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Lord Nehilus
Lord Nehilus Jul 14
After that teenageboy murdered 2 women for demonic pact the alarms were on in society. Koetting got the blame but it seems to me that it can rise a new satanic panic. 

I consider that to be good. For to long now the S has stand for "sissy" because of TST. If Satanism becomes feared once more the power would be taken away from TST expecially if the say "this is not real Satanism" as they would be hypocrites. What do you think? The S will no longer be "sissy". It will once again be "sinister".

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Owner/Admin Aug 8
" The S will no longer stand for sissy . The S will stand for sinister " . I seem to have heard this somewhere before. I don't know maybe just a echo in the room. .
Lord Nehilus
Lord Nehilus Aug 8
You came with the phrase I think
Anna Aug 9
Really? I thought the sinister meant barking at the closet door.
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Anna Aug 9

Oh I can post a picture.

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Dark Enlightenment


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Zakkary Sep 1
I think all such 'panics' are engineered...? There's been an 'Islamic panic' since 911 that has facilitated foreign invasions and occupations. We now have a 'transgender panic', which is a convenient distraction from the failed investment in the war in Ukraine, and a talking point for the conservative Right when there's nothing else they would like people to discuss.... as there's no point in doing so 'no matter who you vote for in 2024 Vanguard and BlackRock are still coming after your money'.
Anna Sep 2
In this case, it's more self-righteous indignation than actual panic. Not that it's only a Christian or TST thing. There was once some "sinister" artist who was nearly lynched on fapbook for supporting dog sacrifice. I don't remember the details of the drama, only the moral outrage because how could anyone murder a poor innocent dog? It's funny that you can be evil but not too evil because you can make your comrades look bad. It's all good. Nobody is too wicked to be saved by Jesus.
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