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Hoodlum88 Jun 27
How many edits, on average, do you need before you get your posts all neat and proper?

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Dark Enlightenment
Are you Spartacus or something or is that supposed to be cryptic? Fuck off "Rent Boy". Buggering wanker.  See, I can do britishisms too. 

It doesn't change that it was once suggested to me, after I mocked some bitch and her stupid twat-quest game, to try to be a bigger asshole, seemed like a great idea at the time.

I had hope I actually was being a bigger asshole, to someone, anyone. Anyone that cries. Just for wanting me to blindly trust or act on something. That was the goal. In my perfect world I would be hurting said mystery bitch and taking away its want to do it anymore. With the hope it was real and my lack of faith was hurting it immensely. Like you only telling that "muse" to go fuck itself instead of giving loving messages to it. 

Just seemed like it needed to be shat on is all.

It's crazy, but satisfying. If it was a religion, it be attainment through being sadistic to your guardian angels. A religion of being mean towards the idea of personalized cosmic benevolence. It needed that malevolent counter. And that seems to succeed to stop them from trying play here anymore. 

And that took 14 edits in total, Rent Boy. 

Just kept needing to add more pointed bitching, where I use your comment to say things I wanna say.  Might as well get it right, right? 

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Anna Jun 28
@CC, "Nobody gives a fuck about you anymore, even Anna left, although she'll probably pop back in to say she hasn't." 

You're right, it's not that I left just don't post much because there aren't really any discussions going on. It's three or four people dropping in. There are tech issues but that's up to Zach and he probably doesn't know what to do about them. He obviously needs some tech guy who could help him otherwise the site will become totally unusable.

Although if Canis wants to take all the credit for the network's problems, kindly let him have it. The poor guy feels an overwhelming need to look "evil."

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Hoodlum88 Jun 28
I actually do care about him enough to engage, but that's for being a constant victim that attempts to appear otherwise. 

While mildly clever to call a blues supporter, 'rent boy', it's no more than the wit of a hammers fan. Cool that the dude likes our football, but as 'Captain America'  has shown us, West London is better off without any inconsistent Americans to make a mess inside the 6 yard box. It may be an apt analogy, I could absolutely see this person fucking it all up with an easy tap-in.

Dark Enlightenment
I just miss when there would be random bitch-socks to get to "rage quit" and leave long diatribes about how they dont care about me. It was funny. 

Out of nowhere, this bitch is going off on me for paragraphs like I'm Aquino or something. They were the most unexpected rage quits and incidents, and I never even knew what I did to prompt them. Like why are all these broads frustrated? Some bitch harm herself over it or something? But it was invorogating nonetheless. And I can only guess as to their purpose. 

Even fake versions of angry bitches going off on me like I pissed on their goals was enough. It's not really intended on being "evil" as much as like yoga or something. Like people center themselves with yoga I use this.  Attainment via the hope I was cutting off the fucking wings of some dumb cunt trying to play online esoteric angel at my expense. Simply for doing it.  At very least making the effort to fake it. 

It yielded just enough apparent possible results to endlessly push.

10 edits used. 

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Dark Enlightenment
The weirdest time was my birthday (a day I don't acknowledge) in 2015.

My broke ass is leaving The Beyond Welfare Grocery Store and some bitch that looks a lot like some bitch from 3000 miles away gets out of a car. And then she awkwardly walks by me like she was trying to get me to say something. That type of shit was a daily thing, so I thought, "Oh look they found a look-alike to come waddle through a parking lot now." 

Definitely a bitch was told to wait and then get out of her car to time walking by me.  

At that point, I had dealt with stupid shit like that all the time and had begun fighting it mostly. Afterwards, I felt i was allowed to blame internet bitches for it forever.

It became fun to do the opposite of what I thought was expected. In that case, I looked at that look-alike like it was nothing, and it's body language shifted to total dejection. As i drove off I swear I heard it yell something. Pretty good acting all in all. 

The weirdest thing was, the bitch it looked like, didn't post at 600 club for 3 months after that. The bitch that never stopped posting shut the fuck up. People even pointed out and wondered what happened to her. 

