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Cornelius Coburn
Some new; some revised and reposted
Cornelius Coburn
Things Come and Go

Things come and go

but from where do they come

and where do they go

A single facet of the infinite

manifested in the context

of unbounded diversity

In what time; in what place

Does eternity even yield a time

or infinity a place

Another illusion from nowhere

this emergent nothingness

ineffable, but still we write

This individuality

considered as illusion

an extension of the limitless

of the absolute

If alpha and omega be God

then this be the process

which encapsulates these

A dream from nothing

of God itself

further perpetuated

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Cornelius Coburn
This one's for the talented lady in Warsaw that fancies beautiful dresses:
  beauty.jpg (277Kb)
Anna Jan 18
Lovely. CC, it's so good to see you here again.
Cornelius Coburn
Thanks. There aren't really any other viable forums that I know of anyway without conducting another search and trial phase. Some are just plain ugly and hard on the eyes, others are too restrictive pertinent to freedom of speech/expression, the theological forums have their preset agendas, the heavily trafficked writing forums are equipped with their trigger-happy moderation, and the rest are either dead, defunct, or out of context. That covers a lot of it.

I did allude to this place being "viable" in comparison so it's anything but optimal for someone with a writing habit, and this is where I refer to the metaphorical bullfrog hopping from one sinking lily pad to the next until eventually he's right back where he started from - a nearly submerged lily pad which is why he hopped in the first place.

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Anna Jan 20
If you don't mind conspiracy cats, you can try abovetopsecret.com. I and Canis are there. Some discussions are cool. You can also write poems and short stories there. It has nothing to do with Satanism though.
Dark Enlightenment
You believe what you want, Anna.  But 'Autumn' invited you. 

'Canis' would have never brought you into the place, or even brought it up. 

'She' really is transgender though. Does app delivery too, so she moved to Capital Hill, Seattle to transition where nobody would know her. Because you can work anywhere. That was in late 2020. Whatever doesn't play much anymore. 

Honestly, how fucking stupid is it to draw attention to it, if your trying to pull off a BS character... just create a new one from scratch.  OOOO, maybe I'm really a spy and I took over and it's all misinformation to veil my identity under assumed transgender or male identity? 

Really, Anna. Either way, regardless who posts on these accounts now, both options have tits. 

One set are real, one set are not. And it was a whole lot of fun. So you're stuck with that regardless of which one you think that is. :P

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Anna Jan 20
The funniest thing is that you're trying so hard to convince me. And you know what people say... Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. Or... Pics or it didn't happen. Sooo...
Dark Enlightenment
Once more.

I'm not a guy. Your infatuation is misplaced. It bugs the shit out of me. Because you really don't need men or boys, because they are worthless, except as sperm doners.  And if you do, please pick another fucking idealized penis to be enamored over and talk about still existing. 

 It's disappointing. Why do you want to chase a pathetic monkey fuck anyway? Maybe I'm so fucking good you couldn't tell the difference? He started the fucking incel character, so blame him. I think his version was a faggot though. Or pretended to be. 

Maybe I liked playing a pathetic guy, whose dick you apparently care about. Do you like pathetic angry losers or something? Because that's that character. It's supposed to be the epitome of bitch and make you hate him.  Maybe not care about his dick anymore.  Just missing the fucking point. 

And maybe I'm "ugly" too. Maybe I'm afraid of putting myself out there and will choose to hide behind bullshit avatars for 10 years, until I have "the courage" to show my face. Maybe I'm like deformed or some shit? 

No, fuck that. 

You are in denial. And you oppress yourself in the process. AND I AM MOTHERFUCKING SICK OF YOU FLIRTING WITH THE GUY CHATACTER. And I know you have no self-fucking respect, because you, LIKE ALL THE OTHER WEAK FUCKING WOMEN, LOVE A GUY TREATING YOU LIKE SHIT.  You respond positively no less. Way to oppress yourself. 

Even if I was that lady-boy that treats you like shit, like you like, you would still be an intolerant dead-naming breeder for not acknowledging her. It's fucking pathetic. I should just start calling you an intolerant bigot stuck in the mundane heteronormative past.  Sad. But expected in a world programmed by Christian family values and disgusting fucking male/female heteronormative standards.

And I can edit this shit however many times I want. And then redact some shit. And then add more because straight girls piss me off. 

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Dark Enlightenment
So are we clear, in any instance you can go with, the person behind this account is female and is not attracted to heterosexuality? It's male existence ceased in 2020. 

If it's the male-female option, she is still "a transformer" (favorite pejorative) that identifies as a lesbian, and is not attracted to women that like men anyway. And qualifies as one for about half. 

I personally like the total DESTRUCTION of heteronormative gender roles and identities. If it makes you feel better about yourself to pretend, maybe its not pretend. Should be a non-issue, but to get to the point of non-issue, it first needs to get under the religion brainwashed skin a little, where every law is slightly more puritan. Jeebus and nuclear family Ozzie/Harriot bullshit was heavily ingrained as patriotic in the 50s. Now trying to get that out has recoiled and given the world Trump. 

To put a magnanimous spin on it, If believe if we can curb breeding 20-40% through deviant liberation, it would do wonders for resources. 

That's not to convince you of anything except where things stand. Every option you can go with has tits... and at least a metaphorical penis, which is necessary. 


Other guys in this thread are actual men.  They have a penis. Pay attention to them if that's what you want. 

Don't fucking play with me anymore if you don't want to play with a girl. 

It's sorta like Girls Gone Wild, it ceases to be fun when you know some fraternity bro is putting them up to it.  Way to objectify your fucking self for a jerk video.  Fucking hate that shit. 

