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Cornelius Coburn
Mindstuff : What is Real

It is extremely difficult to believe in the old Hermetic axiom that "All is mind."

when everything in this reality looks and feels so real.

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Cornelius Coburn


They dipped their toes into the primordial waters of chaos and revealed a truth concealed by reason,

and when seen dancing were thought to be insane by those that couldn't hear the music

Cornelius Coburn

Crazy Train : Occult Madness

It is without question that existence arose of madness; the difficulty is in distinguishing the reasonable madness,

from the unreasonable madness

Cornelius Coburn
This Moment is Eternity

In the absence of time all of eternity is but a single moment

Cornelius Coburn
Been there done that, who gives a fuck.
Cornelius Coburn

Paraphrasing : Dead Men Tell No Secrets

The only way to keep a secret between yourself and one or more other people is if they're all dead,

although trust in swearing anyone, if that is the case, to "secrecy", in the first place,

is unforgivably fucking stupid

Cornelius Coburn

The Strange Magic of the Electric Light Orchestra

Relative to Earth and given the precise location and thermodynamics of this colossal fireball suspended in the aether within an arena of most convenient stability, one can only conclude...

Cornelius Coburn

The Anomalies of an Evil Circus

From Hitler to Captain Spaulding these ferocious clowns by way of some bizarre and twisted reality lay waste to an exponential and existential nightmare

Cornelius Coburn

Occams' Razor

There is a complete and total negation of all existence in the style of an Occams' razor, but there is obviously something else which is basically the crux of the matter

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