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Anna Jan 24
I tried to, I really did, but whenever I'm up to something, the old silly fuck pretends to be a girl.
Hoodlum88 Jan 24
Okay you whore I'm back.

Are you really saying that the entire time I was trying to annoy you, you just wanted to fuck me?

Good news, Anna. This isn't fucking bullshit like you think. Its not a crazy split personality thing either. Just team trolling. On that ATS account is in her E-mail now anyway. I helped during their COD troll breakdown and I made her look like an idiot. And we do talk. 

But I'm back here as your dog. Because she told me to get the fuck over my shallowness and give you a shot because she was sick of playing with you, saying to me the entire time that she was sure you really really liked me.

So why not Anna if you give me shit because you want to fuck me I guess I will stay. 

And if you ever come to fuck me in person I'll take you down to San Diego and you can meet the girl who help me troll you. I live in Long Beach now.

So enough of that. If you want me send fucking nudes. You've obviously waited a really long time for that. Are you good with cockholding me to fuck a girl, because that's why I dated Autumn. I will also fuck you but I want to know that's the fetish underneath all this. 

So I'll stay as the dog if you show me your pussy. And I am still male. So show me your tits whore.

It is funny to me that the only reason I decided to do this is because I got sick of thinking all the girls on these sites we posting intentional things to get me to think some mystery pussy wanted to fuck me. I am retarded and I thought your flirting with me was a trick. And she was right that it was you all along. 

And no you've just stayed as I was told all along that you really liked me.

So I am back.  Send me nudes. 
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Dark Enlightenment
Jesus fucking Christ, Dude.  You should make that your personal ad. "Must be willing to cockhold me". LMFAO. 

Anna Jan 25
I won't stand competition, honey. I want to be the only one. No other whores. You can't be thinking about another whore when you fuck me, even if it's only an imaginary one.

I want to be your number one. Nobody else tonight.

Hoodlum88 Jan 25
That is really possessive. You really did just play stupid games with me for 10 years. What is the Stephen King book with the psychopath woman that controls the guy in the wheel chair? I get that one confused with the one where the guy sees a murder and is also in a wheel chair. It's Misery or Rear Window and I really don't know what I'm getting into.

You could be a psycho that has my picture all over a shrine to me in your home. Are you allowed to simultaneously have the persona of a crazy cat lady and a controlling psycho.

As of now there are several miles and an ocean keeping you from truly becoming a threat to my safety. Do I want to lose this? According to your own words your finally taking responsibility. 

When you do it through a sock to do this it really can't be attached to you in any way. I would assume it was bullshit and meant to trick me in some way.  I used to tell people I have deemed them faith. They could be just a Christian trying to get me to believe in you to demonstrate faith is universal.

Because I felt the pussy was related to a lesson on using faith I would automatically treat it with hostility. As I saw pussy as a stand in for using faith. And truly believed creepy religious people were doing that to try to demonstrate faith not get me laid, and it pissed me off a lot.  

It turned something fun like fucking into an example of taking blind leaps based on belief.  And I didn't want to help anyone demonstrate that.

So I am sorry I mocked it every time. And because this time I asked for the pussy shots it won't make me go to great lengths to fuck with people over it. It is a will thing. It had to be under my will and not a product of annoying persuasion.
Okay Anna, show me your pussy again.

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Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Jan 25
Aw, this might have a happy ending, yet! Anna causes CM to embrace his masculinity because she waves her pussy around for him. CM tries to be mostly normal and drops the different personas for fear of losing that Polish pussy. Anna joins CM this summer for fun in San Diego. Things happen and CM falls in love. He learns that Christians aren't so bad after all because they are literally all hypocrites. CM has inspiration to live again and does great things with his life. He loses weight, starts taking care of himself and stops pretending to be a bitch... figuratively and literally. CM converts to Christianity and finally marries the woman of his dreams... Anna. Anna moves to the states and the rest is history.

Since CM abandons personas, his SIN socks get deleted - thus, deleting all the bugs he's caused due to trying to fuck with his accounts and install old plug ins that broke the system. Like that damn Bob Dylan song he tried to put as his instant tune on his account back in 2018. SIN gets restored to its original state of glory and begins working like a dream. This will make SIN great again! 

Meanwhile, Baphomets and CC finally meet for some beers, preferably Dragon's Milk, while they discuss the future. The future of everything - SIN, reality, relationships... In a microcosmic sort of way.

Hoodlum88 Jan 25

@ Anna (continued) 

The shorter answer to that is, don't give people ambiguous information and then expect them to think they are special.  One time you told me to be a little bigger asshole when you could have said it wasn't nice because it was posted for me.  Instead of keeping it concealed, and making me guess if I was special, you could have said it was personal and I was just being an asshole to you. 

That made everything you tried get ignored as harsh as possible.  In real life it is not like that, but on the internet it's not wise to trust anyone. I have been waiting years to say this.  And I needed a direct answer that removes the need for faith to do so. 

Now that I know you were the one making the annoying pussy socks I can move on. It is like closing a cold case.  It might not be the same but I'm here normally now. 

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Hoodlum88 Jan 25
@ Baphomets

That's mostly true.  And you are correct to say I no longer have to pretend to be a girl, play a girl, nor will I try to play with Autumn anymore. It was mostly a game of keep up with that crazy fucking bitch anyway.  She has a lot of autonomy and you can't actually prevent her from doing anything.  She is certainly done here though and I am done annoying everyone with her. 

I am just glad all prerequisites of having to trust people are no longer it place and that is no longer necessary. 

Anna Jan 28
Lol pussy pic for Canis. Hope it doesn't come off as too perverted.

Anna Jan 28
And here's another one because I'm generous:

Cornelius Coburn

Nope. Everyone loves pussy pics Anna, and the ironic tension between the Crazy Cat Lady and the Dog Machine is palpable and purrable.

The slender black kitty looks a lot like my Kitty(that's her name).

Cornelius Coburn


Like father like son

to hither to go


right left row


swipe sickle

and sow


head to toe


the dead

won't grow

Scattered will



Cornelius Coburn

Requiem 99

Dance with me

my dear

dance with me

this dance of death

I've waited for so long

to be enchanted, with you

my slumbered soul

without a breath

whilst torn your memories

all recanted

So spin around my lovely

in death eternally granted

your twisted roots

now firmly planted

Cornelius Coburn

Housecat Vs Huntsman Spider

@Withering Heights

A big bad spider

clung to a wall


a peaceful


When along came a kitty

and sat down beside her


Miss Huntsman

to fray

The spider did flee

played dead

but all

to no


And when all

was said and done

the spider

could no longer run

and simply



Anna Feb 9
I'm sitting on your lap and purring.
Cornelius Coburn

And meanwhile...

All through the Devils' house

not a creature was stirring

'cept for the murs

of a lapcat whirring

Cornelius Coburn
Whilst the Devils' hounds

lay in the back snoring

lately this Hell

not very alluring

Cornelius Coburn
What's the matter kid? Dontcha like clowns? Don't we make ya laugh? Aren't we fuckin' funny?
Cornelius Coburn
I'm just clownin' around

Don't really wanna

disturb the hounds

'cause you know

what they say

Sometimes it's better

just to let

sleeping dogs


Cornelius Coburn
Oh shut the fuck up and stop being a pussy!!

You and your fuckin' pussy porn.

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