Still annoyed can't let it go ETA:

Seriously, why the fuck do you care about his goddamn dick so fucking much? There are REAL men out there that will fuck you in REAL LIFE if thats what you want. If the girls conjoined at the head have husbands and a sexlife... 

Are there no REAL men in your life or something? You have to go after the caricature of a creepy fruitcake that would rather shrink the genitals with hormones? 

You don't need that.  You could at least give it a shot. It's great because there are no men..

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Cornelius Coburn

Just a brief interruption to reply here:

Nah, I'm cool with any place really where I can act without restrictions, is somewhat active, and at least a little in context, and this place has yet to become totally unusable, plus there is one other occult forum I'm using but it is kind of dead and there is an awful lot of faerie, pixie dust, and other unrealistic occult bullshit(mostly ignored), but it sure does get a fuck of a lot of views though - thread started last August has 200K views so far, and then there was that ongoing debate with that Jewish guy that brought the view count in that thread close to 500K; mostly good for views and creating playlists but not much else.

Thanks though; I'll get around to checking that site out for my next round, or maybe even sooner depending on how things play out.

I'll get back to this thread once it settles down a bit.

Edit: forced edit due to paragraph compactification.

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Anna Jan 21
@DE, you're getting boring. Seriously. I'm being honest now.
Dark Enlightenment
Good. Please stay bored, care about someone else, go find a real man with masculine chivalry to play with.  

Maybe they will also be warped enough to believe in anonymous internet people you really can't know anything about. Obviously.  

Maybe if you just believe in the possibility, your shining knight will come carry you off like in An Officer and a Gentleman ... "Love lift us up where we belong, where blah blah blah and eagles something". 

And then you won't care about me anymore. 

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Cornelius Coburn
It feels like a masculine persona to me Anna, but who knows. I suppose a heavily masculated dyke could also maybe give off similar energy.

Possibly a masculine feminine forging of an emasculate metal machinery where a clue is given by the appending of an 'a' Machin(a); like how some masculine names such as Carl or Robert are transformed accordingly to yield that feminine twinge.

Of course "Machina" is Latin for "Machine" but it still could've possibly been chosen for its somewhat feminine phonetics.

It's always seemed like a dude to me, and you know what they say "If it looks like a duck, and...", then it's probably a fuckin' duck, but does anyone really give a fuck - aside from online literary games I suppose.

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Dark Enlightenment
Well, either way, you're about to get some episodic hillarity. Well next time. 

Regardless of who I am, "Canis Machina" is my caricature for demonology. The guy who went insane on video and sent them to me, to elicit sympathy about how mean the evil internet girls were being to him. And maybe they were. And maybe it was deserved. Same shit he's done his entire time here. Next one is in public, on a street corner in the middle of the day. 

 So this is either a defacto, "Watch the noob get raped by Satan" PSA, or one very poorly thought out self-immolation.

Either way, it will be fun. And nobody anywhere will be attracted to him ever again. 

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Anna Jan 22
@CC, it's a freaking dude. Some users from SIN 1.0 know him personally. He was with Zach on Jesselnik comedy show (there's his photo) and since that time he hasn't changed. At all.
Dark Enlightenment
Prove it. Come on, Anna, use all your internet skill. Go talk to the owner.  Go track him fucking down if you can...

Until then, you don't know shit.  You're not actually a creepy fucking stalker? Let's see.  

OMG, he totally knows the owner, the only person from here that does. Yeah, see how far that gets you.  

They don't know me, and I encourage all said 1.0 users to return if they want, and join you. 

Come on, waste your time on the hideous fuck. 

Nothing ever comes back on the person writing this though.  I might get him tracked down. So knock yourself out, or him. Like I give a fuck what happens to him. The point is, I can talk shit to satanists. Fuck, tell all the skinhead O9A faggots "I will slit their loved ones throats and they dont have to guts to do anything about me saying that." 

Look if it's me, I just threatened people's families. That's just shit you don't say. 

Last known address posted. 

Go. Be Satanists. 

Maybe you can find better shit then what I will post anyway? 

The Forum post is edited by Dark Enlightenment Jan 22
Cornelius Coburn

That would be my guess, and it does seem that there has been periodic evidence of that over the years without bothering to take the time to locate and regather such evidence which would come off as a bit obsessive I think.

I have seen Zach talk about 'him' in a personal context but nothing really gender explicit that I recall.

At this point it's becoming reminiscent of the drunk driver that gets pulled over and denies consuming any alcohol(or admits to a deceitfully modest one or two drinks) as they stagger their way out of the car and then proceed to fail horribly on the FSTs.

He's at least twice the legal limit I think.

The Forum post is edited by Cornelius Coburn Jan 22
Dark Enlightenment
I'm sure everyone here would agree. 

 Now, I want to use fucking logic. If a guy wanted to play a girl and get away with it, he'd do it IN A FUCKING PLACE HE ACTUALLY COULD. Not assume the character and then try to switch it. That's beyond expert mode to pull off. 

 Seriously, not like the fucking site itself matters. Or the fucking people there. So why would ANYONE try to pull this off it a place they couldn't? Ask yourself, why would a real person, who is afraid of being wrong or hurt, make it so fucking easy? 

You people are too fucking easy. 

The Forum post is edited by Dark Enlightenment Jan 22
Dark Enlightenment
And also consider HOW FUCKING FUN IT WOULD BE to do this if it actually isn't the same person. 

 From sad, to one of the best fucking things anyone has ever done. An anonymous legend. 

 Like I'm going to fucking stop this.

The Forum post is edited by Dark Enlightenment Jan 22
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