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Anna Jan 22
Yeah CC, Zach posted the group photo from the show, where he was present. It was in his blog he deleted after he and Canis reconciled. Dunno what the silly baldie wants to achieve by pretending to be a girl. It's hilarious.
Dark Enlightenment
Okay, nevermind, moving on.

It really doesn't change anything anyway. Still indestructible with this account. 

I guess it doesn't need acknowledgement. 

Disappointing the faggot hitting himself didn't make more of an impact. Still posting the others. 

It is gonna be a lot of correcting Anna instead. 

No matter what she says, wherever she says it, I will have to correct her. And keep correcting her at great length, Not trying to actually convince her, but to get her to reassert her position. 

Anna, do you even know Chris? 

Ask Zach if he would ever let that video be seen. Narcissists have deep sense of shame and avoiding situations where it could occur. Not the type to be able to handle people laughing at him. He wouldn't be able to handle not being able to convince you. It would be counterproductive, psychologically speaking. This is about what he'd do. 

And I fucking love it, and being him. He would be sitting down thinking the best way to counter.  Like, "Okay, what's the best thing I can do to make this look real." And blah blah projection psychology whatever. 

There's absurdity and then there's absurdity. 

And also denial that the mighty cat could ever be tricked so thoroughly. And keep going getting tricked. 

And never be able to prove otherwise, because no one has the slightest clue what I really look like. You have baldy. And only baldy. And forever baldy. You have face proportions hidden in avatars, which is also fucking funny. 

That's the greatest part. Always be. Maybe I should just keep trying to convince her more? 

She wanted to talk about Chris, so no we are going to fucking talk about Chris. 

So what else about baldy do you like or dislike? 

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Cornelius Coburn

The dude in the video was a little dramatic, but he does look similar to the picture that girl posted here from Facebook a while back right before she disappeared.

He does sort of talk like a normative gender deviant and kind of acts that way a bit and the comment to Sam Owens at the 600 about getting his "head ripped off by a bull queer" seems fairly accurate in this context.

The writing sort of matches up with these depictions aside from its more calm, cool, and collected nature, but not to the extent of them being 'extremes'.

I believe I saw a reference to "logic" here, and as far as that goes it seems more "logical" to me that it's always been the same person rather than a continuation by some unknown imposter, and for what reasons? Because he was somewhat of an icon, to make anonymous threats on the account holders' behalf, or as a gaming attempt to gaslight(or mindfuck) Anna and possibly others(but fucked if anyone else comes to mind).

Why would any sane person do such things? Because they are tainted with immorality and tarnished with a tinge of amorality, and the Freudian ego simply doesn't give a fuck about filtering out shit that is unfit for society?

In any event, like I said "I'm just not privy to all this shit", but I come to write stuff and this is what I have to work with; something(or someone) apparently caused the dude to go to extremes.

Cue up the track maestro

Cornelius Coburn
He does appear to have a fairly robust skull though, so I don't think that fazed him much.
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Dark Enlightenment
I was just going to leave this all where it is but...

or as a gaming attempt to gaslight(or mindfuck) Anna and possibly others(but fucked if anyone else comes to mind).

Anna and the others are already mindfucked.


Nobody notices the arc as it happens.  The behavior change was even noted, but not the drifting linguistic tells. From timid and scared to make claims that could be wrong (cuz hes a fucking narcissist), to a person who doesn't GIVE A FUCK how crazy said claims make the character look. And when done subtly, over a protracted period, NO ONE NOTICES THE NEW FUCKING LITERARY TELL ADDITIONS, BECAUSE THEIR BIAS OVERPOWERS THEM. He doesn't know how use punctuation. There you go.

It just wasn't noticed, because this character really didn't draw too much attention to themselves before "coming back" in 2017.  

And then there is why he came back. It wasn't for Anna (who he thought was Tracy). It was to piss off SIN3 that said "It has her honor to never post at SIN,"  because the owner turned her down or something and she can't handle rejection.

He also felt Tracy (who he claimed to be Nemesis, Czereda, Stupidityshouldbepainful, Mindfux, and the creator of COD) had pawned him off on SIN3. Even though he wanted to go for the head. 

Also worth noting is, he thought several people were "on the payroll", The NSA one, and doing recruitment of certain types of people using "demonology" and "love", like a Thelema fucked person would, as a device to manipulate people. 

Though he never said it, he also though AK was Tracy. And probably a few dozen other people were also Tracy. That tranny fucked his mind, so maybe he was right about some things. 

He also claimed Tracy/Chloe switched off posting. They appeared in chat together once, and were pretty much extensions of the same well of bullshit. The O9A well of bullshit, but that part was less important to him. 

