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Dantalion Aug 23 '23
So I saw a Facebook post from an old friend of mine who is a Juggalo, and it got me thinking about the many times I hug out with him and his group of Juggalo friends back in the day, and I thought I’d post about some of these people for your entertainment. These guys were and probably still are real Juggalos and I thought I would just give you an idea if just how off the chain these people really are.

So I met most of these people from a job I had doing inventory for Wal Marts and Sams clubs back in the early 2000s and got to know my friends circle of friends really well, and these guys were CRAZY!! First let me tell you about a guy we’ll call “nasty”

He was about 300 lbs and super perverted. He had a girlfriend he was with who was a Juggalette and they would openly talk about the nasty shit they did during sex. Pissing and shitting on each other, eating it, having orgies while doing this, etc. Shawn had this dog that he taught to lick his balls. He would drop his pants and the dog would come up and start licking his dick and balls and would do this till he came on it (he would do this in front of me). I did all kinds of drugs with “nasty”, particularly oxys and Xanax. So for about a year I would buy pills off of him, until one day when he was fucked up on Xanax he told me about this Dr. He was getting all these pills from. He gave me the dudes card and he said “just go see this guy and tell him your back hurts and he’ll give you all kinds of scripts. So I did. I saw the Dr. And I got a 6 month script for oxy 80s and yellow Xanax bars. I made a lot of money during that six months. That Dr ended up getting busted and it was a big thing in the news. Look up Dr Warren Stack. The guy is probably still in prison. Glad I was able to see him before he got busted.

Anyways “nasty” had a friend that lived in his garage. This dude would huff gas in there constantly. I actually huffed gas with him one time and the hallucinations you get from it are fucking absolutely crazy! I caused severe brain damage from doing that.

Oh “nasty” also had this gold 70s Trans Am (I think) that he purposely fucked up just for the hell of it. He didn’t change the oil in it for years and blew the engine up. “Nasty” did this just for the hell of it. He didn’t even have a backup car.

Then there was this other dude from the same Juggalo click that worked with us, and this guy was nuts too. At the time, we were working out of town a lot in Phoenix and we would do about 30 round trips a year from Salt Lake to Phoenix in these big Chevy Econoline vans, so we would do all kinds of stuff to keep ourselves occupied (this was well before smart phones). So what our Juggalo friend would do is give himself tattoos with a sewing needle and ink from an ink pen. After a year of working there, he had shitty ghetto tats all over him, including a rudimentary hatchet man on his arm. One time, I got drunk with this dude and he was mad at my boss after getting yelled at at work earlier in the day, so that night as my boss was getting back from the store, he threw a glass 40 bottle at his car as he was pulling in. Good thing it was a rental. I did all kinds of drugs with this dude. One day, before counting a sams club, he asked me if I wanted to “hit the bullet”. I didn’t know what it was, but my dumb ass was like “sure!), so he pulls out this plastic snuffer thing full of meth, and he says “snort this as hard as you can”. So I took a hit and I got the most tweeked out I’ve ever been. This was when meth was straight up crank. Good times.

But yea, I had some good times with the Juggalos. They’re hardcore people. In Utah prisons, they’re considered a violent gang because a group of them killed a south sider with their trays. Now there’s a green light on site if any south sider sees a Juggalo.

I’m telling you, the most off the rails people you’ll ever meet are Juggalos.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 25 '23
How can a couple of Detroit faggots beget an actual gang? I thought they were a joke band? I swear they started with comedy albums. Or like a dirty Adam Sandler of wannabe rap songs. Only they weren't Jewish, so it wasn't funny. I knew their fans were fucking stupid, but to turn their wanna-be Lovecraft dark carnival shit into prison gangs and culture is fucking hilarious. 

 Thanks. I needed that. I gotta side South of 8 mile on that one. 

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