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New video chat room like tinychat is here. Check it out. Link in navigation menu ' chatroom " . No registration required works on phones., You dont have to use the video or mic features but sure is fun if you do , I will be in randomly but will aim for 7 to 9pm pst daily. 

Cornelius Coburn
I did try the chat early Wednesday afternoon. I'm not too tech savvy when it comes to phones. I use mine for important calls, Facebook Live, navigation, and that's about it; all of that is done in the car so that's where it stays lately.

Anyway, I was gettin' ready to go into dashcam mode but thought I would pull over and try the voice with the camera on the road. Told Google to bring up SIN(that was weird), and hit the chat link. I think maybe the voice was working but no video.

I'll try it again next time I'm out, and if it works I'll leave it on for a while. I did gloss over the settings, so maybe something there or some app I need on my Android.

I did come down with a nasty virus on the same day and was sick as fuck all day yesterday, and I'm still feelin' a little loopy.

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Cornelius Coburn
Tried the video chat again with the Android in the car and went through all the settings. The video didn't work.
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