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Dark Enlightenment

Bing bong. What China gonna do? What are secret chinese invasion plans?

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rigo666 Apr 26
Did you know tones in Chinese were a relatively new evolution of Chinese. Old Chinese did not have tones. Interestingly, there are a lot of indo-european words found in Old Chinese. 

Dark Enlightenment

Mandarin fucking sucks. Forget tones I couldn't even differentiate the sounds of initials, like Zh vs. J.  

Chinese should say fuck it and pivot to pinyin. Screw the characters. Just use the English writing system version.

I can remember:  

Nǐ hǎo, wǒ shì zhōngguó rén.

Before I could remember: 


And when you try to teach yourself this horrid language you finally get the pigeon English the stereotypes speak. 

It says, "Herro, I am Chinese" but it can also say "Herro, I am China Person" and "Herro, I am Chinese person". But you doesn't has to say "Herro, I am A Chinese person", because China no have indefinite articles. 

Gave up eventually . Can't imagine a language like Vietnamese, with their 6 tones, but they don't have characters to learn, so that's a plus. 

Screw tone languages. Trying to learn one push out too much English.  
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rigo666 Apr 26
I know. I hate Chinese too. I can't tell the difference between their tones. It can never be a global language like English. 
Dark Enlightenment
I agree, Mandarin will never work as a global language. They will still try to get everyone else to drop English in favor of it though.  

It's time for NATO, Austrailia, Japan, and South Korea to consider a stable "one world language" for international diplomacy. And then transition away from countries partial to speaking Mandarin Even Arabic speaking ones. In that case it's time for the polar bears to die. Fuck them. The bleeding hearts for the arctic keep us dependent on speaking Mandarin and Arabic. We need to establish self sufficient production to help bolster our own language.  

There's enough resources between USA, Canada, Norway, amd Great Britain to keep it all in english. Keep speaking in english. Fuck Arabic, and fuck their cities of tomorrow.  

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Dantalion Apr 26
Ha ha. The title of this thread reminds me of when I worked for a construction company tearing down an old steel mill. The old machinery in the plant was being sold to China, and there were all these Chinese people that would walk around and try and tell us what to do, and we would fuck with them so bad. When they would walk by, I would tell them “ping pong slap a ding dong” lolol!
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