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Dark Enlightenment
Have I ever been fucking serious? At least here. Since 2015 anyway. Last place (internet Satanism- not site) that deserves truthful anything.

Now to the topic.

Cunt behavior that was earned doesn't require concern, as it has an error correcting code that avoids affecting you.  Meaning if they deserved it, you can be a cunt, and they don't qualify in the greater karmic balance of it all. It doesnt really come back at you. You don't need to worry about their precious feelings. Initiated by others puts it on them. Their balance is more achieved through your retaliation or something of some such.

If it was always contempt on their end, from the outset, it deserves in kind response, which may include doing anything to piss them off.  I mean, what makes anyone so fucking special, or elevated above anyone else, to demand such asshole licking? 

IT JUST GETS TIRING. Even trying to exploit that. And most time gets you nowhere. 

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Dark Enlightenment

More serious answer. 

"And what the fuck the unity of Universe and the illusion of the individual Self have to do with Satanism?" 

 What the fuck does whatever the fuck Satanism is have to do with knowing self? What is mundane vs autodeified really? Just fucking pick some ground somewhere under hard indeterminism and convince yourself you have free will. Not like all the adversary shit is special. Just preconditioned animal bullshit. It's all ideomotor programming built on an unconscious that puppets you like bitch. Any autodeofication is part of the grand illusion you were ever going to do anything different with your antecedent preference. 

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Anna Sep 4
I doubted your seriousness because recently you've been peddling a totally different "philosophy." Now you contradict yourself.

But anyway, the problem with this approach is what I wrote earlier. If you act adversarial, attack people's cherished beliefs and values, then you're making enemies. The enemies will hate/attack you back. That will not change after you get "tired" with it all. Bad reputation might force you to leave your "habitat." Living antisystemic or criminal life will make you a social outcast with little chance of coming back to "normal" life after you figured out it got you nowhere. It's called burning down the bridges.

Of course, I'm talking about challenging the social rules openly, not stealthily.

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Dark Enlightenment

That will not change after you get "tired" with it all. Bad reputation might force you to leave your "habitat."

But if you start out a disliked social outcast, and never gain ground, it's a lateral move. Once all of the relevant aggrieved go away, it's essentially a wash. Nothing ventured, nothing lost, nothing gained. Object impermanence from there on. If the habitat leaves you, you get away with it as a pest memory for the few that have you cross their mind. 

Even more so where things are ambiguous and not worth putting anything real into, such as an online account that really doesn't reflect reality.

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Hoodlum88 Sep 4
I gotta agree with Anna. There's nothing serious about me here. Or at least that. Or something. I forget. 

This one was great to internally distance myself from whatever crap I was pulling. 

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Anna Sep 5
There's nothing serious about me here.

No disclaimers are necessary. You managed to convince everyone here that you're a crazy insatiable drama whore.

I'm the only one who thinks that you are NOT a fruitloop. That instead, you're a stinking coward, who literally shits in his pants at the thought of his "imaginary" friends, enemies, girlfriends, boyfriends, whatever.

You admitted it yourself, actually. Several times. 

Fortunately for you, I can't possibly bring up this hypothesis without looking like a fruitloop myself. Moreover, I have to watch for yet another fruitloop appearing out of the blue and calling me "triggered" for merely entertaining the idea.

So you're basically safe with that faggotry of yours till the end of your days.

Still, since I like you, I hope we will both find some neutral ground where I could safely offer my cooter to you. 

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Dark Enlightenment

I think you have me confused with someone who gives a fuck what people in this place think. In fact, id rather everyone's opinion not be favorable. 

Fruitloopery never accomplished what it needed to.

 You were the only bite I ever got. It's like fishing in a fucking pond with one fish that you continuously have to throw back.  

I got bits and pieces along the way.  I will never know why all the stupid pointed shit was happening. Online and off. Why I was invited to websites for some bitch to start posting pictures of her with a mystery bitch that look exactly like a masked version of my ex. Or why they would track that person down. Or possibly show up randomly. Or why shit would happen on the street, at beaches, in parking lots, in parking lots again with surprise doppelgangers, at parks, at gyms, work, home, at a restaurant, and on and on. Not like I could stop it. 

