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Cornelius Coburn
What is it?
Cornelius Coburn
Why do things exist?
Cornelius Coburn
Where do things come from?
Cornelius Coburn

Why would I give a fuck? Or even more precisely, why would anyone on a Satanic forum give a fuck?

Most don't. I even spend what free time I have indulging in what this creation has to offer; the writing and the discourse(or lack thereof) is just one other hobbyist compulsion like being an auto enthusiast. There are countless fruits or fruity endeavors to be enamored here, so, pick your...

[Alice Cooper - Poison]

I don't even give a fuck if anyone reads this, comments on it, or listens to any of the music, because I do, and that's what matters most. Why? Because it's good, but as all good things, they inevitably come to a close or just perpetually and gradually diminish in their spritedness at the hands of time.

With the latter of the above culminating in a question; aside from it being complete and utter bullshit. Is eternal life really that appealing? As opposed to starting over, anew, and peering at creation through the eyes of a child?

It's true though, sometimes life isn't easy, and nobody knows what hand they could be dealt, but the options are polarized, binary, or a slim few as in only two. To be, or not to be. That is the...

[SOAD - Question]

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Cornelius Coburn
It's quite easy and comes quite naturally to conceive of individual consciousness as a distinct, isolated, and standalone singular entity when in fact that is likely further from the truth.

The true nature of consciousness can only be speculated upon via experience and observable phenomena relating to it.

And when this arena is garnered with perpetual emergence of linear time sequences within an eternal construct it seems apparent that whatever one is experiencing as consciousness will undoubtedly be remanifest or transferred in some form because if eternity is about any one thing then it is most certainly and primarily about doing the same fucking shit over and over again even if in a virtually infinite diverse number of ways.

The experiencing of consciousness wouldn't be limited in totality to individual microcosmic perspectives, but it would be more like a core and foundational aspect of the entire universe itself where the "I" of individuality is more an illusion of perception than anything else rendering questions like "What happens when I die?" absolutely fucking meaningless.

Consciousness is becoming tantamount to some metaphorical magical primordial goo that nobody understands and is what makes the universe alive and aware on many different levels. It coexists with eternity and everyone is a part of it. It's a unified substance where there is never any unique or individual part of it that may succumb to an eternal death, but rather an endless renewing, remanifesting, and re-emerging of its substance throughout eternity.

It is an acausal and core function of an eternal machinery, and at its deepest core quite beyond any control.

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Cornelius Coburn


is my beginning

yet I am eternal


is my individuality

yet my diversity

bears no limits


is my permutation;

my qualities are infinite

I am all things, and

I am


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