He was VERY obsessed with figuring out what these fucking people were on about, and honestly, so was I, because I never noticed the real life stalking. 

 I am also a believer organized (technological) NSA-adjscent stalking does take place. And has been an ongoing theme of occult websites.  It's happened to several people I know, including myself. Im circunstances very similar to him. 

Mine was in OB in 2011-2012, spearheaded by supposed loved ones, and Tracy worked herself into my world that way. Just by being (in OB in that timeframe) and being around all these things happening. So I just used the same repeating 6 instances he thought he had proof of over and over. And no one (other than Anna) played with this account like he said, so after I took it over, it became as repetitive as him. 

Anna just seemed like she knew what was going on and never said anything. Any time I'd decide we were doing it again, she was the very first comment. So putting her on became a point of focus. 

I really don't know why I started to care, but I am a failed actress that loves scandle and drama, so I ENJOYED (past tense) playing him.

I learned to post like him by posting together with him. You can log in twice here. We would both be logged in simultaneously and go back and forth, which is an easy way to learn and turn things into a playground.  And when it becomes just you, who is to remember the former behavior? Or how things were said? 

He also loved Andy Kaufman and I became Zmuda after he stopped giving a fuck and taking hormones. 

Interesting tidbit:

We went to Vegas in a group before we dated him, if you want to call it that, and his weird ass gets the hotel and tower facing The JANET terminal, so he could film Area 51 employees and go fuck with some internet troll by UNLV.  He was still doing the account then. 

He does appear to have a fairly robust skull though, so I don't think that fazed him much.

Won't stop the CTE. He was basically already Aaron Hernandez with his anger.  He will definitely get Parkinsons like a champ without any character now. Maybe Junior Seau? 

Gotta stop them mean voices! 

I don't even really respect him. I just like that these can be mine. 


I can tell the total truth, and NO ONE believes it, because who would do this? I will never be found as a result. 

But write way better music with. 

My stage name is Autumn, I am The Ghost of Jinn, they made a girl i love jump off a cliff and then trolled her memorial page, and you don't have to believe that for a fucking second. 

I will go after anyone that does this shit. 

Anna definitely wont, and that's what she is good at. I really don't even care who anyone is, honestly. His convoluted version was hard to keep straight. 




You may now suspend the accounts "Dark Enlightenment" and "Hoodlum88", as those are the two I have access to, and I would like them shut down. But don't delete, so it's content stays. 

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Anna Jan 23

"Anna and the others are already mindfucked."

No no, leave others alone. You and I are here for the same reason. The others are here for many other different whatever reasons.

For others you're a looney. For me you're a WUSS. An intelligent and creative wuss but still a wuss. That's a difference.

No amount of crazy story telling, game playing, role playing will change it. Whatever you said past 2017 is MOOT. And you know WHY.

Of course, you will never come straight out with it. Just like you didn't have the balls to post your full dox here to convince the peanut gallery your account had been taken over by the vicious Ex.

And it's the same underlying reason. The guy who's always been afraid of being left out. To the point he was wondering on his blog why his auntie was late with inviting him up for coffee. This is what a random passerby would think at first glance, right?

But Canis' narcissism is more occult than that. His is the rebellion of a guy that just couldn't match up to the perverted social ideal so he convinced himself it was detestable and he no longer wanted it.



I'm sure nobody knows what the fuck I'm talking about so place your bets.

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Hoodlum88 Jan 23
Lol, the title of the thread.... 

 Anna still looking through the peep hole... Its okay, Anna, you just keep repeating yourself.

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Anna Jan 23
Whatever makes you sleep at night.
Dark Enlightenment
I wanted to send this via PM but messages are down for me. But then I thought about what Anna would do if I sent it, and I imagined her sharing it saying, "look at him trying so hard to convince me". so I decided to do that for her.

 Apology to Anna:

 Anna, I invited you into that site because I like playing with you. As much as we baited you, I really liked your responses, because it was a lot of repetition on my end. 

 What I don't like is Satanism all that much. I like deism, and some deistic variants, but not so much into here. It's lame. 

 I just helped Chris get his 4 years of useless revenge because I believe his convoluted story, now that's over. He called it. 

 I really am a person different than Chris. And before you scoff, what's so hard about believing Chris could actually 1) Attract a mostly lesbian girl 2) could date two for 4 months and then stay friends (ever been to California, its more common than you'd think.) 3) we would play a game of mutual interest to fuck with people for fun. 4) base it on a single comedian we both like. 

And just use the same stories to try to bait people, but mostly harp on it randomly, and trip over each-other a lot doing it.