But then it did stop. And I never got the wrap-up.  

I will never know why it seemed like some obsessed crazy fucking bitch set up a bunch real life bullshit to play some esoteric fruitcake game of fucking faith/trust/taking chances/recognizing forgettable bitches. 

After a while you begin to enjoy "not taking the chances"...  Simply because you think it is some cunt's esoteric fucktard quest. Whatever it was, I rejected it, and it felt great to be mean, because it was fucking annoying. Be direct or GTFO. 

That's not really cowardly to go after.

Cowardly is being so easily led, and in need of a fulfilling spiritual element, you let yourself be gangfucked by the indifference of people with way too much fucking time to burn. In that catch-22, better to fight, if only for self-respect. Not for the initial bunch of jackasses that conflate leaps of trust and taking low percentage chances with courage.  

Now, you won't get any of that, and the reason for that is you were always the castaway fish that never mattered. Never important enough to really know anything. You will laugh and make a snarky comment, play on its insanity, or whatever, and that will be it.  Maybe reaffirm the cowardice. Your choice. Won't change what I think.


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Dark Enlightenment

And this shit is tiring.  And I only brought it up to recap, yet again, that I'm not going to forget what the cunts with too much spare time did.  The way I look at it, I'm owed backpay for 2014-2018 at least. Regardless of not meeting their 'standards'.

It is understood that nothing will get answered, but I've pretty much moved on. Except for when I still get bites from the lines left out over the years...from the same fucking fish. 

Luckily this is the only pond left with lines out. Nothing really left.  And the other sites I was on booted me for trolling. I'm winding down internet presence to dissolve eventually. 

Guess I was holding out faint hope this could get resolved on my own terms before the final axe. 

And yes, I will leave, but not yet. I will leave shortly after the last fish stops trying to bite and washes ashore to be pecked at by birds. 

Call me ishmael.

Otherwise, you can just fucking deal with the switching tone of anything I say about anything and fucking like it.

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Anna Sep 5
A long epic response from someone who doesn't give a fuck.

I will use the normal print, however.

I thought, foolishly, that since you boasted of chasing everyone away from here, you will gather up enough of bravery to say why you keep harping on about the now ten-year-old drama. That's all.

If you were all that important, we would know it. And you would have more recent bullshit to harp on about (Canis - related this time) instead of the stale, post-expiry date cheese.

Anyway, I understand that some people's posting/trolling habits and an overall online behavior can be annoying, still waiting for the addressee to leave before opening your mouth to talk shit is that: cowardice. The forums don't last eternally, everyone will go away sooner or later but it would be good to have some class, like at least the minimum of it. And that means refraining from talking shit about the people who are absent and cannot respond to you. The fact someone wouldn't reply/react anyway doesn't make the act of talking shit behind someone's back any less pathetic.

And don't overestimate your trolling capabilities. I know your sock accounts from the moment you create them. It's no rocket science. Neither is your chronic pathological FOMO any secret knowledge reserved for the few only.

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Dark Enlightenment
Oh blah blah blah and shut the fuck up. I'll drag it out another 10 fucking years.  To be fair I've only been doing this since about 2016 or so, I wonder why? And I'm not fucking dropping it either. I'm all that fucking matters. 

And that includes the oh so atrocious or cowardly act of shit talking an associate of yours not here to defend themself.  What, is that an internet war crime? Even associates of that associate that might take offense. Fuck them all.  "It's just so dishonorable! And I bet you wouldn't say it if they were here!"  I guarentee you, she's used to it, and deserves it.  And you know where to shove your minimum amount of class.

But why not go run and share, like the little sychophant you've always been. Come on, Anna, go get an answer for me again. That person can come here. No compromise. 

