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Owner/Admin Jun 20 '23
It puts a smile on my face knowing that my voice was sampled into a DJ track featuring the video ' 30 hits of ACID ' .  Should I take pride in helping millions of youth develop a interest in psychedelics and many of those eventually take the plunge into the kaleidoscope vortex of the subconscious ? Or should i be ashamed glorifying drug use and ultimately my own struggle with addiction ?? 

You fucking better believe I am proud of it! I am so fucking full of myself i have shiorts with my own Mutha fuckin face on them ! And I ACTUALLY


But in all seriousness if 1 out of 100 people who saw  the viral video ' 30 hits of acid ' decided to take the chance drop that tab or shroom and begin their journey into the astral planes ... that would mean i turned on like 80 thousand people ( or os it 800,000 ) to a entire new reality and way of percieving the universe around them. i think my life purpose has been seen and done. 





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Dantalion Jun 21 '23
Oh legend for sure. Your YouTube channel is one of my favorite ones. I love that video when you filmed yourself doing DMT. I was like “I totally got to try this shit!” Lolol! So yea your videos have a lot of influence. DMT is a lot of fun when it’s good, but when it’s bad it’s REALLY bad.
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