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Cornelius Coburn
Re : 'til

I was once told at a writing forum that "'til" is not 'proper' and that "till" is the preferred usage, but I say it is a proper abbreviation and can be a more pleasing aesthetic at times.

So fuck formal fashion, this is artwork here that we're talking about.

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Cornelius Coburn

Re : Religion : Psycho Chickens

@the proto chicken went nuts

Religion, theology, philosophy, and the sciences. Nobody really knows. What I do know though, is that once you start removing all of the things that were created, shit starts getting really weird

Cornelius Coburn
We've been working on it off and on. it's kind of like a side gig or something.
Cornelius Coburn

Dirty Guns Not Dirt Cheap

Went into this big local gun shop because I was thinking about downsizing my Ruger .44 with a .357, but what they had looked pretty used and overpriced.

I bought a Colt Anaconda .44 there once a couple decades ago and it turned out to be somewhat garbage. It looked really cool, but the rear sight wouldn't stay put until I locked it with thread compound, and the cylinder was getting some play from being fired so many times.

I bought most of my guns new and my .44 looks pretty pristine in comparison to what they had, so I left empty handed. I did have expectations for what I was to see there but in retrospect for all intents and purposes, I suppose at best this particular endeavor was really nothing more than...

A Shot in the Dark

The owner wasn't there so the kid couldn't have traded anyway, so I'll probably go back at some point and have another look. I really would like to have a .357 again. I'm at the extremes right now with a .22 and a .44.

Cornelius Coburn


Why would I give a fuck? Or even more precisely, why would anyone on a Satanic forum give a fuck?

Most don't. I even spend what free time I have indulging in what this creation has to offer; the writing and the discourse(or lack thereof) is just one other hobbyist compulsion like being an auto enthusiast. There are countless fruits or fruity endeavors to be enamored here, so, pick your...

I don't even give a fuck if anyone reads this, comments on it, or listens to any of the music, because I do, and that's what matters most. Why? Because it's good, but as all good things, they inevitably come to a close or just perpetually and gradually diminish in their spritedness at the hands of time.

With the latter of the above culminating in a question; aside from it being complete and utter bullshit. Is eternal life really that appealing? As opposed to starting over, anew, and peering at creation through the eyes of a child?

It's true though, sometimes life isn't easy, and nobody knows what hand they could be dealt, but the options are polarized, binary, or a slim few as in only two. To be, or not to be. That is the...

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