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Anna Oct 22
No but his forum looks really funny. If he hacks reality or dreams, maybe he hacks websites too lol.
Dark Enlightenment
Okay, then who was the person who would post those same smut stories with pussy avatars here? I swore that was Chloe doing the smut stories.  I will admit I was always wrong. 

Who does the freaking smut stories, Anna?  Trying to win the troll contest here. 

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Anna Oct 22
I told you, he and/or one of his supporters. Or any of the disgruntled or banned users. Believe whatever you want but it's always like this. It's kinda interesting like any trainwreck.
Dark Enlightenment
You didn't actually answer my question ABOUT THIS SITE. 


We have never had the hologram reality people in here. Who would do the smut stories here? 

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Anna Oct 22
Only in your brain they were the same.
Dark Enlightenment
Okay, whatever, but who would fucking do them HERE?

Who would do our version of pussy avatars and smut stories that were nothing alike? 

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Sabrina Oct 22
For those of you who think the Palestinian people and Hamas are just barbaric people who needs to be exterminated from Gaza, this video will give you a glimpse of the Palestinian’s people pain and suffering & what drives these Hamas members. It’s not Islam. It’s not Jews. Years and decades of oppression endangers anger and that’s exactly what’s driving them. So I’m not surprised when 70% of the Palestinians voted for Hamas because while the whole world is ignoring the inhumane harsh conditions they’ve been in for decades, it’s only Hamas that continues to fight for their people’s freedom. I don’t agree with their actions because my living environment is nowhere close to theirs, but I empathise with Hamas because they have valid reasons to be angry. So don’t act surprised if they go off to commit a suicide attack, because I won’t.

Lord Nehilus
Lord Nehilus Nov 3
Islam is the enemy of the whole world, so any enemy of Islam should be seen as an ally which in this case is Israel.
Dark Enlightenment
What Canis had to say is no longer relevant to this account, but DE says this video is all that really needs to be said about this conflict.


Though I will say one last thing on The Canis Character's 'goal':

Wouldn't it be absolutely hilarious if aforementioned stalker turned out to be a muslim? Extensive Qaran ownership and professed wearing of a head dealy does not necessarily mean anything with that one, though. 

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Anna Nov 14
Who cares about your Jewish agenda, you juice lover?

I don't support Israel but neither am I in favor of Muslims and Hamas. I say let the twats slaughter each other. The Earth is already over populated so if some idiots willingly cull each other, it's all for the better.

Dark Enlightenment
Well, satanists aren't allowed, because they are too up their own ass trying to look perpetually above ever taking a populist position, because it's just soooo mundane to do so. And if they do, it has to be somehow subversive, so it escapes the criticism of caring in a mundane way. 

 What an empty life. Like the political version of that contrarian movie snob that only likes the foreign Frenchy shit nobody has ever seen.

You know, there wouldn't even be all the ridiculous Pop-Satanism/Demonology/occultnik shit without Kaballah and Sufism... but whatever, New Model Army and shit.

I came up with another one...

Gotta keep that third way objective opinion going! They are but ants making their tunnels and so forth.  And you people call me nihilistic? 

* eye roll * 

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