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Dantalion Jul 7 '23
I’m sitting in the parking lot of my work waiting to clock in, and I’d thought I’d post about some of the good looking, to straight up extremely hot, loyal, cool women that I’ve seen be with men that were much older then them. And these dudes weren’t that good looking at all. I see it all the time. Older men with super hot women who are much younger than them. The two hottest women I’ve ever seen in my entire life were with older, funny looking dudes. So if you’re an old, funny looking man, a super hot, loyal woman could literally just drop out of the sky and be your mate and companion.

The first super hot woman I saw with a funny looking older man was at this house I used to party at in Salt Lake that was called Heretic House. It was a house full of gothic Satanists and that is where I got my first taste of Satanism. This was like 2001, or 2002. But there was this funny looking 40 ish guy with long hair and fucked up teeth who was with what was EASILY the hottest woman I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I don’t remember her name, but she looked like she was in her late 20s and im telling you, all these Instagram models you see with the big tits and perfect skin have nothing on this woman. She had fangs implanted and she was totally goth. She would dress up like a hot goth cosplay chick and her skin was that hot creamy white and her tits were huge and perfect. Im telling you, this woman was HOT. And the guy she was with wasn’t successful or good looking at all. He was a junkie and alcoholic with fucked up teeth.

The second super hot woman I saw was when I lived in Washington in Olympia. So it was common for people in Olympia to go eat at the Salvation Army for lunch. Even if you weren’t homeless, people who were typically in the junkie community would go eat at Salvation Army. There was this dude and this INSANELY hot junkie chick that would go eat there, and every time that chick got in line to go eat there, everyone would just stop what they were doing and stop their conversation and stare at this insanely beautiful lady. You know how when a super hot woman steps into a room, how everyone in the room stops what they’re doing and fumbles over themselves because they don’t know what to do? It was like that. This is another chick that made these big titted Instagram hotties look 2nd rate. And the guy she was with wasn’t good looking at all. He looked like he was in his 50s and should be a car mechanic or construction worker. He has a pudgy belly and thin hair. I would see those two together and I must admit, I was jealous of the dude. He wasn’t successful at all either. Hell, he was taking her to eat at a homeless shelter for fucks sake.

The last example is this girl Caylee I knew and my friend Max. They were actually featured in the show “Intervention”. It may be on YouTube. Look up “Intervention, Caylee” and it may pop up. But Caylee was 18 years old and Max was 50!!!!! Caylee isn’t nearly as hot as the other women I just mentioned, but she wasn’t that bad looking either. She was hella cool too. Because after all, looks are only part of what makes a woman hot.

But yea, if your a man and are lonely, just remember that at any time in your life, the woman of your dreams may just pop up out of nowhere and bless you with her grace and beauty.
Lord Nehilus
Lord Nehilus Jul 7 '23
There are lot of young hot women who date older men for their money and there are also a lot of young hot women who have sugar daddies. Do not let your eyes fool you. If you are lonely as a man nobody gives a shit and women only desire men they know or sense other women desires.
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Dantalion Jul 8 '23
@Lord Nehilus
I think you only partially read my post. I highly doubt those first two dudes had very much money at all. I’ve seen plenty of broke guys with high level, high IQ, good looking women. Truth is, who knows what attracts women to some men. The point I was trying to make is the woman of your dreams may just pop out of nowhere and enter your life, as these women did with these men. It’s happened to me and it could happen to you too.
Lord Nehilus
Lord Nehilus Sep 9 '23
What do you know about that? Men can be rich while looking broke. In the end it is not about money when it comes to attractive men but the fact that women want men other women want. A man is attractive to women if he appear desired by other women. The idea that your ideal woman may just pop up out of nowhere is a pipe dream.
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Anna Sep 10 '23

We don't really know anything about the nature of these relationships. Was there some emotional investment in it or was it merely about sex? In the case of the latter an ape will do. People can get turned on by some really weird shit. Sometimes, the coarse, the crude is arousing. Like an acquaintance of mine had an affair with an old, ugly stinking farmer with dirt under his fingernails. It turned her on that he fucks her right after milking cows or shoveling pig shit. But it was strictly about sex and nothing else. No real commitment. And such a relationship can end as quickly as it began, especially if there are no strings attached.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Oct 13 '23
Being a man is fucking simple. Here is the edited, revised treatise.

 A "man" is a programmed faux-chivalrous testosterone crammed alpha-bitch feeding heteronormality. And that's really all that needs to be said. 

How fucking hard is it to pretend you give a shit, make a funny but confident/memorable impact, give it a week, and then go back and have the simplistic girl nailed by midnight?  A little assertive action is all that's really needed after the initial impression. It's fucking easy. And if you ignore them or treat them like shit, they'll fucking absolutely lose their fucking minds. Not a stereotype. If you notice a little, but don't pursue, they'll go insane. 

This mindset works best. 

But EVERY fucking alpha-guy does that and plays that stupid game. Fucking boring. Guys are boring and stupid. It gets you laid a whole lot if you do it right, and will leave a trail of scorn if you do it a little and then stop caring. You can either fuck 'em one by one, or make them lose their minds one by one. Or one, then the other.  Sometimes they try to kill themselves I guess. It really comes down to what really gets you off. 

But that is not my fault, mom was too much of an autistic dyke to give us attention. So that was, like, getting back at her through transference or something..

See Danish Faggot, that's how you troll with incel shit. 

Heres a true Story from 2011: 

In real life, if you do that, they'll strip down to their cute green underwear, sit across from you on the couch, and look at you until you "be assertive". Like, "Oh please take me to the bedroom and fuck me, but this is as much as I'm willing to do!"  And that really is about the BIGGEST "Please fuck me" signal I think girls are capable of. 


If you arent assertive, because she's a boring fucking rap-liking, internet meme airhead, she'll fuck the nasty Brazilian dude out of frustration over you ignoring her. One guy can get other dudes laid by just being there and not giving a shit. He didn't have to even move, as she only straddled him because you wouldn't move on her.  

Love the sliding standards of what a guy has to do...  True story.  Hi, whatever your stupid fucking name was. She was a Mormon bitch from Utah that lived in OB with a ghetto black girl name, Katrisha, something like that. Hi, whore, I think was your true name. 

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