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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Mar 27 '23
Just random stuff that may/may not fit any particular forum/thread.
Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Mar 27 '23

Microsoft has a fucking agenda and could care less about you and what you specifically would like to use your computer for. They load it up with a ton of unnecessary shit running in the background that you likely will not make use of or even give a shit about.

Spend your valuable time optimizing for boot speed and general performance and then they will simply just take another dump on it during one of their forced updates which is fine if you have nothing better to do than fuck around with a computer.

Sure, you could ultimately say fuck it and go with Linux as I have before, but it has been a very long time and I'm not exactly sure what the state of Linux is these days not to mention that there are a gazillion other things higher up on my list of priorities.

So, we simply forge on what is unfortunately and ironically the path of least resistance.

Anna Mar 27 '23
I've yet to meet someone who would be willing to pay for that shit. Not so long ago the free version was all black. If you happened not to like the black all too much, then you put the nigger into the washing machine, added washing powder and after some spinning it went out white.

Could be rinse and repeat if you unintentionally downloaded the verification update.

They seem to give up hunting for parasites for now on. Will only warn you that everyone offering you the free software is out to get you.

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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Mar 27 '23
One exception would be if you use your phone for most everything.
rigo666 Mar 27 '23
Microsoft has the Thelemic gematria value of 708. Word from the Book of the Law that also equals 708 are, 'Our Chosen, Servants, Great Work, Limitless, Thoughts, Coagulation.' Microsoft Incorporation is the chosen corporation of the new aeon, chosen servants of Nuit, possessed of limitless thought and creativity, which coagulates into software. They will one day rule the world of the new aeon and bring about on earth a new golden age of civilization, technology, and computers. Bill Gates' name adds up to 522 with Thelemic gematria. Words from the Book of the Law that add up to 522 also are, 'Priest, Initiate.' Praise the Gates. Aumgn.
Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Mar 28 '23


Ultimately some aspects of the esoteric resolved to being a bit too occulty for me; just don't have the time and/or am apparently not very motivated in some regards.

When it comes to numerology/gematria it's mostly zero and the nine numbers of creation that interest me where zero begins enumeration of cosmic anabolism from atop the crown followed by the emergence of God(1) and the beginning of order(2-9(and one reflected(01; 10))) from recurring chaos.

Gematria doesn't even technically begin until number eleven of the thirty two paths which would be the major arcana of the tarot corresponding to the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet with the initial ten sefirot representing the minor arcana - the sefirot themselves also being considered as paths.

When it comes to Kabbalah and numbers though(or anything else) I pretty much just take what aligns with a contemporary cosmology and leave the rest with maybe a few exceptions here and there where appropriate.

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Mar 28 '23

Bullshit - 

Things like gematria and numerology.  And also anything A:.A:.

They satiate the mundane part of the individual. The part wired with the genetic memories of sky creature bullshit. 

The mindset that uses occurrences of a specific astrological configuration to predict the likelihood of events without reference to anything cause/effect.  

Spirituality is a relic. A thing that will continue declining in significance.  

That's the next Aeon. That's the next "spiritual" understanding. To can the ingrained and repetitive motifs of superstition. 

Anyway, superstition traditionally appeals more to poor and untouchable castes. 

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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Mar 29 '23

A lot of it is bullshit. Like in the premise of what I wrote, I just don't have the time and/or am not really interested in the upper echelons of gematria. There was this one guy from another forum who would resolve everything to a number as if it had some significance and to me it was just some random number - they were obsessed with a subjective number theory.

I even have a little repetitive OCD, but not anything to do with numbers. I may have certain preference to some numbers over others that may fluctuate a bit here and there over time. There are mathematical properties and formulae of certain numbers like locating transpositional accounting errors dividing by nine and a whole slew of others I don't care to look up at the moment.

I do get into a bit of the subjective arena of numbers occasionally if I notice correlations between numbers and ideas but I'm not one to pull something out my ass and write it down. There is some number jargon that persists from literature that was assimilated once upon a time, and there are some occult folks here; I myself don't have any contempt for that sort of thing so I may venture out on some arbitrarily tenuous limb of abstraction from time to time.

rigo666 Mar 29 '23
The Thelemic gematria value of "anus" is 330. Words that also add up to 330 are, "Satan, Ordeal, Burn, Sky, Heaven."

The anus is such a precious place of many secrets. Those who dare to open that secret door and who can endure the ordeal of the burning sensation of having the anal door opened and stretched will be blessed by Satan to become enlightened about the secrets of heaven.

Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Mar 29 '23

This one guy was into a lot of sensible stuff like cosmology, fractals, and physics but he was obsessed with this "code"; saying this word resolves to this number et al, and adding up lists of gematrial values rendering sums of significance. Needless to say, he did spend a lot of time defending his code; at times with more numerical codes - the ol' serpent of circularity.

Like what's the difference between causation and correlation (post ergo propter hoc), or even  more suave what's the difference between co-incidents and co-relations.

I'm sure there's some solid and profound numerological esoterica out there, but you might need to put your hip waders on to find it.

Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Mar 30 '23

Satan Ordeal Burn Sky Heaven

It's such a beautiful day today!! Blue "sky" as far as the eye can see; birds are singin', but "Satan" has burdened you with this "burning" sensation in your asshole that just won't go away? 

Lucky for you, "Heaven" has sent some soothing Preparation-H your way, now, let's melt those "ordeals" away. Cut that tube, shove it up your ass, give it a squeeze...

 And re-sume your day!!

rigo666 Apr 28 '23
I bought the Supernote A5x a few weeks ago. It's basically an e-ink notepad that replaces paper based notebooks. This fat bitch talks about it:

I've been using my Supernote for a few weeks now. I like it a lot now. You can send your notes and things you write to an export folder and then transfer the stuff in the export folder onto your computer. 

The Supernote has page type templates. The default page is a no-lined page. There are various page templates with lines, and templates of different grid paper also. 

It lasts weeks on a charge. I still have not had to actually charge mine yet since I bought it, and I use mine on a regular basis; at least a few times a day. 

It's a very interesting tool to have. After using it for a few weeks, I think for me at least, that my Supernote will actually replace paper based notebooks. 

My only gripe about the Supernote is that it is super expensive. The A5X version, which is the bigger of the two versions, costs $600. 

Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn May 30 '23

Watchers 'n' Whispers

I come here because I like the writing and the music, and with some of these other sites there's a lot of bird talk and bird watching and then you got these transparent entities and the bird watchers don't like it when they start messin' with the faggots and feathers get ruffled so they cater to the queerdom projected as the status quo of a Peaceable Kingdom.

Ironically, the passive aggressive faggotry is ignored which has tendency to be the most annoying - they just keep whispering "fuck you" while elsewhere a good edge is being put on the machete.

I've had enough of your whispering; I can't take it anymore.


Cornelius Coburn
I was thinking about existence and absolutes.

Absolute space, absolute time, and absolute substance.

Things get a bit weird when thinking about absolutes because there aren't any, but only some nemesis of nothing(the default), creating something, where there is naught.

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Cornelius Coburn
Maybe this place will just level off with a diminishing of the downward decline; maybe it already has, and as long as the posting of paragraphs, pussy poetry, pictures, and musical pieces continues post-this post in whatever thread appropriate, who cares.
Cornelius Coburn
Two cats, two floors, and two litter boxes? You'd think it'd be a no-brainer unless one cat shits almost twice as much as the other one.
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