I kinda wish you really were NSA, and the sock I believed you were, then I could be a fucking martyr like everyone else.  And who put such a premium on being independent anyway? 

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Anna Sep 5
"I kinda wish you really were NSA, and the sock I believed you were, then I could be a fucking martyr..." 

Now, at least we know where we stand, lol.

Some adversarial shit for entertainment:

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Dark Enlightenment
And you can fuck off with the invalid statements too.  

Would you look at a burnt down neighborhood and say, "Well, at least the fire didn't hit here"? 

And I really do wish you were, and that was where you stood. Then I could be more direct. Moving on.

And where the fuck have you been? Muslims were downgraded below angry Trump supporters.

I guess if you were NSA, and American,  you'd know that, huh?

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Anna Sep 5
I didn't put much thought into it, actually. Simply googled "attention whoring/ martyrdom seeking" and it was among the top results. Nice tune so I posted it.
Dark Enlightenment
You never do.

Do you really need to? It's not that impressive considering I use this site primarily to vent frustration. And really don't care how I look.

Your role is limited to: 

"And then what are you gonna do?", "Oh yeah, how you gonna do that?", "Oh wow, really?" 

And then I'm already saying, "And then I'm gonna cut off your fucking head you retard polish bitch!" But I was always going to do what I was subliminally programmed to. It's ideomotor, really. 

And you honestly know less about me then you think. Like you don't know I'm a man with tits now. I wanted at least quasi-female, but I wasn't awarded the title.  Not really recently either.  I don't really like making a deal of it though. I mean, that could be total bullshit, but you really know so little about me away from here, you would never be able to confirm or deny that. Guess I went the coward turned transgirl route. And I didn't go with Eva. And I don't act like I do here... at all. 

To the dream of being a lesbian, with other transgirls that also had the dream of being a lesbian. 

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Anna Sep 6
I have nothing against homosexuals or transgender people, honestly. My views are quite liberal. From what I remember it's been you raving mad about lesbians and transgender females.

And no, I don't presume to know you. I'm talking about the impression you make online, at least to me. You have a right to disagree. I have never seen you in the direct confrontation with anyone significant here or elsewhere. Not that I take online debates and arguments oh so damn seriously. Still better option than barking at the wall about someone who is no longer here or has never been here.

You could be anyone in real life for all I care. Here, you're a pastime.

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Dark Enlightenment
"You could be anyone in real life for all I care. Here, you're a passtime."

Now, at least we know where we stand. 

And at least there's acknowledgement of separation.

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Hoodlum88 Sep 6
And that's how that ends. 
Dantalion Sep 6
It’s funny you should bring up neighbor wars. We kind of have that going on in my neighborhood right now. So a couple that lived in this house adjacent to ours for a long time moved out and started renting out their house to a bunch of younger partiers and the rest of our neighborhood hasn’t taken kindly to it. They are parking a bunch of junk cars on the street in front of peoples houses and the cops have been called on them because a woman got the shit beat out of her in front of their house a few months ago, and just recently someone (I’m thinking it’s someone from the neighborhood that’s sick of them) keyed every single one of their cars. I had to start parking my truck behind my gate because of these people. This has traditionally been a quiet respectful neighborhood, and these people have been a huge nuisance. All my neighbors including me are sick of them. I don’t know, I read your recent post and it reminded me of our little neighborhood war we have going on in our neighborhood. I wish these people would move out. There’s like 8 of them in one house. I’m not joking. It’s only a small 4 bedroom house. Their junk cars are all up and down the neighborhood.
Anna Sep 7
My neighborhood fortunately is peaceful. To have troubles, you first have to make friends with the wrong people and then piss them off. I mean the drug dealers. Random people, except the clients, don't even know about their existence. Or they didn't know until they started stalking their associate who turned them to the police; my neighbor's son. I don't know the details, why he did it or who was arrested but he had to move away for the fear of their revenge. His parents were threatened too. It was mainly the silly shit like spraying the vulgar words on their door, lighting grave candles and putting wreaths on a doormat.
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