 I'm sorry we took you for a ride. I understand your hesitancy to believe this, but I liked your responses a lot. I'm a lot different from Chris. And I wanted to play with you as me, not him, and this is my final ask for you to do so.

 Sorry to get frustrated and troll you over that. That was more my weird tension I felt posting with you, and unlike Chris, I'm not too much a pussy to say that. I liked it. I could embody the "pent-up" nature of our love-scorned loser character. Like method-acting, I became a pent up Canis. 

 Sorry I'm not a guy, but he doesn't really post much anymore. Honestly, I only want his other account, which he completely abandoned. He wrote a few post about SDFC nobody cared about. I would've written about The Wave. 

Apart from that, he's gone. And I hoped you would play with me as me there. It's a weird ask, but it's more a weird OCD thing I have.

You may never believe this gangstalking "game of candles" style harassment exists, but it does. Our mutual friend, Jen, literally was harassed by the "game of candles". Her mom used gangstalking to harrass her with a scenario about a threesome with a guy to fix her lesbianism. And when she wouldn't, her mom followed her around getting her kicked out of places by saying she was a lesbian satanist. That was also in San Diego. That is a true story. They all are. People get harassed. Few get to feel like they get people back. 

 While you are not actually the person he thought, Tracy exists, Jen's mom exists, and this harassment exists. And that's why I took part. And I want to play with you as me now. Because I hate being cynical all the time and i am bored with being the character here.

 Sorry to ramble, but I think you're actual fun, and love your posts there. Which is why I asked you to join. So after this was over, I could play with you as me.

 I will be disappointed if you respond to Chris, but can't stop it so long as I refuse to provide a conclusive picture for you. So I honestly don't expect you to believe this, but I'd like you too.

 And I keep this troll shit, except comments of gangstalking, off that other site, cuz I'd get immediately and ironically tread on. So there's that. And that's it. 

 I hope to see you around, 

 Autumn (or Canis is you really need to believe that)


And I'm sick looking at him, so I logged on to change the avatar again. 

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Hoodlum88 Jan 24
Because that's totally going to convince her. 

You are so fucking gay. 

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Anna Jan 24
I'd really want to believe you Canis dear but... if it looks and walks like a dog, barks like a dog, wags its tail like a dog then... 

The conclusion can only be one. 

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Dark Enlightenment
Hmmmm, you can't even recognize a bark. I'll miss this a little.  Bye, Anna. 
Anna Jan 24

"Hmmmm, you can't even recognize a bark. I'll miss this a little.  Bye, Anna." 

You're saying "Bye" more often than Ms Chloe. See you later in a couple of hours.

Here's a challenge to you:

Prove you can live without the persona of Canis. Just prove it.

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Cornelius Coburn
Yeah, he's right up there with Columbo. "One more thing.", "Just one more thing.", uhh...one more thing.".
Cornelius Coburn
Right on Anna, the dog analogy is a better fit; the other one rhyming with "fuck" has that going for it, but I like yours better.

The "tail wagging" bit conjures cute imagery; he only wags it for you Anna.

Cornelius Coburn
"Lol, the title of the thread...."

This is creative writing. It's not the prefab or otherwise I was going to drop in here, but it's still creating writing for someone with a creative writing and posting and reposting habit.

Cornelius Coburn

Drowning Pool : Bodies

Out of Control Machinery Forevermore

Everything is out of our control but is being maintained;

any second it could all begin to unravel but never does

The weather briefly steps out of place to scold us,

but the rhythm of the divine continues to hold us

So let us now give thanks forevermore, that God hath not yet

let the bodies hit the floor

Dark Enlightenment

Quote from Anna

"Hmmmm, you can't even recognize a bark. I'll miss this a little.  Bye, Anna." 

You're saying "Bye" more often than Ms Chloe. See you later in a couple of hours.

Here's a challenge to you:

Prove you can live without the persona of Canis. Just prove it.

Oh? Is that for the universe where you believe me, Anna?  

That's not a one more word thing, I just feel the expectation is to not say something this time around. In a weird way, the expectation and suggestion to not post again, as a way to prove whatever (I felt that was implied), made me want to do the EXACT opposite, at least once.  

But a prisoner of waterfalls, I am. 

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Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Jan 24
Canis and Anna just need to bang. He's gone on and on with this same rant for years. He's clearly pining. And Anna will keep satisfying his banter because she wants him. When they finally bang, the banter will finally stop. Please, for the love of Lucifer - fuck each other and get it over with. 

In the mean time, I'll let Jen know you still are tripped up about her and her mom, Canis.

Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Jan 24
Red rocket red rocket red rocket red rocket...
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