planet?
7. Did it ever occur to any of the theologically fucked retards on your planet that they should look for the form of divinity in the way the universe actually works?
8. I'm seeing a free for all fuckfest in the way shit actually works. 

9. You must adopt survival strategies simply because the world that is lacks any personalized guarentee. 
10. Survival. Not intrinsic special snowflake bullshit. Get the fuck over yourselves. 
11. I am no more then the universe working.

12. I am adversity. 

13. I am chaos.

14.  I am nothing.

15.  I am everything.

16. I can lay to waste a star system as another one flourishes. And i dont have to do anything. 

17. A black hole and a dense clouds. And I dont have to do anything.

18. It does it on its own. At most I ran an exe file. 
19. Then some of the weird life in it thinks it's meaningful. Like your screwy planet.
20. And neither one is dependant on the other.

21.  The destroyed balance out the thriving only in aggregate. 

22. I am ONLY the beginning, and nothing direct thereafter.

23. My imprinting upon this creation is simple. I dont give a fuck.
24. There's some base particles that build upon themselves and there's some temperature limits but the rest kinda just happens. 

25. I am here to emphatically clear up the you are not important.
26. Just some insignificant monkey people that are one of millions of civilizations out there because amino acids are made in interstellar clouds. 

27. Your GATTACA is born in a NURSERY WITH STARS. 
28. It's about the same everywhere. 

29.Organic compounds adapting to their environment. 

30. You'd be surprised how common bipedal ones are. 
31. You're one of those. And I have no input. 
32. I'm sorry you're not more important than that. But you're not. 
33. You have a nice ball of dirt.
34. Resilient ball of dirt too.
35. You guys will really need to work to destroy it.
36. I dont know what else to say.
37. You suck. Stop thanking me cuz my 'creation' will kill the little girl in the crosswalk with meaningless impunity. 

38. And sorry, its not my plan or a test.

39.  Shit just happens and you organic things have to deal.
40. Grace is situational.

41.  Rich people have more grace than starving African aids babies.

42.  And that's just your ball of dirt. In the places with the most dirt.
43. Nepotism. Stratification. Select. Elite. Blessed. 

44.  Depraved. Forgotten. Unclean. Untouchable. Damned.

45.  Antonyms. Get fucking used to them.
46. Sorry little Billy got bone cancer,  but you'll feel better knowing a rich piece of shit trust fund kid got a McLaren for turning 16. 

47. And wrecked it 5 weeks later. But his parents got him a safer Maserati to replace it.  

48. He will never have to worry. And neither will the cancer kid. 

49. That's my design for you. 

50. Some people use faith. Love. Fluff. 

51. And they're happy. And it doesnt matter that they're kidding themselves.
52. But it seems to work for them.

53. Just wish they'd stop thinking that has anything to do with me. 

To be continued...

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