As a crazy person I am allowed to construct a narrative surrounding that.  And that narrative: Theres a bunch of quasi-spy bitches playing stupid games with people online that deserve to be infuriated. 

That shit doesn't really happen anymore, but it did at one point. And nothing anyone can say will back me off that. 

And maybe I let the answer waddle by all those years ago? 

Who knows.  I feel justified in my continued behavior, even 5-8 years after most of it stopped happening. It's one of those never forgive/never forget things. 

6 edits used. 

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Hoodlum88 Jun 28
Schizoaffective victim card it is.
Dark Enlightenment
Okay that shit, /\ Doesn't do shit. 

Yes, I'm sure that's what a little programmed bitch would say. And you come across like a concensus programmed ordinary bitch.  Bet you are. Bet you got your covid shots and all. Enjoy the damaged heart. 

What if they (like your MI6) really use frequency resonance (put voices in people's heads and trigger their minds), organized harassment, and other pervasive psychological tactics to target individuals for whatever reason? What if there really are payroll bitches (around the world) with nothing better to do than play stupid 4-chan-styled esoteric last-starfighter games with people online and in real life?

And about those "last starfighrers", what if they really do have a tendency to get guns and go a-mass shooting over being fucked with by a bunch of esoteric fruitcakes? 

Fuck this planet. And fuck all the covert punks using bitch-made tactics to ruin peoples lives, for whatever fucking reason they do it. 

You just have to be "Cassandra of Arc" to call it out. All the martyrdom, with nobody believing you. 

Always worth it. Even though it never solves anything. 

6 edits used. 

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Hoodlum88 Jun 28

Quote from Dark Enlightenment  All the martyrdom, with nobody (caring what happened to) you.
There, fixed that for you. Not that hard to live in 2013.   
Dark Enlightenment
Hey, at least I didn't turn into some sappy bitch posting music videos as an homage to the cult-of-personality faceless esoteric high priestess cunt-licker.

I chose the jackass version of that game. 

4 edits used. 

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Dark Enlightenment

And speaking of the high-priestess cunt-licker...

 One time I apparently made some minister bitch that pretended to be "Chloe Ortega" online kill herself, or fake an obituary and disappear. She said she made up the name and everything. I remember it distinctly because she said something about mexican food. I still have no clue why she told me that. But its no false memory. It was probably jeebus related. Out of nowhere, "I pretend to be a satanist online named _____".  That one wasn't the least bit Vietnamese though, she was either a Mexican or a Filipino. 

Her name was Addy. She drove some little yellow hamster car covered in jesus stickers. She was a dumb bitch with no sense of humor. And that was before I was even posting on Satanism sites, but one of the things that led me to start.   

I mean, I really didn't give a shit about her, but apparently I made enough of an impact (and fucked with her emotions) to make the bitch go crazy and jump off a bridge.  Or so I was told. She just disappeared, people started acting weird, and two weeks later I looked up recent obituaries. Couldn't put farce past the games they were playing..  dead enough, never saw her again. 

It seems I have an unharnessed ability to tear bitches hearts out while remaining completely ignorant to what I'm doing.  Like a muse using me for suicide inducement. 

I can verify at least 1 via obituary in Fall 2012. 

After that, who knows? Maybe I got a "freaked out bitch kill count" I am unaware of? I sorta want to know the total number of people I've done that too without knowing.  Could put marks in a knife handle to commemorate each one like a serial killer. 

Anywho, Just really weird "what the fuck are you people on about" shit since around 2012 that never really got answered. Things here are just a continuation of shit that started before I made an account, and mostly died off about 2018/2019 or so. 

Have fun with that one if you choose to care. 

Lucky 13 edits used. 

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Dark Enlightenment
And here's one for my self-created muse. I see Deftones used recently. Though I would have used this song. 

Did I do good with the mean-spirited crazy, muse? 

I think I may actually miss when it was at its craziest, instead of me at my craziest. 

2 edits used.

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Anna Jun 28
You repeat yourself.
Hoodlum88 Jun 29
Destined for paranoid dementia? 

And not the humourous Grandpa Simpson kind either. 

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